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Az Elnökasszony (1977 TV Movie)
primitive, socialistic, lowest quality science fiction
5 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
What a primitive, socialistic, lowest quality TV movie from the 70ies of Hungary! Supposedly science fiction, with absolutely no science in it. Or, maybe the science of Marxism, declaring the heroic triumph of communism all over the world, is meant? Did it foretell the heroic triumph of superstition and dictatorship over the capitalistic slough in the United State (of the "Elnökasszony", the president lady, played by a nameable actress of that time and of that country)? It's a shame for all (well-known) actors and actresses and even for the author Gyula Hernádi to have sold themselves for such a low level propaganda production of the state TV. But they had to survive, financially and politically, just like the remainder of the (unknown) 10 million Hungarians. So, this play is a historic documentation and treasure for all sympathizers of any communistic ideas to see, where would leads the allover ruling of this ideology over a half continent, entertaining millions of all-evening viewers of state controlled media.
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Very very typical Hungary in the sixties
3 February 2007
Summer, Balaton, espresso, Skoda Felicia convertible (as the dream car of the sixties for Hungarians); Koós János and Toldy Mária singing top hits of those times (sound funny, even ideological for today's ears). Young girl (Vass Éva in bikini) and loving wife in her forties (Tolnay Klári) run for his attention (the one in the convertible). Happy end, of course. The complete Hungarian actor palette (every one knew them, every one trusted them) from serious (party secretary) till comical (Latabár Kálmán) try to convict the viewer (underconsciously): our society is the greatest, people here are the happiest, Marx and Lenin will overcome the whole world. Just the beginning of "gulash communism".
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Crash (1988 TV Movie)
Psychological drama around crash landing
28 May 2006
Crash landing of a charter machine at the hypothetical airport Oduria with death and injuries: Captain Jansen's private problems and faulty concentration cause him to give wrong orders and the plane rolls over the runway in a field. No one seems to be interested in clearing up the case – except the victims. The pilot suffers under retrograde amnesia and doesn't remember his own role. The insurance company and the airline try to keep down compensation costs. Through a thrilling psychological process captain Jansens finally regains remembrance, takes over responsibility and solves at least financially crashed lives of his former passengers.
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Der Prozeß (1948)
Historical (XIX. century) court process: Jewish community accused of ritual murdering Esther Solymosi.
20 December 2005
A well known historical fact among older people in Hungary: Poor maidservant Esther Solymosi commits suicide for hopeless love. The local Jewish community has been accused for murdering her. They fight for righteousness in a long court process. Enlightened politician Dr. Karoly Eötwös triumphs over prejudice and racism. The black and white movie is some long and boring. However, for viewers knowing or interested in society of their grandparents it is an excellent presentation of how they lived and thought. Especially it shows the old roots of antisemitism in Eastern Europe resulting in most terrible crime of history: holocaust.
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