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Aquaman (2018)
Awesome visual effects, epic underwater battles - incredibly entertaining!
22 January 2019
Aquaman is an amazingly entertaining movie with breathtaking underwater battles and great visual effects. My score of the movie on IMDB is deliberately set to 10 with the hopes to increase the overall rating of the movie. Certainly, the film is not perfect having some plot holes, and some other inconsistencies with the characters. This film focuses only on showing Aquaman origin story combined with amazing battles - and it accomplished its task on a high note. Some of the other reviewers on IMDB mentioned negative aspects such as weak dialogs or rushed character development. I believe these aspects are not important for this kind of film, one of the main goals is to be entertained. And we all are highly entertained! Aquaman is definitely not a character-focused drama, it is instead a fantasy adventure based on the characters from a comic book. So taking this into consideration, just try to have fun and enjoy the movie!
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Watchmen (2009)
Watchmen - solid superhero movie with a compelling narrative
9 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The film shows us a glimpse of a world where superheroes identities are known to men as a group of retired heroes take part in everyday life. The story takes off as Rorschach, a costumed vigilante, learns that one of his comrades was murdered and in his investigation uncovers a huge plot to kill and discredit all superheroes. Rorschach gets in touch with his former retired associates and together they fight to save themselves and the world, which is endangered as well. As you see the narrative of this film is quite special, though it contains the essence of every superhero movie - saving the world. However, the take on the costumed heroes in Watchmen is entirely different compared to other similar films, as they are presented broken, retired, old & used.

Regarding the casting, I believe some of the choices were phenomenal. For instance, the performance of the narrator of the film Rorschach, portrayed by an incredibly talented Jackie Earle Haley, was so dark, realistic and convincing that it was a real pleasure to watch him act. Jackie's version of Rorschach goes in line with the noir tone of the graphic novel and shows a vigilante who without hesitation is prepared to sacrifice himself to save everyone else. Another breathtaking performance was delivered by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (portraying the Comedian), an actor so versatile and brilliant. Prior to Watchmen Jeffrey experienced a world in need of saving in a successful CW's TV show "Supernatural", and already there showed his devotion to the material. In Watchmen, Jeffrey portrays a reckless and violent hero showing us his dark side, which he does masterly. I even believe that Jeffrey's experience in Watchmen inspired him and helped him years later to deliver such an astonishing performance in "The Walking Dead" as a ruthless leader Negan. As for others, Patrick Wilson as a hero Nite Owl, Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre II were quite good in their roles. Both brought the essence of their characters very close to the source material, though missed out on bringing such depth and devotion as in the case of Jeffrey and Jackie.

Overall Watchmen with its incredible visual effects, great performances, and a compelling storyline is, in my opinion, one of the hidden jewels of the films based on DC comics.
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Billboard (2011)
Shocking portrait of the "death" of relationships
12 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Jamie Patterson's movie presents a quite different and a rather dreadful picture of malfunctioning relationships. The film tells a story of Danny, who was left by his girlfriend and his big love, and Katie, who parted from her sadistic boyfriend. Both characters meet under quite unusual circumstances and establish a somewhat bizarre relationship with each other.

With its peculiar storyline, Billboard is presented in a unique and intriguing manner, with constantly changing camera settings and occasionally odd elements of sound editing. Such an extraordinary way of representation makes the movie particularly interesting for the lovers of art films, which leaves no doubt that Billboard is not a movie for the mass market audience.

The actors of the movie perform quite well. Anna Cox does a very good job and shows the audience a Katie who is on the edge of a breakdown and who finds 'happiness' at the end. Since the actions of the Ex, played by Lucy Griffiths, have a huge influence on Danny's behaviour, Lucy's performance had to be very compelling, as it truly was. Lucy Griffiths is just so remarkable in such small but memorable roles. Joe Rainbow, alias Danny (one of the main protagonists), was the only one of the actors who performed in an unconvincing manner and could have done much more with his character.

Overall, the movie is a 'dark' tale of broken relationships, which shows a rather ugly side of people's personalities.
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A breathtaking final story of Robin Hood and his friends, an epic conclusion of the third and last season of this amazing series.
27 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This final episode of the season, as a conclusion to the whole series, is beyond doubt remarkable and breathtaking. It is a story that shows the very true examples of love, friendship and loyalty, which build the foundation of the existence of mankind. The actors give absolutely their best and amaze with their brilliant performances where they show so many feelings that it becomes almost unbearable to watch and crying comes naturally. The appearance of Marian close to the very end of the episode is the final great sparkle of the show which makes us realize how deep and everlasting love can be. The essence of the whole romance between Marian and Robin (which lasted over the entire two first seasons) is captured in one of these final scenes, in a short interaction between both characters. It is just unbelievable that love can be portrayed in such a deep way and within such a short scene.

