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1. Enemy, I Love You! (2021)

36 min | Short, Comedy, Romance

Rated on 27 May 2022

Two boys suddenly discovered the "super huge" horn on their heads, determined to cooperate to become the owner of the game, a twist that made everyone fall back.

Director: Oril Nguyen | Stars: Ba Do, Duy Lam, Duong Tri, Thanh Tú

Votes: 9

2. Love Class (2022)


Rated on 22 May 2022

Depicts a youth drama about a first love that is full of excitement through the protagonist, who learns the meaning of family and community.

Stars: Han Hyun Jun, Kim Tae-Hwan, Hyuk Jae Yoo, Hye Jin Kim

Votes: 90

3. Cutie Pie (2022– )

50 min | Romance

Rated on 15 May 2022

The sons of two companies, Lian Kilen Wang and Kuea Keerati, were engaged to each other at the request of their families. One doesn't want an arranged marriage while the other wants to win him over.

Stars: Pruk Panich, Chawarin Perdpiriyawong, Saran Rujeerattanavorapan, Natasitt Uareksit

Votes: 1,248

5. Tropical Night (2017)

1 hr 38 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 12 May 2022

A gay couple in Seoul confront the uncertain prospect of military service and a hidden past from North Korea.

Director: Hun Kim | Star: Hong-Joon Choi

Votes: 25

6. Heartstopper (2022– )

TV-14 | 30 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 25 Apr 2022

Teens Charlie and Nick discover their unlikely friendship might be something more as they navigate school and young love in this coming-of-age series.

Stars: Joe Locke, Kit Connor, Yasmin Finney, William Gao

Votes: 47,321

7. Not Me (2021–2022)

45 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

Rated on 24 Apr 2022

Boys Love drama revolves around White disguising himself as his twin Black in order to discover who betrayed him, and who attacked him and put him in a coma.

Stars: Jumpol Adulkittiporn, Atthaphan Phunsawat, Kanaphan Puitrakul, Tanutchai Wijitwongthong

Votes: 10,633

9. Lovely Writer (2021– )


Rated on 24 Apr 2022

Gene is a professional writer, whose publisher suggests he try writing a different and new genre-Boy Love. Accepting the challenge, he writes a Y novel that is both acclaimed and commercially successful that it get adapted into a BL drama.

Stars: Noppakao Dechaphatthanakun, Poompat Iam-Samang, Suppacheep Chanapai, Wasin Panunaporn

Votes: 1,050

10. I'm Tee, Me Too (2020– )

Comedy, Drama

Rated on 14 Apr 2022

Orphaned college student Watee, a.k.a. Tee, risks losing his house due to his late mother's debts. To make ends meet, he opens its rooms for rental to five male borders who are also nicknamed "Tee."

Stars: Atthaphan Phunsawat, Perawat Sangpotirat, Jumpol Adulkittiporn, Prachaya Ruangroj

Votes: 1,130

11. Why R U? (2020)

1 hr 5 min | Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Rated on 14 Apr 2022

Two couples find each other despite being starting out opposing each other.

Stars: Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana, Pruk Panich, Sittichok Pueakpoolpol, Karn Kritsanaphan

Votes: 890

12. Enchanté (2022– )

Comedy, Romance

Rated on 14 Apr 2022

After living in France, Theo has comes back to Thailand to study at his father's school. Living in Thailand has once again makes his surroundings new, but he was does make one friend, Ak. ... See full summary »

Stars: Jiratchapong Srisang, Kasidet Plookphol, Pusit Ditaphisit, Gawin Caskey

Votes: 431

13. Kissable Lips (2022)

10 min | Short, Fantasy, Romance

Rated on 14 Apr 2022

A sweet and bloody campus romance between Jun Ho, a vampire who is walking the path of extinction, and a human with pure blood, Min Hyun.

Stars: Seobin Yoon, Ji Woong Kim, Jihoo Moon, Seungbin Yang

Votes: 376

14. Oh! Boarding House (2022)


Rated on 14 Apr 2022

Sul Won is a working young man. His mother runs a low cost boarding house for students and men. Sul Won becomes the landlord of the boarding house. But when Sul Won discovers some tenants have a crush on him, Cupid could well come calling.

Stars: Sung-Kyun Im, Yong-Seok Shin, Ho-jin, Seo-Ul Han

Votes: 205

15. Semantic Error (2022)

20 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 14 Apr 2022

Chu Sang Woo is the epitome of an inflexible and strict rule-abiding person. Jang Jae Young is like a semantic error in the perfect world of Chu Sang Woo. Will Sang Woo be able to work with Jae Young as an artist and engineer?

Stars: Park Seoham, Jae Chan Park, Kim No-Jin, Ji-Oh Song

Votes: 1,925

16. Cherry Blossoms After Winter (2022)

20 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 14 Apr 2022

A young boy moves in with an adoptive family who have a son the same age as him. Seo Hae Bom and Jo Tae Seong end up in the same high school class. An unexpected romantic spark ignites between the two.

