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Scream 3 (2000)
Warning: Spoilers within, spoilers within.
29 November 2002
Warning: Spoilers
When you study this film in depth you begin to understand why so many were killed for no real reason in the whole Scream Trilogy. I know Scream 3 probably wasn't pre-planned, but the way the film directors tied it into the first Scream Movie really fits well. Many think that it's confusing because Roman Bridger wasn't in the first, and second film, but I on the other hand believe that it works beautifully. After watching Scream 3 and then re-watching Scream you realize where Billy Loomis' direction comes from.

As for Roman Bridger, Director, Brother. His motivation, to me is well... being born under a bad sign or from a terrible damaging cause. I believe, and with good reason, that Roman Bridger is the results of Maureen Prescott's gang rape. The main reason I think this is because he's so messed up, born into or from evil literally. The other reason is because in the film Roman says that he's almost thirty, which would mean that he was conceived some time in the seventies. He had said it himself that he sought out find his mother and when he did, she rejected him in the worse possible way. (Pure assumption here) When he showed up at her door all she saw in him was the evil that was unleashed upon her. Due to this Roman can do nothing kind or least until Sidney shows him her understanding and forgiveness at the end. Overall this film is one of the most interesting of its time.
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Timothy Dalton will forever dawn the Tuxedo.
28 November 2002
This my friends is the closest you will ever get to the actual James Bond that Ian Fleming had pictured in his mind. To back up this statement, I have read all of the Ian Fleming Bond novels, from 'Casino Royale' to 'The Man with The Golden Gun.' Also, 'Octopussy' which contains a set of his lesser known short stories that have appeared in Playboy and other such magazines. "Licence To Kill" is essentially the maverick of the Bond Film Series. Even more so than "Never Say Never Again". The reason for this being is because it has everything that the Bond Movie fans do not want to witness. It is too realistic for the fans who want to see Bond accomplish fantasy like goals and escape without a scratch. This film does not have that. If you've never read a James Bond novel, and you're a Bond fan, than chances are you did not like this film. For those of you who will watch this with an open mind than you should not be disappointed. It rains of emotion (from most of the actors), has lots of action, and has the life support of an intelligent script. Timothy Dalton will not let you down with this performance. It is my belief that he will forever dawn the Black and white tuxedo, and with good reason.
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.....from one extreme to another.
24 November 2002
This film goes from one extreme to another. At one point it's very realistic (well as realistic as a Bond film can be), and then the next it's so unbelievable that even I can't swallow it. I would say that the best trait about this film is that it's nothing like it's predecessors. It's FULL of action, and you're guessing throughout most of it as to exactly what's going on. I think that's a good thing, makes it entertaining. As for the actors, I'd say they did their jobs, however, it would be more correct to say that the director focussed mostly on the action rather than the characters.

If you're a Bond fan, then go see this film. Overall I enjoyed it.
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Hunter: Return to Justice (2002 TV Movie)
If you were a fan of the show, then you'll love this.
18 November 2002
If you were a fan of the show, then I believe you will love this movie. If you weren't a fan, say because you were too young at the time or you worked a lot, then I would generally recommend it. It's a little more extraordinary than the show was, with the plot-line that is. It has a fair bit of action, some violence, but all in all, I think it'll entertain you.
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