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Mob tries to kill murder witness with ... snakes ...on a plane
9 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The story of the movie is presented in the first 5 minutes: the mob commits the murder. There was a witness. The mob tries to kill the witness but the police protects him and transports him with a plane to LA so he can testify against the mob. The mob comes up with a bright idea: he loads a big cargo of snakes in the plane. (it is probably illegal to transport snakes on a plane, and the mob must have gotten through a lot of trouble to get them on the plane, but hey! why use old fashion bombs? Anyway, the plane takes off, the snakes (computer generated, pretty lousy) start crawling all over the place biting people especially of their most intimate body parts (I did not understand why).

Over all the movie is somewhat funny (too bad it was not classified as comedy) but unless you really really really do not have anything else to do, I would not recommend wasting 2 good hours of your life with it.
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