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The Tonight Show with Conan O' Brien
18 October 2009
I think Conan O' Brien is so funny and I believe he is doing a fantastic job on the Tonight Show. I have complete faith in him and the show because to me he is an inspiration. I believe that no matter where Conan is in this world, he will all ways be funny and entertaining to those who love and respect him,especially his fans. I think that everything about the show is very funny. I also think it is better that the show is on at 11:30pm, instead of 12pm. What makes The Tonight Show and the Late Night show very exciting is Mr. Conan O' Brien. I say that because he has a different kind of sense humor. I hope that one day I can go out to LA, to see his show. I believe it would be so exciting to meet Mr.Conan O' Brien in person. The Tonight Show is wonderful because he makes it so entertaining to watch.
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