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A fresh new horror story
4 February 2017
At first sight of the trailer, one might think that this is another clichè horror film. That's what I had thought, until I actually saw it. The clichè of exploring a haunted house and finding something that surprises the characters, but this is actually justified with the great story development.

When the characters: Caleb, Dennis and Jess, are introduced we quickly relate to them and are drawn in with their appealing and realistic personalities. Each of their story is developed nicely throughout the entire film, which is something I don't frequently see and am glad this film did.

The actors portraying these characters do a solid job. Every piece of acting feels real and convincing. And aside from them every other secondary character, is played greatly as well.

The script itself goes at a great pace for the first two-thirds of the film. We are immersed into a compelling dark atmosphere of suspense. Slowly the story takes a turn for the intriguing as it starts to develop nicely.

My only problem with the film was the final thirds of the film. The movie builds a great deal of suspense, but when the final act comes it is short lived and falls flat. It could have been better if it was stretched out a little more and got to see a more intense climax.

As for the scares, it has its moments. One jump-scare was very predictable, but when we get to see the movie starting to take momentum, some moments are jaw dropping, leaving the viewers shaking and kinda nervous.

The movie is never boring and it keeps you glued to the screen. Much of this is joined by great cinematographic shots, which I gotta give it to Tony Valenzuela, he has an amazing artistic point of view.

Although I was slightly disappointed with the films climax, I strongly suggest giving this movie a watch. It has a breath taking story, very atmospheric and appealing. Plus the characters strong background story is very interesting.
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What killed this movie...
8 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I actually have seen the first two movies of REC and I absolutely love them. I saw so many bad reviews for this but I didn't care, and now I think I should have lowered my expectations. I am a huge fan of the movies but I have to confess this one was a huge disappointment.

At first the introduction was taking way too long with the characters, but we still manage to get at least 50 minutes of zombie/possessed people attacks. But it wasn't scary at all, I don't know if the directors lost their touch or was it the different camera style they used now, but all I know it's that it lacks horror. Yes the fighting sequences were intense and somewhat thrilling, but here's what went even more wrong with the film. There was no plot, while the previous films did give a good story, this one was just lacking a lot. Everything we see in the film we already know because of the previous films, and it relies way too much on that. We don't discover the origins of the Medeiros Girl, we don't know the origin of the infection. And even though it was not meant to be a prequel nor a sequel, we don't get anything new.

It would have been a good thriller movie if it wasn't for the ending. Right before the movie ended I was gonna give this a 7/10, but no. We see no plot what so ever a lack of scares, but we see thrilling action sequences that are pretty good, from a married couple trying their best to survive and yet, we get a few seconds of negligence and the couple suddenly turns stupid and die. So what was the movie made for? Nothing, it's a waste of space. The franchise could have kept going without this piece of junk, I'll just ignore it exists and hope REC Apocalypse is not as bad.
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Couldn't it have been longer?
25 October 2012
I mean come on this movie was thrilling from the beginning to the end. non-stop horror thrill ride. I am a fan of the games and I gotta say I was really surprised with this installment based on the fact that Gans didn't direct this one. Though my only complain is the run time of the film. It felt that the script was so rushed and it was trying to cover up many story lines from the game and the first film that could leave many non-silent hill video game fans very confused, but the fan will know exactly what's going on. It was tied up nicely to the first film but left many loose ends, but it's not something a third movie couldn't fix.

For video game fans: It's just as faithful to the game as the first movie was faithful to the first game (think about it). The movie ran in the same order as it did in the video game, and contains so many references for the third game installment. As for the atmosphere it was a bit tame compared to the games, but still chilling.

The acting was pretty decent and the special effects were amazing. It's thrills it's what mostly stands out from the film, it has its scary moments and a horrifying atmosphere. It's bloodier than the first one. Though I was kinda left out with a feeling wanting for more, I wasn't satisfied enough, which is why I'm desperately calling out for another installment, I mean this franchise can be just as successful as Resident Evil.

If you liked the first one, you'll like this one too, especially if your a fan of the game. If you're not a fan of the games, then I don't think you'll get quite as much thrills as I got.
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16 September 2011
Well... I saw that many people have different views of this movie. Just like the other American Paranormal Activity movies, this one has its pros and cons.

In some aspects it's a little better than the American Version, but in other aspects it's not as good.

