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There's Hope America (1984–2012)
Excellent Bible Preacher – Tells It Like It Is!
16 March 2009
I have been watching Dr. Richard Lee on his program, "There's Hope" since the 1980's. He is the real deal! I can only wish other television pastors would follow his lead in sticking to sound biblical teaching instead of this watered-down stuff we're hearing today. Richard Lee pulls no punches when preaching the bible and its stance on sin and perversion. So many pastors in America are afraid to preach against politically correct subjects. But the truth is: the bible never changes, society does. God never changes, a culture does. So if you are interested in getting great bible teaching from someone who tells it like it is, then find "There's Hope America" on television. It's been a blessing to me for over 20 years. And it will bless your heart too.
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