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Equilibrium (2002)
Unoriginal Sci-fi Pulp
17 June 2004
The best way to describe this film would be as a collage of pop culture and dystopian sci-fi clichés taken right out of "Brave New World," "Fahrenheit 451," and "1984." Sadly despite an impressive beginning and a decent performance by Christian Bale, this film felt extremely disjointed, and made logic leaps when the story ran out of things to recycle. What started out as an impressive film, ended as a very mediocre one, with no emotional impact. However some interesting choreography is present along with some early Special effects that look good for this films alleged budget. Despite it's flaws, it's still just harmless low brow escapist fun.(2 stars)
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Mrtav 'ladan (2002)
Weekend at Bernie's, Serbian Style!
29 November 2002
Mrtav Hladan (Stiff Dead)----Stiff Cold---

After a less then stellar title opening, this movie picks up right away and takes you on a journey you will forget but at the same time will enjoy tremendously. This movie's closest relative is Weekend at Bernie's, but this Serbian movie takes the concept a few notches higher and is a lot funnier. The film has a pretty lousy English translation, but then again a lot of the Serbian slang can't be translated into English.

The basic plot revolves around a drug dealer Limini (Tin man) who is said to have no heart, and two men Lemi and Kiza who are trying to transport their dead grandfather for burial, until their car breaks down and they end up struggling to get him home onboard a train. This is when these two plots intersect and all hell breaks lose. You won't laugh so hard at the movies in a long time, especially if you speak Serbian, Croatian or anything similar. There are few scenes that will make you cringe but then again a few movies are without those.

Since I don't want to spoil the plot any further all I can say is bring an extra diaper and enjoy.
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