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Conan is SO FUNNY!
16 October 2010
First I want to say that Conan appeals to me much more than Leno or Letterman. And I think he did a great job of the show while he had it for that short period of time, which will in no doubt go down in history as a miserable mistake by a network that shoots the victim to stardom. I mean you can say it is the worst thing that could have happened to Conan, he finally got the show he wanted after a decade of loyal hard work with NBC on the Late Night show...and then he gets screwed over...but if anything that has made him even more popular, its funny actually, his misfortune may actually turn out to be his good luck. This is the very kind of thing he makes jokes about, so ironic.

Now let me address the people who give him a below 50% rating. Are you Dumb? There's really not much to say. If you think Leno is smart than boy i do not want to know you. In case you have never done any reading in your life, which is probably the case if you love Leno and hate Obrien, Leno never went to school, he just started doing stand up comedy and he was good at it, Obrien went to Harvard where he wrote for the paper there and then we started off by writing skits for many famous shows including the Simpson's, so don't say that Obrien isn't smart and he does stupid jokes...if you don't understand them then its probably cause your too stupid to understand them.

And people who say his show wasn't getting good enough ratings...HELLOO!!! its a transition period! There is a pretty large style shift in comedy, people need time to accommodate, no host of the tonight show has ever been a hit right from the beginning, Obrien was entitled to be given a fair chance at being accepted by the public, and he was denied that.

I initially like Leno as well, but after his dick move with NBC I hate him. What kind of person are you when you steal a job from another man, hold it for DECADES, make MILLIONS and make one of the largest car collections in the world by a single private owned, say that your retire and give your job to someone else...and then be OK with taking that job back!?!?! have you no dignity Leno? No pride? Even if NBC wasn't satisfied with Obriens ratings and they wanted him gone, don't accept your job back! Have some decency! Anyone who is still a fan of Leno after that...well quite simply YOUR whats wrong with our society, no ethics! Leno is a dumbass, he should have completely left the scene after the Tonight Show, not try some new half assed show! How many successes have major actors had AFTER their role that made them famous? Friends, Seinfeld, Etc etc. Often people who get a big break and get a kickass role, will likely not get that lucky again, and Leno was old and full of cash, start fundraising or contribute to the community! Why the F would you try some new stupid show? Is that what other Tonight show Hosts did? Just goes to show that a sleazeball he is and how big a puppet he is for NBC. Im glad Conan left, now he has a shot at beating Leno directly and he will. Cheers!
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Almost Heroes (1998)
A Great Movie to Relax to and Enjoy an Light Humor
23 March 2009
The problem with most people giving ratings on IMDb is that most people are complete imbeciles!!!!

No this movie is not a work of cinematographic genius, it does not intend to be. It intends to be a light humorous film that can be enjoyed by anyone, except of course the mentally deficient who prefer Saw and American Idol.

It is outstandingly innocent and quite honestly, if you allow yourself to be immersed in this movie, there is no doubt it will make you laugh. Everyone who does not have an IQ lower than 50 will agree that this movie is one of the few that can be watched over and over, because it is so sweet and innocent and funny, and best of all uplifting. Personally I love sunny and green scenery of the old untamed North America, before people paved everything. Sure some of the scenes you can't consider funny compared to Dodgeball or Anchorman, but this is a different kind of funny. This movie is meant to be simple and humorous for the entire family. The fact this movie did not do well in theatres shows how stupid the public tastes are for movies, they always want bigger and better and mightier, MORE drama, MORE explosions, MORE emotion!! This movies is meant for you to sit back and forget your worries without annoying you with a bad plot or bad characters.

I think people didn't like it cause you need basic knowledge of North American and European History to truly enjoy the subtle humor, and you need to have an open mind.
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