In addition to this overwhelming and choked up feeling in the scene with Robin and Marian, the entire episode is full of similar moving moments. A comparably touching moment is the final scene with Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne, when the long-lasting enemies become friends. It is just unbelievable that the actors managed to put so much into their performances, and this is one of the main reasons this final episode is 'something worth watching'. In particular, I would like to emphasize the perfect performances of Jonas Armstrong (aka Robin Hood) and Richard Armitage (aka Guy of Gisborne). Their acting as well as the complexity of both characters makes us really enjoy the show and the story. The decision to bring in Marian is the best one made by producers and directors and makes it possible to demonstrate an endurance of Robin's feelings for his one true love.

Overall, in my opinion this concluding chapter of the BBC's Robin Hood is so captivating and so remarkable that it can only be compared to the last episode of the second season. Furthermore, the creative ending of the show is a real treat and shows a very different side of Robin Hood's legend. Hereby, the show presents an exemplary way of renouncing the Happy End, which has not yet been done in other Robin Hood film- adaptations.

I would like to express my everlasting gratitude to the producers, Matthew Evans (the director), the writers and in particular the actors of this great episode. Thank you for this amazing spectacle!
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A true masterpiece of Terry Gilliam
25 March 2009
I have watched "The Fisher King" for the second time recently and felt like posting this comment. I truly believe that it is an amazing and inspiring movie. This brilliant and unforgettable motion picture teaches us so much about love, true friendship and about beauty in our so cruel world. I am really sure that this movie can change everybody.

Speaking about the creators of the movie, one sentence would be enough to describe the genius of Terry Gilliam. After Brazil, Terry shows again that it is possible to connect fantasy with a high quality drama. The performance of Jeff Bridges in "The Fisher King" is phenomenal, probably his best performance ever. Robin Williams - I just can't find words to describe his absolutely amazing performance in this piece of art.

Summing up, this motion picture should be definitely watches by everyone, who didn't have yet a chance of doing it. This masterpiece made by Terry Gilliam can give you so much, that it cannot be laid out in words.
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Doppelganger (1993)
A lousy movie with a beautiful Drew Barrymore
25 March 2009
I have just watched the movie for the first time. I wanted to watch it as I like Drew Barrymore and wanted to see one of her early movies.

The movie is about a girl (played by young and beautiful Drew Barrymore), who moves from NYC to LA in order to get over her recently troubled loss. Short after moving to a guy who falls in love with her, it becomes obvious that she has an evil twin=doppelganger, who haunts her.

The movie is quite poor and lousy. Both the dialogs and the acting make the film not really worth seeing it. Summing up it is just something for the fans of Drew Barrymore.
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Bride Wars (2009)
A story of two girls with a bright dream
22 March 2009
The movie tells a story of two childhood friends who had a dream of a perfect wedding ceremony in a Plaza Hotel. When the girls are already young and beautiful women and the day comes that they are both engaged, they start to plan their perfect wedding in Plaza. Thereby the are confronted with different problems and even try to ruin each others wedding.

"Bride Wars" doesn't really stand for movies I usually watch. Although I wanted to watch it, mainly because of Anne Hathaway. I was told she is a good actress and is playing quite good in that movie. Well I can partly agree with that. Her performance in "Bride Wars" was surely satisfactory, however I believe her role was not really challenging. For the rest, I have to confess that the story of the movie is quite poor. It is obvious that the idea of the movie is to show us how two childhood friends deal with their friendship when their most desired dream seems to come true. However this appears unrealistic in the movie. Two best friends who know each other for over twenty years wouldn't try to spoil each others lives. "Bride Wars" appears also not that funny as it probably should be. The jokes are even a bit dumb and absolutely not funny.

Summing up I think that "Bride Wars" is a motion picture made more for girls who also have bright thoughts about their wedding.
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Syriana (2005)
Oppressive topic in an agitating film adaptation
21 March 2009
This movie gives an insight into the world of corruption and greed. The perception of the world of "Syriana" can be definitely translated to the real world.

I think the movie teaches us a lot and shows many of us the reality, which most of us even don't realise.

I would like to recommend this movie to everyone who is interested in a motion picture full of fair-minded and relentlessly images of a corrupted society.

Summing up it is a great movie. All actors did a very good job. Especially I was really impressed by the performance of Amanda Peet. She was fantastic. George Clooney delivered an incredible performance as well.
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