Stars: Jinwook Ok, Kang Hui, Cha Gun, Lee Hyun-Kyung

Votes: 645

17. Blueming (2022)

14 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Rated on 04 Apr 2022

Siwon Cha is popular among people where ever he goes. In his childhood, Siwon was teased by his younger sister that he's ugly. Since then, Siwon put a great deal of effort to become ... See full summary »

Stars: Hyuk-Joon Jo, Eun-bin Kang, Seon-hwa Kim, Yoon-Jung Jang

Votes: 483

18. Dear Tenant (2020)

1 hr 46 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 26 Mar 2022

A boy lives with his Grandma and Mr. Lin, the tenant who looks after him and Grandma. But when Grandma passes away, the boy's uncle returns to Taiwan and discovers that ownership of the apartment was transferred to other people.

Director: Yu-Chieh Cheng | Stars: Morning Tzu-Yi Mo, Shu-Fang Chen, Run-yin Bai, Chun-Yao Yao

Votes: 1,153

19. Teens Like Phil (2012)

Not Rated | 20 min | Short, Drama

Rated on 25 Mar 2022

Inspired by the alarming increase in real-life tragedies involving high school bullying and suicide, Teens Like Phil tells the story of a gay teen, Phil, and his former friend, Adam, who brutally bullies him.

Directors: Dominic Haxton, David Rosler | Stars: Adam Donovan, Jake Robbins, Virginia Bartholomew, Ken Burmeister

Votes: 753

20. Life Like (2019)

R | 1 hr 35 min | Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Rated on 25 Mar 2022

An idealistic, attractive young couple acquires a stunning, life-like robot for guilt-free help; but, as the three grow closer, their perception of humanity will be altered forever.

Director: Josh Janowicz | Stars: Addison Timlin, James D'Arcy, Steven Strait, Drew Van Acker

Votes: 3,046

21. Orpheus' Song (2019)

Not Rated | 1 hr 15 min | Adventure

Rated on 21 Mar 2022

Two best friends from Berlin win a trip to Greece. On their excursion, they get lost on an island. They spend the night together in a cave and dream a mystical dream. On the next day, nothing between the two will be like it was before.

Director: Tor Iben | Stars: Sascha Weingarten, Julien Lickert, Henry Morales, Kristina Kostiv

Votes: 731

22. Something Like Summer (2017)

1 hr 55 min | Drama, Musical, Romance

Rated on 20 Mar 2022

Something Like Summer traces the tumultuous relationship of Ben and Tim, secret high school sweethearts who grow over the years into both adulthood enemies and complicated friends.

Director: David Berry | Stars: Grant Davis, Davi Santos, Ben Baur, Ajiona Alexus

Votes: 1,244

23. Rainbow Eyes (2007)

Not Rated | 1 hr 39 min | Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Rated on 19 Mar 2022

Officers Kyung-yoon CHO and Eun-joo PARK are on the hunt a killer following duo of ghastly murders. The victims carry a common military past, and the secret of their past must be unraveled to find the killer.

Director: Yun-ho Yang | Stars: Kang-woo Kim, Gyu-ri Kim, Su-kyeong Lee, Choi Deok-moon

Votes: 739

24. Seashore (2015)

Unrated | 1 hr 23 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 19 Mar 2022

Two boys on the edge of adulthood find themselves exploring their relationship.

Directors: Filipe Matzembacher, Marcio Reolon | Stars: Mateus Almada, Maurício Barcellos, Elisa Brites, Fernando Hart

Votes: 2,380

25. Berlin Drifters (2017)

TV-MA | 2 hr 3 min | Drama

Rated on 18 Mar 2022

Ryota travels to Berlin hoping for a long-term relationship with a man he met online. However, the German guy does not even let him stay the night, so he drifts around looking for love, while staying at a lonely Japanese man's place.

Director: Kôichi Imaizumi | Stars: Lyota Majima, Kôichi Imaizumi, Mioo Satô, Michael Selvaggio

Votes: 129

26. Moneyboys (2021)

2 hr | Drama

Rated on 08 Mar 2022

Fei works illegally as a hustler in order to support his family, yet when he realizes they are willing to accept his money but not his way of life, there is a major breakdown in their ... See full summary »

Director: C.B. Yi | Stars: Kai Ko, Chloe Maayan, Yufan Bai, J.C. Lin

Votes: 688

27. Young Royals (2021– )

TV-MA | 50 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 07 Mar 2022

Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school, Hillerska, but following his heart proves more challenging than anticipated.

Stars: Edvin Ryding, Omar Rudberg, Malte Gårdinger, Frida Argento

Votes: 29,462

28. Given (2021– )

Drama, Music, Romance

Rated on 26 Feb 2022

The life of a rock band, and the romances its members have with each other.

Stars: Jin Suzuki, Sanari, Kai Inowaki, Shuntarô Yanagi

Votes: 167

29. Behind Cut (2021–2022)

15 min | Romance

Rated on 21 Feb 2022

Korea's top model Lee Bin plays a key role in the love triangle between Ki Jin and Yeong Woo, played by Korean actor Kim Young-Hyeon.