When it comes to scary, it delivers pretty much the same amount of frights (and if not somewhat better). When it comes to the story, it drives off from the original story into a new one that doesn't seem so creative. There were some surprising new elements into this installment, some that were good and some that were not as much. The ending was a bit weird, but I thought that was better than the original American ending. I just wish that the script wasn't so rushed.

In short, some aspects are better and some aren't (I wouldn't say worst), yet it's a fine entry to the Paranormal Activity saga, I just think it was a bit unnecessary to do this semi-sequel/semi-remake. But some people differ from this opinion saying it's better than the American Version and some prefer the American one. But this is just my point of view, I think I'll stick to the American version, though I wouldn't mind seeing another Japanese installment.
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Tyler's Best Play, so far
30 November 2010
I thought to myself. "Hmm... another repetitive play is up for sale" Curious I watched it and laughed harder than ever, and for the first time I felt emotional in a certain scene.

It had way more depth than any other play he's ever done, with some new elements to his stories, it becomes very successful.

Better camera angles, good acting and great scenery. I was very amazed, with a deeper message for practically everyone (specially the youth) has made this one play I'd like to watch over and over again, with such rich musical scenes and excellently written script.

I don't understand the low rating here, but it's typical since everyone has haters.

Great for Tyler Perry it's a 10.
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Go Watch It... without a straight face
26 October 2010
I didn't know what to expect, waiting so much for the movie, excited because of the trailers, questioning the reviews. Finally the day has come.

Ummm... What? I'm sorry watching this with a straight face is completely bad. It had to be M. Night Shylaman to ruin a good series. I am 19 years old and I really love Avatar: The last airbender, the TV series. This is not what everyone envisioned.

The kids haven't had a long time acting career, so they're acting was pretty bad, so I'll give them a break, because is M. Night's fault they acted horribly. Also the filmed was so badly directed and such horrible script, it was laughable. The names pronunciation shouldn't have been changed it was horrible.

As an adaptation, the story was way too rushed to keep up with the whole season. Practically none of the actors possessed they're personalities according to the original story.

The only thing everyone can agree with is that the special visual effects were great, and the fighting scenes as well. Unfortunately this doesn't make up for everything else which was terrible.

But on the other hand, I had a good time laughing because of the bad directing and of course, the funny and stupid dialogs the movie had. I found myself enjoying this film, it's the year's number one comedy. So yeah I recommend it for anyone who wants to have a good time laughing at writers and directors. That's very enjoyable.
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King Ramses: The scariest yet most entertaining episode of Courage
30 July 2010
Back when I was a child, I was too scared to see this episode. King Ramses was presented with a different animation than the one used for the other villains in the series. The eerie voice and physical appearance made the King Ramses episode stand out from the others. Today, I watch king ramses with no fear of him,though I still find him creepy. I came to realize that it was one of the funniest episodes also.

As for the "Clutching foot" it was also funny. Representing the 1970's typical gangster slang. Also the ending was a bit twisted and comical.

But no episode will catch enough interest, like the one "King Ramses Curse" got. Not even "house of discontent"
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Toy Story 3 (2010)
ohhhhhh... Perfection
23 June 2010
As we all know, back 1995, the first 3D animated film made history becoming (at least in my book) the greatest animated film of all time. Following another Toy Story in 1999, which was also a success in the franchise. Now today on 2010, we get the third installment, and thus creating the best animated film trilogy the world has ever known.

It's fun, it's funny, well directed and well written. May not be as good as the first one but I feel it's better than the 2nd one. For it's story it's surprising to see such a great introduction for each new character and for each one to have a unique personality, that stays true to the franchise, such a richly scripted movie. If there's a company that really knows how to do good animated films it's Pixar.

Such good and fascinating animation and story, making this the best animated film of the year. With a great ending that made me tear a little but it's touching and it makes you think. I never thought a G rated movie would make and entire audience cry, even adults were sniffling and weeping, how is that even possible?! Well Pixar did it.

Toy Story it's a definitely must-see for all Toy Story fans. It's fantastic!!! It's the perfect animated movie.
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Has more potential and humor than any other new nick show
14 March 2010
With the Madagscar movie franchise it seems the penguins became very famous. So let's see how a series made especially for them works.

It's hilarious, it's fun, it's entertaining and it has a lot of potential.

