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A Humorous Look at How the Sausage is Made
17 May 2022
You really should be able to judge a movie on its budget, at least to a certain degree, and although I couldn't find any financial information regarding this film, I'd guess that they could have made a few dozen gems like Competencia Oficial for what they spent on one pointless superhero movie. What did we get for this modest film that was mostly three actors literally putting on an acting clinic? First of all, I found it to be wildly entertaining at every turn. It's also a film worthy of the time of an educated adult--something that doesn't come around often these days.

This had three wonderful actors and a script, that while not original, was fun and interesting. I laughed at loud at many points in the narrative as the eccentricities of three larger-than-life personalities clash during the embryonic stages in the production of a film.* Purposefully pretentious at several points as the directors mock their own industry and the "creative" energies that go into making a movie.

I can't believe how few reviews there are for this fine movie, while a overrated dog like Licorice Pizza has 685, a mind-numbingly boring and pointless film that was slobbered over by critics...and had a big budget for some reason.

*This is where the film goes off the rails at times. They run a few of these eccentricities into the ground a bit. At 1h54m, it's a full thirty minutes too long, a fault that is almost unpardonable. Why have movies become so bloated these days? I notice this so much in recent years with streaming services carrying the bulk of movie traffic. Even if I'm watching a movie in the comfort of my own home, don't bore me with excess footage that should have been left on the floor of the editing room, or however the cut movies these days. Or do they even edit movies anymore and just let directors leave in every frame of film they shoot?
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I Love That for You (2022– )
I Hope it Gets Better than This
2 May 2022
Nope, it gets awfuller, cringier, and less watchable. They seem to be doubling down on painful and awkward, both not good qualities in anything, and especially not in a comedy.

Some of the secondary roles are well done, mostly those of her Machiavellian coworkers, namely Darcy, the PA to the boss (who is also great), and Beth Ann, the antagonist to the new girl.

As far as the "humor" goes, it's just awkward situations with one falling down gag that we saw WAY before it happened. Was that intended to make it funnier? It didn't. It was an I Love Lucy gag and I Love Lucy wasn't funny sixty years ago. About the only part I found clever is how they gauge sales on the graph which translates into how much the audience likes the on-air sales rep. This allowed us to actually see that she was finally breaking through.

I like the actress, although she looks like a set of novelty shop fake teeth next to a department store mannequin.

She fakes that she has cancer to win over viewers, but she should just stick with "Idiot" as her handicap. She has no funny lines and relies completely on acting like a complete idiot for humor, if you can call it that, and I don't. The stage direction must have been something like, "I need you to act so incredibly awkward and stupid that it will make viewers embarrassed to be watching. Can you do that?"
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The Offer (2022)
Life Imitating Art Imitating Life...or Is it the Other Way Around?
28 April 2022
After a single episode, I was all in. It's the perfect mix of great acting, good story, and a fun script. I was dubious about this when I saw the trailer, but my doubts were gone almost from the beginning of episode one. The movie was larger than life, so a series about how the film came to be was definitely worth a shot.

I may come back and change this initial euphoria, but for now, this is one of the best things I've seen in a long while. I mean, come on! It's a series about the making of the most epic gangster movie and one of the best films ever made, and it has gangsters in it. What more could anyone want?

The scenes with Coppola and Mario Puzo are genius. They both make the process of writing look exciting, positively thrilling like I've never seen before.

One complaint, and it's major. There are WAY too many scenes shot in almost complete darkness. I am so fed up with this technique and for the life of me, I don't understand why directors think shooting in the dark is so cool. Just about every scene is shot in candlelight, an unlit room with light shining through a curtained window, a club or office as dark as a cave with visibility at about ten feet. If there is daylight, it's only to show characters walking into ill-lit rooms, or shadows playing a prominent role. Puzo and his wife sit in a dark kitchen. Couldn't he pay the electric bill? Turn on a light!

When Puzo sees the line at the bookstore the lighting was so bad that I could barely see anyone. Wasn't the whole point of the scene to show a mob? It was like people hiding in the dark. Why was this scene at night? It was a book signing. You can sign a book during the daylight hours and viewers might be able to see something instead of squinting at the screen.

If it were available, I would have watched the entire series in one night. This could be the best thing ever on TV. I almost want to tell viewers to wait until it's all available before beginning the series so as not to have the anguish of waiting for the next installment in what could be the best TV series ever-no kidding

If you would have told me beforehand that Giovani Ribisi plays Joe Colombo, I would have laughed, or at least been a bit skeptical. He's a stroke of pure brilliance in a series that is loaded with talent and great performances. I had a difficult time recognizing many of the actors because they were so far from anything they'd done before.

