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A Love (2007)
Took my breath away
3 March 2015
Although called: A Love, the movie itself has just enough splash of romance to not come off as a full blown movie in that genre. I would classify it as an action crime drama.

I don't often write reviews right after movies unless they touch me that much, but the story, pacing, and characters inspired me to. Go watch this if you have the chance

The good

  • Amazing acting - Emotional - Terrific score - Believable - Shakespearean in a sense - Great characters and portrayal of drama

The Bad

  • Would have benefited a tiny bit more but not that much off a bigger budget
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The Den (2013)
Great Found Footage 7.5/10
16 April 2014
Quick note: This rating is based on a found footage scale. Noroi being a 10 and something like the last broadcast or something really atrocious being a 1.

The storytelling as a whole was believable for the most part. It was a touch far fetched at some moments but still not enough to ruin it for me.

Acting was all good too. No really bad or cheesy acting. The main chick in it is really hot so that's a plus!

The intensity and scares were all there, I think I jumped once or twice. The story begins to unfold and get a little crazy when there's about 20- 25 minutes left. The ending is pretty solid too and definitely thought provoking if you're knowledgeable on the subject matter it touches on at the end of the movie.

While it won't touch the brilliance of some found footage like say: Grave Encounters, rec, Noroi, etc it's a great film in terms of social media and stalking
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Afflicted (2013)
Top Notch Shaky Camera Horror Movie Right
14 April 2014
The film follows 2 best friends who want to take a trip around the world. One has a bad disorder that could become life threatening so he wants to see the world in case the bad happens. The friend who has the disorder has an "accident" during the trip and things begin to change.

I thought the pacing and intensity of the movie was very well done, same with the acting and effects, it all seemed very REALISTIC too which is rare for these kinds of movies in that they often suffer from poor budgeting in the effects area.

Many times I felt very unsettled and had to see what was gonna happen next. Not scared to the point that I had to turn it off, but more so just unsure of what was going to happen and it glued me to the screen. It had my heart racing at various points

Side Note: I love it when people down vote movies like this because its a "shaky home movie". Here's a tip: Don't WATCH THOSE KINDS THEN. I love these kind of movies because they keep it more realistic and believable. I found both qualities to be astounding.

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V/H/S/2 (2013)
Towers Above The First With Harrowing Stories & Imagery 9.5/10
7 June 2013
I don't often hand out high ranks to found footage movies unless I really was impressed and to say I am impressed is an understatement. This film is nothing short of a treat to horror audiences everywhere

I'm going to briefly review each title with 0 spoilers, a quick synopsis, and why it was good or bad.

Tape 47: This is the generalized tape that leads the investigators to the house, They're searching for a boy gone missing. I thought it was a much needed improvement over the first generalized tape in V/H/S. I'll leave it at that and say that the end result of their journey to this house leaves the audience to decide what happened

Clinical Trials: 7.5/10 This is about a man who gets a cybernetic eye attached to his eye but its on a trial period because it is new technology. He begins to experience strange hallucinations and other weird things that happen to him. Overall this one was the weakest link of them all for me, The effects though and scares were excellent but the whole story to this one just didn't seem to fit too much. It was still highly enjoyable though.

A Ride In The Park: 9.5/10 LOVED this one and probably one of my new favourite zombie shorts ever. The synopsis: A man riding his bike that becomes infected from some campers. The camera on his bike helmet slowly unfolds the chronology of what happens after he is infected and how the plague spreads. MAN if they could do this idea in a big city or it was so well executed, the effects, acting, and how it developed had me glued to the screen.

Sacred Haven: 9.7/10 This was about a documentary crew that sets out to film a religious place that supposedly involves a lot of controversy. The guy that directed the segment "L is for Libido" in ABC's of Death did this one and that segment in that other movie was the best of the alphabet so I was amped about this one. This one probably had the strongest story of the bunch and was probably my favourite. It was scary, disturbing, yet insanely intense at the same time. As this one unfolds it gets quite unsettling very fast

Slumber Party Alien Abduction: 8/10 Well the synopsis for this one is pretty much in the title. I felt like they could have approached this one in a different manner but it still really impressed me. You'll get a few chuckles out of the story in the beginning in this one. You'll also get a few hints along the way before the storm hits that something very bad is going to happen. This one felt really disturbing at the end but it was extremely well done. My only qualms with it was I felt that they shouldn't have jumped to the action so quickly and built it up more gradually instead. STILL very good though

Final Thoughts: This film is a huge tribute to horror fans everywhere and is top notch quality. I really hope this film takes off and more people see it because it is just too good not to see in my opinion, ESPECIALLY if you love horror and hand held footage. I feel extremely satisfied and very grateful that the directors made this piece of artwork for us to all enjoy.
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Highly Recommended Horror From Turkey!
14 May 2013
This is a movie in the "found footage" sub-genre of horror or "hand camera" sub-genre horror. Whatever you're more familiar with.