I really hope it stays as long as the Spongebob series.

So original, with lovable characters and a good story in each episode.

It's funny when it wants to be, the cast is simply amazing.

At first a show for them didn't seem like such a good idea, but let me tell you that it was the best idea anyone could have had for TV.

Grown-ups give the show a chance kids and adults are bound to have a good time with the penguins. I really hope it stays that good 'cause you can't find any new show as successful as this, these days.

It's a 10 of 10!!!
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You literally get dragged to hell with this.
14 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'm sorry but... SERIOUSLY!!! How much were the critics and the people paid to give it a good review? This has got to be the worst horror film ever. With so many bad horror films lately, I thought this would make a difference but no, it's actually worse than any of the others.

Let's see. Bad acting by practically everyone. Bad directing and poor written script. Also I thought that since it had the "horror" tag in the movie it would scare me, yet it failed to scare me. It's OK to have a jump scare a few times but by the 20th time its just annoying. Also I found it to be boring since (for no reason) the movie tried to make people laugh, but it just made me puke and I felt disturbed.

Oh, and what people seemed to like more was the ending. That's where I ask... WHY?!?!?!?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?!?!?!?!?

The film is about a woman who gets a curse that will take her to hell in three days, and she looks for many ways to get rid of it, and if she didn't get rid of it at the end... then why did I watch the movie for?

It was a waste of time: -Boring -Disturbing -Unscary -Awful -Poor

I'm sorry but, the words to describe how horrible this movie was, are too much.

I really wish I could give a rating less than 1.
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Shane Dawson TV (2008– )
The Greatest Youtuber EVER
4 February 2010
The Shane Dawson TV Youtube channel consists of this crazy dude that creates many sketches in order to make people laugh, and let me tell you that he fully succeeds doing that.

His original character named "Shanaynay" is his best idea for a character. A crazy woman who has many problems and doesn't care about any consequences that might cause her actions.

Shane Dawson is always blogging about many interesting this, and he explains his side of what he wants to vlog about. This guy is very spontaneous, you don't see any of the jokes coming and these turnout to be a laugh-fest.

But be warned that he can be a little crude when it comes to sex jokes.

Either way he is the funniest guy you could find on the internet.
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Zombieland (2009)
It's funny, it's exhilarating and it's a great thrill ride
3 February 2010
It's the kind of movie that you watch and it gives you a strange feeling, a feeling that makes you say "awesome".

When it comes to jokes the movie becomes very spontaneous and it succeeds in every way. The kind of nonsense and stupid-people comedy makes this one of the most hilarious films ever.

The acting is perfect for the humor and the drama in the film. And so is the directing.

Sure it does have horrifying images and situations. But it doesn't matter because its used for fun.

The climax has most of the fun.

The movie proves that zombies are still fun. A few years from now this one will be known as a classic.

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Home Alone 4 (2002 TV Movie)
Why even bother???
20 January 2010
Seriously I saw Home Alone 1,2 and 3. The first two were great, true classics. Number 3 was OK, not that far good, but watchable. I saw that there were comments here saying that this one was very awful. I asked myself how was that possible. I finally got to see the movie. I normally try to find a fun side to every movie. But this one, was just plain horrible. I was (literally) in pain because of watching the film. As the movie progressed it got worse.

The acting was awful, everyone was just bad. Even Megan Fox does better acting than any of those in the cast, and that's saying something.

The supposed "special effects" were really cheap and annoying.

And overall it was not funny, not one second. So many plot holes, so unrealistic and so immature.

So I say why even bother watching this so called "Movie"? In fact why did they even bother making this film? I hope that no other home alone films are made.
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Avatar (2009)
It's just so great, nothing is missing in the film
29 December 2009
James Cameron has made the most fun, exhilarating thriller movie of the year. I came into the theater, remembering the critics praise and the buzz of everyone saying that the movie was awesome. So I had high expectations, but I mean really really high. Even with such high expectation, the movie manage to exceed them.

The plot is simple. But in a way its organized and crafted superbly, you are guaranteed to have fun. Yes its a little bit obvious but do not let it take you down, because there's more to the movie.

Great acting for everybody. Very convincing and very realistic. And very well directed by James Cameron.

The object that attracts you most to the film it's the beautiful CGI effects. The trees, the creatures, the scenery, its all just perfect. The way to synchronize reality with the effects it's just awesome.

