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Fantastic 80s style comedy!
25 December 2010
I'd rate watching this similarly to watching "Stay Tuned" or "Mom and Dad Save the World", not ground shaking, but a nice, fun, family friendly comedy!

The film starts out with your typical 30s era TV star, a la Buck Rodgers, on screen, dashing and heroic, off screen, egotistical and pampered. On a different distant planet the watch the exploits of Captain Zoom, as if it were reality TV (much like Galaxy Quest). Their world is tormented by an oppressive ruler, their only salvation, building a device to bring Captain Zoom to their planet to save the day! Comedy ensues...

I hope it gets to DVD soon so I can grab it!
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V (2009–2011)
Loved the original, this... this is new thing... it's bad... just... bad.
21 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Immediately upon hearing of the new V series (2009), I recalled Robert England, and the original series. Longed to see a new visioned Diana enslave our people, I looked forward Mike Donovan's realization that, well, to quote Soilent Green, "it's people!" This new revision of a fantastic series was thoroughly disappointing! The creators have done an awesome job to (look for the sarcasm here) remove all the suspense, drama, and anticipation that just bogged down the original series.

If you were to watch this series from a random part of an episode, you'd be hard pressed to recognize it from any of the other failed, lack of vision, canned junk the carpet bagger TV produceers regurgitate down our starving throats.

The only satisfaction I long for in this series is its immediate cancellation. And so, I will, in a sort of sadistic self pleasure, continue to keep tabs on this series for that day.
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Heroes (II) (2006–2010)
The good, the bad, and the ugly... Two strikes.
21 February 2010
I am super hero. The concept of a super hero is ingrained in the fiber of Americana (being from said country, it's the only one I can speak for). We dream of being firemen and police men as children; we dawn sheets as caps, and destroy our friends with our mighty X-Ray (tm) vision and invincible sense for right and wrong.

Super hero is, perhaps only in my eyes, more American than apple pie.

So, understand the enthusiasm I felt for Heroes. "Finally", I had though, and "this just makes sense." Yet, these illusions quickly, and whimperingly, gave way for disappointment and rejection. Heroes saves no one.

The good: acting is pretty good, effects (when actually used) are good, heroic abilities - good.

Bad: the plot - WTF is it going? Is this Lost with capes? The acting, when the plot demands it for brevity, is bad. That so many seasons have gone by and nothing has really happened... has it? Ugly: WTF is it going!? Really? This show feels like Frankenstein's monster, pieced together oh so many writers. There are no HEROS here, move along! The best characters are ripped apart and offered for fodder. Every character appears bipolar and dysfunctional (two separate points there).

Ultimately a let down. I've finally thrown in the cape, I tuned out in the middle of an episode: a final farewell. Like an old rocker best left to do itself in much earlier than now, I hope this show resolves itself to end with a bang, much like BSG did.
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Yip Man (2008)
Fantastic Action Scenes
30 June 2009
While I am sure this movie is less than accurate in fighting style and historical events, Ip Man (2008) has fantastic action, effects, and lots of heart (not just bloody knuckles).

Some argue the historical events never happened. The same comments can be made about several "biographical" movies made about Bruce Less, or other celebrities and historical figures. At the least this film sparks the imagination, and leaves you wanting more. More action, more story.

Others have argued that the fighting style is not incredibly accurate. In that case, this might not be the best film to take lessons from, however, the average viewer will be far less critical.

Before this movie I did not know who Ip Man was. I did follow up watching this film with researching the true Man through various means.

If you appreciate realistic martial art films with a slight flair of incredible, then this is a film for you.
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