Anyhow, this is about a young family living in rural Turkey. The Husband starts to document his Wife who has begun sleep walking. They decided to do this because it was dangerous for her and she didn't want to go be hospitalized to be examined for it. The periods in which they occur become more strange as the movie progresses as they involve spiritual healers and other seers to try and resolve the problem.

For the sub-genre I was definitely very scared at parts. I like that it worked on creating a tense and scary atmosphere instead of solely jump scenes. I've seen my fair share of the sub-genre from movies like Rec, Noroi, Evidence, etc. This movie you can tell was very influenced by the Paranormal Activity movies but it adds some originality from its influence as well as style. However the setting and tone seems much more darker then those ones and more cultured and less American. Which work in its favour and also slightly against its favour too.

The acting was great, no characters were annoying, perhaps a bit too much emphasis on the screaming at parts but what horror movie doesn't have that? The effects at some parts weren't as sharp as other found footage movies. However they were still above average for this genre as I've seen some TERRIBLE found footage movies with BAD special effects and for what this had sure it could have been better but it still wasn't that bad. It was its weakest point though.

The story while not groundbreaking had enough substance to keep me interested throughout the whole movie and not make me lose focus for the most part. The plot could have developed a bit more faster in the beginning but it was still done with enough pace that it didn't bother me too much. I actually really enjoyed the props and occult props and story ideas that were implemented

In short: If you use the correct formula with lights out, loud noise, big TV you'll be scared for sure and have a good time with this one. Just don't sabotage it by watching it in the day though.
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A Couple Steps Behind Its Predecessor But Still Greatly Enjoyable Though
3 October 2012
Grave Encounters 2 does what it's set out to do. Scare you and frighten you. However the quantity and quality of what scares you seems to have gone down from the first film.

The Good: Very solid plot build up and great connection to the first film, characters were realistic, the scares were good, the same haunting anticipation was there in the first, great atmosphere, originality, A good mind boggle.

The Bad: Not NEARLY as scary as the first, it does well but doesn't hold a light to the first one in my opinion. Not directed by "The Vicious Brothers", The intensity just not there in comparison to the first unfortunately. The film clearly tries too hard to connect to the first I found, a good mind boggle. I mention that as a positive but I also feel it works against its effective atmosphere in comparison to the first one.

My Criticism: I believe if they worked more on making the film terrify you then trying to establish the story and connect the dots to the first one it would have come out way more sharp. The vicious brothers don't need said director who did this film to direct it since they did so well with the first one. It is that way in which I personally believe it fell short of the original. HOWEVER it is still greatly entertaining horror that should make you feel scared at a few parts for sure!

The Verdict: Still a great sequel worthy of your time and will give you some good scares. Just don't expect to be as tense and as terrified as you probably were with the first. Very solid 7.5/10
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Evidence (III) (2012)
Rec Meets the Woods & Camping Gone Wrong 7.5/10
3 March 2012
This movie is about a young adult, his girlfriend, his best friend and his girlfriend or friend and their camping trip and his expedition to film an experimental documentary on his best friend. He appears to be an aspiring film maker.

Needless to say we all know that this camping trip goes horribly wrong and its a "found footage" type scenario like Blairwitch, rec, Noroi, grave encounters etc. These are my favourite horrors because they put you in the eye of the beholder and feel more realistic. Other's don't like them for this reason for shaking/motion sickness etc.

Bottom line though, this movie isn't one of those creepy ghost like horror atmospheres of a horror movie. It's a lot like how rec was where it makes you feel very tense and the film itself is intense. It's that kind of horror movie if that makes sense.


