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Star Trek (2009)
hip hop it don't stop...
7 May 2009
Wow hip hop it don't stop!! and I hope it doesn't stop for a while. Like the title of this comment the movie doesn't pause for one second. Its action from top to bottom, front to back, and side to side. The movie maintains that retro star trek feel while still showing off modern special effects. The actors are well cast and most of them get a new subtle twist which to me adds more character depth. They have taken the old school star trek characters, knocked off the dust and brought out a series of characters that we can all get behind again. This movie is a must see and even folks that are not real trekies will have no problem getting involved in the story lines, action, and energy of this movie. I hope this new cast lives long and prospers.

Oh and by the way Lenard Nimoy rocks!
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Smooth as Sandpaper
3 December 2008
Its not that I didn't enjoy the movie, I did. It didn't find the movie lacking in acting, directory, story, or action. I just found the movie lacking the "Bond" essence. James Bond is suppose to be smooth and skilled with not only the ladies but with busting up the bad guys. This new bond movie is action, action, action and only pays lip service to the smooth charming side of the bond character. Bond spends so little time out of action its hard to believe he could even be refined. If this was some other action movie I would have given it higher than a 6 rating, but I came to see James Bond do his thing and what you get is "Demolition Man" in a tuxedo.
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Wanted (2008)
Rodent lovers beware!!! otherwise its a good watch.
5 July 2008
This movie drew me in with good previews and a surprising rating on this site. Come on who wouldn't want a chance to see Angelina Jolie curve bullets and tear stuff up. So many movies like this have all the good scenes in the previews and the rest of it leaves you drooling wishing you stayed home to watch dancing with the stars or some such dribble. This movie did not fail to deliver. The movie went out of its way to develop the main character and was surprisingly funny. The action was, as expected, over the top but fantastic to behold. Some plot parts were super predictable but there are some nice surprises in the movie. This is an enjoyable movie but if you are really found of rodents you many not want to watch this movie.
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10,000 BC (2008)
Like cafeteria lasagna....
9 March 2008
You know how when you go to a cafeteria style restaurant and you see something you usually enjoy like lasagna. You get the lasagna and take a bite with the fond memories of the last time you ate it in a real restaurant. When the first taste hits your tongue and all hopes of future meal enjoyment are flushed down the toilet. 10,000BC is the cafeteria lasagna. It looks goods, has the potential to be great, you have fond memories of other movies in the same genre that were good, and then you watch it. It's edible but just barely. The movie had pretty good special effects and wasn't boring which is why I gave it a five. The dialog and acting were for the most part sub-par. The story didn't even make an attempt to suspend your disbelief. Forget historically inaccurate, it was ridiculous. If I were you I would catch the matinée or wait for someone else to pay for the cafeteria lasagna
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Travolta should know better
5 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
John Travolta an accomplished actor should know better. He has been in movies that were fantastic. One would think that he could spot a decent movie but apparently not. This movie has a bad story, bad dialog, and terrible acting. I know that the book is pretty good but somehow the directors managed to turn a pretty good book into a large piece of excrement. The worst thing about this movie is that it won't go away. Scifi friends who haven't seen it always want to watch it in my presence. I have saved a few but some just won't listen.

Come on now John...If the aliens defeated earth in a few minutes how could a group of stick bashing primitives flying 1000 year jets drive the aliens away. Stupid stupid movie.
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Hide and Seek (2005)
Dakota Fanning
4 February 2005
Hide and Seek was decent film with some exceptional acting. Dakota Fanning is better than most actors/actresses and she is only 11 years old. Hopefully she will retain her skill and success into adulthood. She did a great job being creepy throughout the film. Robert Deniro did a pretty good job acting as well but he played a roll that he has played time and time again. Overall I enjoyed the movie but felt that the end was a blatant attempt to twist the plot. A supernatural enemy would have been more in line with the plot of the movie, but I guess if the movie ended that way it would have been compared to White Noise. That having been said go see the movie and enjoy the acting and the general creepiness.
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Elektra (2005)
Better than I thought
19 January 2005
As a fan of Marvel Universe I found that I liked this movie. I suggest people not familiar with Elektra, The hand, or other aspects of the Marvel plot lines stay away from this movie. Having the knowledge from the comics I was able to fill in the plot holes and just enjoy the movie. I liked the visual aspects of the movie which includes the special effects, settings, and Jennifer Garner. I thought that some of the bad guys were unnecessary. They should have just stuck with one or two bad guys and spent more time defining them. What was the point of the big bullet proof guy? All in all I didn't feel ripped off after seeing the movie. I got my $6.50 worth.
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