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What a film! Existential comedy on Computer Chess Convention?
4 March 2013
This is a masterpiece of simplicity and intelligence. Beautifully shot with a PortaPak camera in early 80's style, or at least it looks like one. Story of passionate people in search for love. Computer Chess! What a wonderful idea to gather a plot. Specially when you have a drop of new age religion involved and strong sexual energy restrained. Sincerely humorous, this film hits the point. Specially in today's technology-obsessed universe. Acting is so convincing and natural that one can easily think of it as a documentary, but its not - its art. Reminds on early Cassavetes. I will definitely wait for Bujalski's next film. Personally, best at Berlinale 2013. Love this film.
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Let's Say - Fantastic!
26 February 2010
New Õunpuu's film is a real jewel in contemporary cinema. It confirms his bright talent and distinctive sense for storytelling. "Temptation of St. Tony" is full of epic scenes which (one day) might get praised as some of the highest cinema peaks of our time. Leading you trough the dark corridors of mankind director awards the viewer after each corner with such visual brilliancy that you can't get irrelevant. Cinematic language of "Temptation of St. Tony" is closer to classics like Antonioni, Bunuel or Tarkovsky than to contemporary film making styles. After "Sügisbal" and "St. Tony" it's sure that we have a new, complete author on cinematic stage. Let's celebrate.
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How BAD can you get
28 July 2009
This is my 2009. favorite without any reconsideration. Dominic Murphy's debut is extremely powerful and complex work of Art. I got lucky to see it twice, at Berlinale and European Film Festival Palic, and both times i needed an hour to get sober after watching it. Storyline leads you trough the life of Jesco White, Appalachian step dancer, from the early childhood till the "imaginary" ritual death. Brilliant music and breathtaking performance of young Eduard Hogg makes this film unique experience. Usually i don't like watching violence on film and if someone tells you this is a slasher movie don't take him seriously. This is a story of Sins and Redemption. Evil and Divinity. Watch it!
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