The story itself seemed pretty standard, then had a twist to something else that was even more standard. However the delivery of it was very solid I thought. I have seen a lot of very bad attempts at doing found footage. I won't bother doing a list of bad ones but I personally thought this did a very good job on its delivery of the story. Some people might be confused by it but I won't say anything else other then I understood it perfectly for the most part.

Next off I'll address the acting. I have also seen horrible acting in movies like these but to my surprise all the actors/actresses were very believable and played well. The main character the one filming was only slightly annoying at parts and whiny but that is how someone COULD act in that situation so its all good. Even the brief actors that came through were great.

The scenes and locations they go to are very well done too which create a nice blanket of suspense the whole time.

Great sounds, effects, and general noises too. All awesome.


Some elements of the story while I understood most of it as mentioned prior, were still rather confusing and it felt partially like an incomplete "What the..." kind of moment near the end. A summary of what happened would have added another point onto this in my opinion.

Too much flashy camera break ups throughout the movie and near the end spoil a lot of what could have added more scary factors onto it. I know this adds more realism but if you were to see what actually happens during those times it would be much scarier in my opinion.


Strongly worth watching if you're into the genre of "found footage". Not groundbreaking like Noroi, rec, or others.

Don't go in with high expectations if you hate the genre. Trust me there's MUCH worse out there. It is still a good watch.
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Great Exorcism Movie, Not the Best but Still Great
5 January 2012
First and foremost I will say that this is a mockumentary type movie. A mockumentary is the kind of movie where they make it seem like a documentary but it's fake. I like them because they seem more real, This one includes interviews, hand-camera shots etc. I'll say it right now and that is if you don't like blair witch style movies and those fake documentary style movies then this probably isn't for you.

The movie itself is about a woman who discovered her mother was involved in an exorcism and was shipped out to Rome, Italy afterward and she goes to discover why and look for some answers.

Things all go downhill for her from there.

The movie's acting and story are great I had no issues whatsoever with it there. You could tell it seems a tad amateurish in terms of their acting at times but I still thought everyone did well in it.

The story and scary scenes were all great, I've seen a number of these styles of movies, Quite a lot more then the average watcher and this one while it won't give me nightmares at night it still delivered a few very solid and tense scenes. I was a bit let down by the ending though and that was my only issue I had with the whole film.

The make-up and dialogue were all very good too and at times during some of the exorcisms it almost reminded me a little bit of the original exorcism which you can tell the film makers had a lot of influence from that.

My only qualms against this movie were that there could have been more scary scenes and I wished for a better ending. That said though the scary scenes that were there were very nicely done!

I have a feeling this movie will get a lot of hate because of its mockumentary style of filming which is not very Hollywood like of horror movies so I feel a lot of people will dislike it for that but if you're in the mood for a horror that's got a dark realistic tone to it then by all means give it a go and you shouldn't be disappointed.
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Exorcismus (2010)
Pretty average...few good scenes but that's it
26 October 2011
This film is about a girl who gets possessed by an evil spirit and weird things start happening: the usual exorcism story line formula.

The presentation of this setting for an exorcism movie though was extremely flawed at some parts though and the first half hour of the movie honestly bored me and felt cheesy at times

The next half an hour of the movie was the best part of it though, good raw exorcism takes and good demon possession acting made me anticipate more.

However the next half an hour the story took a bit of a twist and left me feeling kinda dry and disappointed.

Put it this way, if you like exorcism movies check it out...but don't think you'll be watching an amazing new horror movie cause this is not it. If the movie stuck to the pure original exorcism style movie without trying to be different it probably would have been much better.
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The Tapes (2011)
Slightly Above Average Found Footage Horror
22 October 2011
Let's keep it simple here. Found footage horror is my favorite sub-genre of horror and i've seen quite a bit of them.

This one here in short without spoilers is "trespassing gone wrong". The characters, acting etc are all good no problems there. Mostly in the "not enough scares" part that this kind of lacked for me personally.

However it is still worth watching in my opinion just don't get your hopes too high for it. I mostly would recommend it if you ran out of this sub-genre to watch and needed another one to tide you over until you see the next paranormal activity or something like that.

Last 15 minutes of the movie are where its at and with a short run time which is the way these movies should be. You don't got much to lose so give it a go.

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Shirome (2010)
Good attempt, but doesn't touch the brilliance of Noroi
5 October 2011
Shirome is about a group of girls that are in a pop group and their manager decides for more publicity that they should film them going to a school that supposedly has evil spirits and has killed numerous people who have visited there.

