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3 March 2009
As the daughter of Colombian immigrants to the USA and having lived in Miami for the past 30 years I can truly attest to the veracity of this series. The production value is high with authentic locations, props, wardrobe,etc. I was impressed by the image and sound quality on the DVD set because most Hispanic productions cut costs and this most important part of production suffers. Caracol has produced a top of the line show and one of which they can be proud of. The actors are all great, with some being superb such as Robinson Diaz as El Cabo and Julian Arango as Guadaña. Manolo Cardona has shown he can be a Hollywood leading man any day and I suspect it won't take long for us to see him there. It is a slice of the lives of the cocaine cowboys with never a dull moment. You will want to know what happens next at the end of each episode. As the previous post stated, "The Sopranos" a la Colombian. I advise you to get/rent the DVD set because the series shown on Telemundo is badly cut and the viewer looses out immensely.
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