Another complaint I have is that we have to wait around until the end of June to see this through to the conclusion. I want it now! This reminds me of a true story. Back in about 1989, a group of friends were sitting in my living room ready to go out for the night when The Godfather came on the TV on some network station. We all promised that we'd go out after watching a few scenes. I mean, we'd all seen it a million times already. Well over an hour later, when Michael goes into the bathroom and comes out with the pistol, there was a message on the screen: To Be Continued Tomorrow.

We all said to heck with that, and someone went out to the video store to rent a copy so we could finish watching it for the 1,000,001 time. I don't remember what happened after that, but we probably went out to a bar and talked about the movie for the millionth time. The moral to this story is don't jerk people around by making them wait. Just hand over the product like they do at Netflix.
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The Little Girl From "The Bad Seed"* Grows Up
25 April 2022
This series deserves my rating of 7 simply because it is very dark (and by "dark" I mean noir and not poorly lit), something Hollywood rarely wants to touch with a ten-foot pole. They aren't afraid of violence, not even a little, but it's mostly of the cartoonish variety like John Wick of superhero doggerel in which there are no consequences for the actions. They will show brains painting walls that would put Jackson Pollock to shame, but dark and noir scare the crap out of most film makers. That's too edgy, to emotional so better just stick to over-the-top Road Runner cartoon violence so as not to upset anyone.

I would rate this even higher if they hadn't thrown a monkey wrench into the pacing in the middle episodes with a few inexplicable music videos which completely deflated the tension they had built in the beginning.

*The Bad Seed 1956 knew a lot about being dark. Totally creeped me out when I watched it when I was ten or eleven.
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Great Series, Great Narrator
24 April 2022
This is totally worth checking out. In fact, just leave it on your screen whenever you are in the room just to fill your life with some spectacular images.
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Agent Game (2022)
Can Someone Please Turn on the Lights?
22 April 2022
I couldn't even see what was going on most of the time since the director chose not to use any lighting. Please stop shooting scenes without light.

If you haven't taken notice already, there is a growing trend in new films: the blacked-out screen. More and more I see directors shooting so many scenes in almost complete darkness when you can only see about five percent of the screen if you are lucky. There can barely be any other color when black paints so much of the screen. If they don't want images in the film, maybe they'd be more comfortable in radio?
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The Batman (2022)
Pure Preadolescent Piffle
19 April 2022
2h56m Ugh, another movie that thinks it's an epic. News alert: The Batman ain't an epic, it's just too long. Another thing this movie isn't: entertainment fit for an adult mind. How many more batboy movies are there going to be? The comics were written for pre-teen boys, so why has this childish myth held on so long? Nothing new has been added to the story of batboy. And sorry folks, calling it "The Batman" adds nothing new.

So much of the film is shot in the dark that I'd estimate that about forty percent of the color in the movie is black, meaning you can't see much. I see this so much in films these days and I just don't get it. If you aren't comfortable with images, maybe these directors would be happier working in radio. There are also scenes in which we are looking through windows and can't really see very well. I don't get it. It's like they used a camera from about 1910.

The violence is completely ridiculous starting from the first scene in the subway. There is no explanation for the group of thugs ganging up on the guy leaving the train. Batboy shows up and beats them senseless, although I'm not completely sure because it was too dark to see much.

You can't even see what his car looks like despite the fact that there is a five-minute car chase scene in which a fat guy in a normal car evades batboy for most of it. One of the worst car chase scenes in movie history even though it probably cost more to film than the entire budgets of most movies made last year.
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Lifestyles of the Rich and Vapid
12 April 2022
Look at me, everyone. I'm rich. Want to see the house that I spent millions to Tuscany?

I really don't. She is annoying enough cooking food, so watching her flaunt the money she's made on an annoying show to launch another TV show is about the bottom rung of entertainment for me. No real insights about life in Italy, at least none that I saw. I gave it a chance just because it's in Italy. That wasn't enough, not nearly enough to get me through even one episode.

I think that it would be infinitely more interesting to watch people move to some small village in Europe and make by on what normal people earn in a year. Walk us through what life is like for the average person. Why do we worship the wealthy?
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The Alpinist (2021)
Lived, Died on His Own Terms
7 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This doesn't mean I should admire this. Living life to the fullest? I'd hardly call dying at 25 as living life to the fullest, especially when he had total control over the circumstances that led to his demise.

