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A New Perspective
23 December 2012
When I saw Retribution in the theaters earlier this year, I wasn't too impressed. The plot was wacky and it wasn't scary. Actually, the Resident Evil movies have been getting less scary since the first one, which I thought was scary and had a very creepy feel to it. I guess the wacky plot didn't really bother me too much though, since it is a zombie movie, so my belief is suspended pretty high anyway. But the movie just wasn't scary, and for a zombie flick, there should be some decent scares.

When I saw that it was released on Blu-ray the other day, I started thinking about the movie all over again. But this time, I took it all in from an action-flick perspective. I realized I had to own this movie. Retribution is balls to the wall action and eye candy. It doesn't get much better than this. It's funny that that's all it took to totally change my mind about this film, but it did. Retribution has everything you'd look for in an action film, plus zombies. I'm not saying it's film of the year, but it's a very satisfying action movie experience. Something you'll watch for the action and graphics, not for the scares. If you take the movie this way, you'll enjoy all it has to offer. 8 out of 10 stars.
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TRON: Uprising (2012–2013)
Everything I Hoped It Would Be
17 June 2012
Disney chose to take the kiddie-route with their new Spider-Man series released earlier this year, making it appeal more to children by adding silliness. I figured there was a good chance they would do the same with Tron Uprising as well.

I've watched three episodes of Uprising so far and I can safely say that they did not take the kiddie route. Actually, it's the total opposite. The show is kind of "dark". It's definitely geared towards teens and adults. The stories are engaging, with just a touch of humor.

Light Cycle battles, Disc wars, Recognizers and everything in between..the action is amazing.

The animation looks incredible, silky smooth, with plenty of detail in the environments. That attention to detail helps to bring this new animated Tron world to life beautifully. I found myself captivated and totally drawn into each episode until the credits rolled.

The sound, wow. Crystal clear audio and sub-woofer-worthy bass that will rumble your walls. If you have a stereo hooked up to your TV, turn it up.

Lastly, the voice talent- All excellent, but especially Elijah Wood. He nails his role, bringing forth a strong, likable main character. And Bruce Boxleitner...need I say more!?
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