As the film progresses, you start to get into it. By just watching it, you feel that the story grows into you. You start to become part of the film.

The film is a fun-filled ride. Truly exciting and magical. The movie is an instant classic, worthy of many Oscars. This one goes on my top movie list as #1.

I wish I could give it more than 10 it deserves all the praise the movie is getting. For once I can agree with the critics.
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Great action scenes + good story = the most exhilarating thriller of the year
23 December 2009
Seriously, critics need to get a life. This film was awesome. So thrilling, truly action packed and very well thought out. Yes, it's a gore-fest, but what do you expect from ninjas? I thought at first that the story was gonna be lame and very simple. But as it progressed it was becoming very interesting and surprisingly a very wheel thought out story. Also the film give sometimes very funny scenes that you can enjoy. Suspense, adrenaline rush and every thrill you can think of, this movie can really deliver. I was shocked to see that critics reacted so negatively to the film because it's no snore-fest, it's a thrill-fest. I recommend it 100% to anyone who wants to see a good, bloody action movie.

It's a 10
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Truly Frightening, yet...
18 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Is a bit disturbing. I do not know what rating to give this film. It should either receive many stars for succeeding in the horror techniques, or should I take stars away from it for almost scaring me to death (I slept with a bible that night). Normally I don't mind movies scaring me, but this was to much. I covered my eyes in almost every night scene. Something I didn't like was the missing of a climax in the film, it just went on until it ended. The plot was very unusual. I don't think this is a film to watch at many times, I think it should only be viewed once. The movie deals with demons, which is something I do not like since I do believe in the paranormal. So the point of my comment is that you choose how many stars should the movie receive based on this comment. If you want a movie that really scares you, this is a good movie. If you wanna see a film with a well thought out plot and that has only a few scare tactics, it's not a film you would wanna see. But hear me when I say that this is one of the scariest films I have ever seen.
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The Proposal (I) (2009)
An obvious romantic comedy, yet unique and fun
17 October 2009
I knew from the start how this movie was going to be like. The plot is very original, yet the script is almost the same as any other average romantic comedy. The plot is what sets this movie apart from the other. Another thing that makes the movie original it's when it comes to comedy. I had a pretty good laugh at this film from start to finish. I heard that this movie was going to be more of a chick flick (I do not enjoy chick flicks), but I guess the chick flick part of it was a little bit in the ending. If you've seen a lot of romantic comedy flicks, then you know how this one is gonna go, however i recommend it for anyone who wants to see a well made romantic comedy movie.

It gets an 8 out of 10.
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Surrogates (2009)
An obvious PG-13 sci-fi thriller
17 October 2009
I didn't have many expectations for this movie, but I went to see it since my family wanted to go to theaters and there was nothing else to watch. The movie has a good original plot and a good script. However when it comes to action and thrills it fails in most of it. The action is very lame and quite short. The acting is pretty good. Also the movie tries to create suspense for the audience, but this doesn't last long or its just plain obvious. Just like any sci-fi thriller flick, this one gets a fair score since it has a unique script. If you want to see a movie with lot of action and thrills, stay away from this one or at least rent it. However if you want to see a movie with a good plot and a very decent scrip, this a good movie for you.

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The most delicious animated movie ever tasted
10 October 2009
I never expected this movie to be so good. I thought I knew the plot and what will happen, but this movie managed to surprise me. I found it to be very funny. A movie as imaginative as this one is hard to find, and combined to make it good and fun is a great thing. Also enhanced with 3D effects, the action was closer, the adventure more lively and the food tastier. However, this looks like a family film, but note the PG rating. It has many bloody and rude humor, that is not meant for younger viewers. This movie is more for preteens. But if you trust your kids, take them to see this movie, is a thrill ride from the start, and with such a hearty, great moral and message at the end, I can understand why some people cried in theaters.

