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A Fun Ride! - Must see in 3D
6 November 2009
A Christmas Carol was very entertaining and the animation was superb. You must see it in 3D! However, kids who go and see this movie probably won't understand the majority of the dialogue and will probably get lost. It has a lot of adult situations and the accents are pretty thick as well. Also, don't let the PG rating fool you. It's actually quite mature and in my opinion it's more suited for adults than kids as far as the dialogue and story goes. I think both kids and adults will love the animation and have a lot of fun - especially in 3D! Unfortunately, that might be the only thing the kids will like...Nonetheless, it's a great film and it's definitely Oscar worthy for the animation. I'll definitely be seeing it again in theaters and in 3D!
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Bolt (2008)
The BEST Disney movie since "The Incredibles."
10 January 2009
This movie was so much fun to watch! It was like "Toy Story" meets "The Incredibles." I absolutely loved this film and it kept me laughing and throughly entertained from beginning to end. I can say that without a shadow of a doubt, in my opinion, "Bolt" is Disney's best animated film since "The Incredibles." The plot was original, the characters were entertaining and funny (especially the hamster), the action scenes and the overall animation was phenomenal, and the movie was just a fun ride. I would recommend this film to people of all ages. It's one of those movies where parents can take their kid(s) to see and they'll both be entertained. If you have kids or you just love Disney movies then you should definitely go see it.
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The Wrestler (2008)
Mickey Rourke's Oscar ticket
8 January 2009
As a wrestling fan, I was extremely anxious and excited to see this film after reading nothing but great reviews about Mickey Rourke's performance and the film itself. After viewing it, I thought the movie was just a tad overrated, but I thought Mickey Rourke's performance was just absolutely phenomenal. His portrayal as an old, broken down, has-been, barely able to get by pro wrestling veteran was Oscar worthy. The best way that I can describe this movie is "Rocky Balboa" (the new one) meets "Leaving Las Vegas" (minus the alcohol). When you watch this movie, you just feel like climbing through the screen and giving Rourke a big hug. Yes ladies and gentleman, he was that good.
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