The documentary side of this is great however I was honestly a bit let down by some of the scares, however it does have a lot of tense moments where you're wondering what will happen next. No issues with the acting either it was all great as well.

Those coming to this title after witnessing the magnificence of Noroi however will be strongly disappointed like I was. I can't really recommend this to anyone for that reason because the scare scenes are honestly kind of weak and the film stinks of low budget which isn't a bad thing but not a good thing in the case of this film.

This is only worth watching if you're a hardcore hand-camera horror type person or staged documentary types. To the average horror movie watcher you will probably hate this movie. I won't watch it again but i'll recommend it to others who love the genre cause maybe they will find something they like in it.
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Atrocious (2010)
Screw the haters this was great, Spain proves they're strong with hand-camera horrors
26 September 2011
First off to the reviewer complaining that it was too long the whole thing was an hour and 10 minutes! Have some patience It's one of the shortest movies i've ever watched!

This movie is about a family that owns a house out in the countryside of Spain. There is a legend involving the maze that is attached to their house. However the kids who are curious types are forbidden from their father from going in there.

Being a huge fan of hand camera horrors I was eager to discover this little gem. It's short and to the point before you know it. I have seen various ones such as Noroi, rec, etc, i am a veteran in this vein so take it from me it's good!

The thing I liked the most about it was it was very realistic feeling and very intense and creepy and at one point when they're in the woods I checked how much time was left on the movie cause i was anticipating a scare in one scene and I rarely do that with movies unless they're scary

Bottom line is, if you like hand camera horrors, realistic scenes and tense feelings with goose bumps watch this now and enjoy it! you won't be disappointed.

People on IMDb tend to rate hand camera horrors really low for some reason but I think most people that review and hate on them don't actually like that "genre"

To create a great environment for this type of movie: turn the lights out, watch on a big screen, and by yourself its only 70 minutes who cares if you're alone. I guarantee you if you set that formula up for yourself you'll be wide awake after like I am.
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How I wish I could have lived there during that time
4 December 2009
This documentary goes into the year 1977 of new york city and what had happened and why it was the coolest year in hell...obviously :).

It goes into the whole hip hop and punk scene emerging and starting, block parties, The black out that happened, Clubs that originated, Gay rights movements, Politics that had happened that year. Many things are covered in this documentary in that year.

I thought it was quite an inspiration to see some of hip hop and punks roots and even more inspiring to see afrika bambaata invite all the punk rockers to party with all the hip hop people. Any punk rocker and hip hop head should watch this documentary for those reasons alone and learn its the music that unites the people cause it did back then.

Even the clubs originations are really cool to learn about and makes ya really envious that you wish you had lived there in that time. Swinger bars full of orgies, cocaine, buffets. Wow what a party scene it was back then....Hugely inspired after watching so many cultural things inspire from that city. Some good and some bad but what is life without balance of both. Highly recommended

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Not a Typical Gangster flick
26 October 2009
First off don't watch this if you're expecting a high action gangster movie with a fast pace.

It's more of a drama with little bits of action in it. But still a touching movie with very strong character development. You start to grow an attachment to some of the characters in it because it is very well done in that sense. It is worth seeing for that reason alone. Not to mention it also has some funny scenes as well.

The only thing it really lacked was an original plot. It has been done before but I still quite liked the movie although nothing spectacular.

I like Korean gangster movies because they are more emotionally involving and this one was for sure so check it out just don't get it expecting lots of action, blood etc but also don't fret because there is some in it.

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Coming Soon (2008)
Pretty original horror movie with some pretty decent scares
24 March 2009
Coming soon is about a guy who works at a theater who makes a side living off of pirating movies. He starts to pirate a horror movie that just came out and weird things starts happening in his life.

You later find out why it starts to happen to him. I Don't wanna spoil it by saying why it happens. Although the surprise and reason is pretty cool All in all it was pretty original and well done the idea is definitely not something i think has been done in a horror movie before which is why it is definitely worth watching. Some pretty well done scares happen in this one and with the movie not being overly long and straight to the point and not dragged out only adds to why its great.

Although not a groundbreaking and revolutionary scary movie it stands out to me as a solid well done horror movie that should scare the average movie watcher pretty well. Definitely worth checking out
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