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Charming Little Movie With A Great Ending
6 March 2009
I saw this movie at the Quad over the weekend and really enjoyed it. It's a cute little movie that mixes laughs with some genuine heart and insight about relationships. Jaded cynics will probably bag on it for being too commercial, but if you don't take yourself too seriously, it's a fun way to pass the time. The cast was great and gave strong performances, especially the call girl in the last story who is so cool and smoking hot. There's also a crapping scene in the movie that a lot of folks were talking about. I read that the filmmakers took a lot of heat for this scene but it was flat-out hilarious and the audience in the theater was busting out laughing. I'm glad the director had the balls to really go for it. Folks who don't like that scene either have no sense of humor or they've never seen a Farrelly Brothers movie before. If you like romantic comedies that aren't afraid to go there, check it out.
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