Sympathy or empathy shouldn't be expected when you choose such an incredibly dangerous hobby,
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Deserves a Better Rating
5 April 2022
The makers of this film tried to take the high road, and they did for the most part. Unfortunately, most viewers were looking for a non-stop action thriller instead of a story which got mired in the mud on that high road. They could have met the public at least halfway by pumping a bit of action into the first thirty minutes that were as slow as a funeral...and there was a funeral.

There was a lot of politics in this about out newly privatized military and the dangers of allowing these contractors to venture into territory that was once the reserve of our military or CIA, both of which are under government scrutiny (in theory, at least). They even called out Eric Prince by name.

It was an interesting story that needed some help in the beginning so as not to lose viewers. The ending was just a little too cliche and it would have taken very little to make it a lot more interesting and original.
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CODA (2021)
A Remake of a French Film, and Glee Had Better Musical Numbers
3 April 2022
Best Movie of the Year? This just shows you that no one should pay attention to the Academy Awards as they have no clue about movies, but then again, there were a lot of terrible movies in 2021.

This movie was sweet, but predictable as can be. The French version is sweeter and better if you are looking for something to watch. I just can't get over that they gave the best picture award to a film that was almost a frame-by-frame copy of another movie in another language.

Eugenio Derbez was awesome as the music teacher, but he was riffing off the original version, too, as that film had a great character to follow. Derbez is a great comedic actor and proves it in this movie.

I'm not sure, but I'm almost positive that you can't start singing during your last year of high school and then win a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, and certainly not by doing just an OK rendition of Both Side Now, but in Hollywood, anything is possible. Pretty weak singing numbers, and as I said, Glee did it better.
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An Utter Failure of America's Military Elite
28 March 2022
One criticism I have for this series is that Burns barely went after the American military establishment. All of the military's sickening metrics on gauging progress in Viet Nam should have led to the firing of every general at the Pentagon. Body counts and kill ratios? They were all either stupid or insane, and then they turned around and did the same thing in Afghanistan and Iraq. They never had any idea of what "winning" would have looked like, probably because that was impossible, short of total genocide.

Look at any of the images of war and explain to me how this is going to accomplish any sort of objective except annihilating the enemy. Then what? Maybe in WWII that was an almost realistic objective, but Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and every place else our military has wreaked havoc has shown that we can't kill our way out of a problem. Yet the American people were totally onboard for both Iraq and Afghanistan. It's like we have no memory.

"...I had certain responsibilities, and the largest part of those responsibilities is standing up to your government and saying "no" when it's doing something that you think is not in this nation's best interest. That is the most important job that every citizen has." -John Musgrave

I grew up with the Vietnam War playing constantly in the foreground. Even as a child, it seemed insane and without purpose. As I grew older and more aware, I realized that it was insane and purposeless.

This series will stand as the definitive video series of this war. I only hope that future generations can learn from our past mistakes, but this has already proven to e folly. We invaded Iraq with something over seventy percent of Americans agreeing with it. Burns did a good job of pulling at heart strings, but didn't go far enough on educating the American public on the enormous responsibility of war. We have handled it much too casually over the decades, never really considering the horrible toll of war.
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Prohibition (2011)
Fanatics in Action
24 March 2022
The world's worst historians are those who rely on anecdotal accounts. Right out of the starting gates, one "historian" relied upon in this series is Catherine Gilbert Murdock who comes across as a bad impersonation of Dana Carvey's church lady. "My great grandmother remembers as a child walking the streets of Philadelphia and crossing the streets so she wouldn't have to cross in front of a saloon because it was so scary...because that was the face of alcohol consumption." Really? There was no other aspect to alcohol beyond your great grand-mother's childhood shady remembrances?

The entire temperance movement seems spurred by spinster religious fanatics with unhappy home lives, buzz-kill bores who hated the fact that anyone else may have actually been out there enjoying life.
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The War (2007)
A Proud Moment In U.S. History Captured Here
24 March 2022
It is true that this series contributes very little new material about WWII, but as it aired some sixty-two years after the war's end, new isn't really a priority, something Burns obviously was aware of and so went for a different approach of showing the war's impact on a few communities around the United States, trying to individualize the mass slaughter and anguish. Burns is very hit and miss as far as pulling off this lofty objective.