Stars: Bum-jun, Se-ung Eom, Choo Suk-young, Bo Ryung Moon

Votes: 202

32. 7 Project (2021)
Episode: Would You Be My Love (2021)


Rated on 18 Feb 2022

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Star: Katsamonnat Namwirote

Votes: 6

34. Peach of Time (2021)

30 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 17 Feb 2022

Peach, a 22-year old Thai boy, takes a daring step in his life and decides to fly to Korea to meet his online Korean friend, Yun Oh. Everything seems perfect for Peach. He finally realized ... See full summary »

Stars: Choi Jae-Hyeon, Karn Kritsanaphan, Sittichok Pueakpoolpol, Ae-Yeon Jeong

Votes: 158

35. My Sweet Dear (2021)

13 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Rated on 13 Feb 2022

Yoon Do Gun is a highly talented chef and is the culinary creative genius behind Laura Dining, a top, critically acclaimed restaurant. But although Yoon Do Gun's hard work has won Laura ... See full summary »

Stars: Seohu Jo, Seung-Jun Oh, Eui-soo Jang, Lee Chan-Hyeong

Votes: 304

36. Golden Blood (2021)


Rated on 13 Feb 2022

A mafia boss's son is threatened by another gang and so to protect him he assigns the son a bodyguard. While continuously saving his life, they develop feelings for each other.

Stars: Teachapat Pinrat, Napat Na Ranong, Tara Tipa, Buntawit Tragulpanich

Votes: 103

37. Light on Me (2021)

Drama, Romance

Rated on 12 Feb 2022

Woo Tae Kyung joins the Saebit Boys High School Council with the intentions to make friends, inadvertently meeting his first love.

Stars: Myungkyu Kim, Kang You-Seok, Sae-on Lee, Woo-jin Go

Votes: 903

38. A Man Who Defies the World of BL (2021– )

Comedy, Romance

Rated on 06 Feb 2022

One day, the protagonist realizes that he lives inside a "world of BL." As he likes girls, he fights back against any hot guys that might draw near, but this is a "world of BL".

Stars: Yoshida Munehiro, Atsuhiro Inukai, Yutaro, Asahi Itou

Votes: 446

39. L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties 2 (2020)

Animation, Action, Adventure

Rated on 04 Feb 2022

In order to complete the lash wish of Duke VI, Yin Chen (Silver), Qi Ling (Asval), Tianshu You Hua (Princess Kira) and the others decide to embark on a journey together to save the ... See full summary »

Director: Jingming Guo | Stars: William Wai-Ting Chan, Cheney Chen, Amber Kuo, Yun Lin

Votes: 242

40. Beach Rats (2017)

R | 1 hr 38 min | Drama

Rated on 02 Feb 2022

A Brooklyn teenager spends his days experimenting with drugs and looking online for older men to meet with.

Director: Eliza Hittman | Stars: Harris Dickinson, Madeline Weinstein, Kate Hodge, Neal Huff

Votes: 14,534

41. Don't Say No (2021– )

50 min | Romance

Rated on 30 Jan 2022

"If I am that right person for you then from now on, you can't say no to me." From friends to lovers. How will this relationship go, when one is a good guy but the other one is a bad boy. Is it possible to turn a bad boy into a lover?

Stars: Chalongrat Novsamrong, Ja Phachara Suansri, Chisanupong Paungmanee, Nichaporn Pongsawad

Votes: 468

42. Life: Love on the Line (2020)

29 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 29 Jan 2022

One day after school, the serious Ito Akira and the child-like Nishi Yuuki meet by chance, as each endeavors to remain walking on the sidewalk's white line. As time goes by, Akira ... See full summary »

Stars: Jin Shirasu, Fujiko Kojima, Shiori Doi, Raiku

Votes: 648

43. Wish You (2021)

1 hr 42 min | Drama, Music, Romance

Rated on 29 Jan 2022

Shy keyboardist working for S. Korean music label discovers beautiful male street singer, is transfixed, falling in love at first sight. He shows the video to his boss, giving the singer a chance in the industry and a place in his heart.

Director: Do Joon Sung | Stars: Sang Lee, Kang Ye Na, Subin Park, Baek Seo-Bin

Votes: 934

44. My Love Mix-Up! (2021)

30 min | Comedy, Romance

Rated on 29 Jan 2022

Aoki thinks the girl he's in love with likes another boy, who thinks Aoki has feelings for him. Why does first love always have to be so complicated?

Stars: Shunsuke Michieda, Ren Meguro, Riko Fukumoto, Jin Suzuki

Votes: 897

45. The Last Match (2013)

Not Rated | 1 hr 34 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 29 Jan 2022

Two teenage men fall in love, surrounded by the poverty and the marginalization of their country are forced to change their lives and take big risks.

Director: Antonio Hens | Stars: Milton García, Reinier Díaz, Jenifer Rodríguez, Beatriz Méndez

Votes: 2,251

46. Going South (2012)

45 min | Drama

Rated on 29 Jan 2022

Gi-tae who is going to terminate his military service goes on a road trip with Jun-young by drugging him with a sleeping pill. They learn more about each other and come to terms with their sexuality.

Director: Hee-il Leesong | Stars: Kim Jae-Heung, Sin-hwan Jeon