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Taboo (2002)
Restraint Would Be Nice
24 July 2003
This is a mediocre movie--that's all. Those of you who are making the absurd overstatement that this is among the worst (or "worse", as the semi-literates among you prefer) movies you have ever seen either have not seen very many movies or are indulging in hyperbole that does not really aid anybody seeking intelligent opinion. Something tells me that three weeks from now, you'll be insisting that something else is the "worst" movie you have ever seen.
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Great Dunaway Performance
11 December 2002
Faye Dunaway has always been my favorite actress and this movie provides a great showcase for her talents. She plays a very neurotic model who cannot even trust her own memories. The movie is done in a non-narrative style that was fairly common in the 1970s, with events shown out of order, and that device is used very effectively to portray the protagonist's instability. This is one of the overlooked movies from a period that produced many great and challenging films; I don't believe it's ever even been on video.
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