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6 March 2009
Oh my gosh is this movie bad. Everything from the effects, the acting, the music, and story it all just sucks. I can't believe this has a 2.4 (as of March 6th, 2009). I think its because some people give this a 10/10 because its so bad that it has funny moments (like that line I won't even mention). Give this movie the justice that it deserves. This is the king of bad sci-fi original pictures. The effects of blown-up stock footage of sharks used as a background are just a joke that is not even funny. The actors are as stiff as they come. The music is instantly forgettable, I can't recall even 1 track. The worst part is that it tries to be serious. Nothing in this movie can be taken seriously. They could have released this in the comedy section and it would have been a tad bit more acceptable.

1/10, and I would give it a 0/10 if that were an option. No stars is my official ranking, they didn't even try.
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Perfect blend of action and comedy.
6 March 2009
Demolition Man is a movie that I love, but some others seem to have mixed feelings about. The main complaint I've seen is that people ask whether this is comedy or action. It is both. I think it is the perfect blend of action and comedy. You get great action, funny one-liners, more action, and more jokes. The comedy doesn't outweigh the action, and to me that is good. Its not impossible to have 2 genres in a movie. The Tremors series was horror/comedy. This is a good Action/Comedy. I love the action in this movie, it is top notch. Wesley Snipes was on top of things. He sold this movie for me and played the role of Simon Phoenix to perfection. Stallone is of course great as the good action hero. No complaints about any performance. The music is good as well. My only complaint is that it the movie is a touch long, but when I watch it I don't notice it.

10/10, it does its job perfectly and keeps me entertained every time I watch it.
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Hook (1991)
Yes... Spielberg made it... AND IT WAS GREAT!!
27 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely love Hook. I can't find any part of this movie that I don't like. I don't understand the negative reviews. Yes, this is a kids movie.I'm 18 years old now and that would be prime age to hate a kids movie, yet I love it as much as I did as a youngster.

This is a unique take on the Peter Pan story and it proposes an interesting question; What if Peter Pan grew up? From there the movie takes you on a great mystical adventure in Neverland of Peter Pan re-finding himself and his youthful spirit, remembering his past, and rescuing his kids from the sinister Captain Hook. It is a wonderful story.

The casting of Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman was great. Bob Hoskins is perfect for the role of Hook's right hand man Smee. John Williams of course conducts a masterful score. The child actors play their part very well. Steven Spielberg made this movie people, I don't see why you need to compare this movie's success to say 'Jaws' or 'ET'. Because Spielberg makes many great movies I understand that he has set a standard for himself, but just because this movie wasn't groundbreaking doesn't make it bad. It is a great movie in my opinion.

This is my favorite movie of all time. I give it 10/10 without any reservations.
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