This is sunny bright with a chance of success.
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The War at Home (2005–2007)
Just the best comedy show since "Friends"
25 September 2009
Hilarious show with so many great stories, that it reflects the world today as we know it, in such a funny way it literally stole my laughters for other shows. I laughed so hard that I just found any other comedy shows unfunny. The unique confessions of each characters is a great original technique that just makes the show funny and very humorous. You may think that this is an average comedy show about hard life with a family. That's what I thought at first but I found out that it holds new and unique techniques that completely sets it apart from any other average comedy show. Michael Rapaport is a star. I sure wish that this show wasn't canceled.
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Decent, but not scary
5 September 2009
I heard from many people that this movie was creepy and very scary. I saw a critic on the back of the movie's DVD box saying that I was so scary that I'd be afraid to turn off the lights when I go to sleep. I was pretty disappointed. I was not scary, I only jumped a little in three parts but that's it. But I gotta say that the plot was interesting and well thought out, I believe that the story is real since I believe in the paranormal, but I know that there were many things in the film that they edited just for show. The script was really good and the acting was very decent. Pretty intense but not much. But when it comes to horror and scary the movie fails. But I still give it a few stars for a having a good story.

The movie is an ordinary popcorn horror flick.

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Orphan (2009)
I could have died of a heart attack
29 August 2009
I don't have a heart disease and I felt that my heart was gonna stop, the movie is so heart pounding and intense I almost had a nervous breakdown that made my stomach feel strange. I was jumping I was trembling and how we puertoricans say "Se me fue el alma" (I lost my soul for a moment). I never expected this movie to be so good, I heard it was good but I got something so much better.

Also, I never thought the kids acting could be so great and convincing (especially Esther's). The story and the plot twist were so good, original and unique.

To me Esther's secret was spoiled before I went to see the movie (I wont do that), so I didn't think It would carry enough suspense for me, but it did anyway. If the secret had not been spoiled, I would have died of a heart attack with all tense. I have never seen a horror/thriller that could give me so many scares and heart stopping moments. I could not have wished for a better thriller.

It's a 10/10
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Shorts (2009)
A family film with good imagination
16 August 2009
OK, so I do not like movies like this. But I have to say that this movie was kinda fun, and it had an original plot that is something that kids really want to see. Good clean comedy comes out of this movie every once and a while. A good laugh can be expected from this film. I gotta say that the creator had a really good imagination when making this movie, he really knows what kids would really wish for. The kids acting was fair. On the other hand the adults become a little stupid. The special effects looked a little cheap. And sometimes the imaginative stuff goes a little to far. But I only recommend it for kids 9 and younger. They are sure to enjoy this film and have a thrill. But teens and adults may find this movie to be not so good, because since its meant to be only for kids, people over the age of 13 might find this movie to be way too childish. But it is somewhat fun. This is an ordinary family/kids movie which is slightly a little good as any other.
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iCarly (2007–2012)
Surprisingly good
15 August 2009
OK, Nickelodeon has released many comedy shows that I don't think should even have the comedy tag, like Zoey 101, Naked Bothers Band and True Jackson VP, those show are terrible. Yet, iCarly manages to make me laugh.

First it was the show All That, then The Amanda Show, next Drake and Josh and now iCarly. All these shows are funny and good for the entire family, the reason is that all these show are created and directed by Dan Schneider. Dan Schneider is an awesome mastermind for kids comedy. Dan also did a awesome job in "What I like about you".

The iCarly show starts Miranda Cosgrove a very appealing girl who makes a good job when working on comedy. Jenette McCurdy and Nathan Kress have made cameo appearances on many shows but they are stars in this show, their future looks bright. The show iCarly sometimes doesn't make me laugh, at times it gets a little boring, sometimes I get a good laugh and sometimes I run out of breath when laughing, and mostly its really entertaining.

Lucas (the one who plays Fred on youtube) made a guest star appearance on one episode, I don't find Fred to be funny, but when the show is directed by a mastermind like Dan Schneider, you can expect great laughs. Also on many times there is a moral in the episodes, parents I recommend that your kids watch this show.
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Thrilling, heart pumping, but not the best movie
9 August 2009
For people who want to see a good action-thriller, G.I.Joe delivers a great non-stop thrill ride from start to finish. Different fighting styles, futuristic weapons, make this action packed movie a success. I looked for action in this movie and I found more than I expected, the special effects were very awesome. On the other hand, the movie could have been better. The plot of the movie was somewhat very simple, the script needed a lot of professional editing, also the acting was convincing but this could have been better. The critics gave this movie bad reviews, but I don't understand critics anymore, they give good movies bad reviews for no reason. But for those people who want a decent action movie with unique qualities, G.I.Joe becomes a real American hero for them.
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