Some of the voices in the series worked, and other didn't work for me. Burns made a point of not showing interviews with war historians in this series, but why use people again and again who had no knowledge of the war except her own anecdotal thoughts?

The letters home to his sisters and mother of Corado "Babe" Ciarlo were stoic and utterly heartbreaking since we know that he is one of those who never returned from the

Tom Hanks is the voice of a newspaper reporter in a small town in America who reported on the war's impact on the town and the young men who went to fight. This always hit home for me as Hanks read the reporter's dispatches while we see photographs of small-town America.

Paul Fussel from California was my absolute favorite voice in the series. He reminded me so much of all of the stoic and reticent veterans of WWII who were the fathers of my friends growing up, my own father included.

This series follows the emblematic style of Ken Burns with the use of great music, stark photographs examined at different perspectives, and a warm and well-written narration. It was really difficult for me to watch at times because the series is full of nothing but terrible stories, but history is always about the dead.

Gene Scheer's "American Anthem" weaves its way in and out of the series rising with Nora Jones's singing, and later it's there in the shadows as a piano solo in an ensemble arrangement.
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Deep Water (2022)
Slow, Boring, Frustrating, Dumb
20 March 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Kind of rich people (really rich before Reagan's tax cuts for the rich but just doing OK by billionaire standards of today), glamorous parties where everyone looks fab, a beautiful, talented wife he adores, and her string of boys she flaunts in front of him, like a cat that brings a dead mouse in the house just so you can see it, except hubby does the killing in this home.

Once again, from the very beginning I can tell this won't be good because of the runtime of 1h54m which is way too long for this genre of film. Period. 1h30m is what this should be, but because it's for streaming services, they feel they have different rules and just want to plug up more over the viewers time, like their building a dyke to hold in our collective free time. With the extra twenty-four minutes, maybe we can read a few pages of a good book with a much better story than this one, like the one Patricia Highsmith wrote upon which this movie is based.

How to shave off extra minute ideas:

  • fewer cute kid bits (and FYI, kids her age who do science experiments don't listen to "Old McDonald")

  • Less time showing how the beautiful people have a good time, because it looks really boring. Seriously, drinking games? Is this a frat house?

  • Cut out hubby looking at wife with malice in his eyes while she cuckolds him, which brings me to what I really didn't like about this movie.

Dude, just divorce her. The director really wasn't able to convince me why he would stay with her. In fact, he never even tried. Why didn't the wife leave him? It made no sense and was crucial to the story.

Ugh, another story of a rich guy talking to a cop when he really should know to keep his mouth shut. In this day and age, I hate stories where this happens. "I don't have anything to hide." Dude, even if you are completely innocent and have the Pope as an alibi, you never talk to the cops. Everyone knows that, except bad writers it seems. "Would you be willing to take a lie detector test?" he's asked, to which he answers, "Sure, get one."

And speaking of talking, the wife discusses fleeing to Brazil with her lover on the phone while her husband is steps away from her? Even for an unbelievably indiscreet woman, she has no discretion (he dead lover is barely in the ground, and she already has a new one with whom she plans to run away). And does she have to invite them all over to the house?

Why does Vic have to be wealthy and a chip maker for drones? This part has nothing to do with the story and should have been left out entirely. Who cares? Why bother telling us about his snail fetish? It just takes up time and tells us nothing. Cut thirty minutes out of this and it may have been tolerable. It wasn't tolerable and took me all day to watch as I cleaned, cooked, played piano, read a bit and never really caring enough to get to the end of this mess.

Can I ask film directors a personal question? Why do you guys shoot so many scenes in the dark where literally only about five percent of the screen is visible? Even if the scene is supposed to be at night, there's no need to make it so dark that nothing is discernible. If you don't want us to see images, maybe you should be working in radio.

This really isn't a criticism of the movie, but first we're in Louisiana and then he's out mountain biking? And even riding down a switchback, you can't catch a car on a bike. Just silly and stupid...and then for the stupidity coup de grace, there is a coyote and road runner finale with the guy driving off a Louisiana.
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The Grinder (2015–2016)
Is This Show Stupd? Well, What if it Wasn't?
11 March 2022
I can't believe this wasn't renewed for another season. With all of the garbage out there in movies and television, I can't believe this show didn't catch on. I thought it was a riot. His two kids were a scream and Rob Lowe was priceless. They often beat a joke beyond its capacity, but the characters were all a lot of fun.

Nick at Night had an advertisement when they ran the 60s comedy "Green Acres" that said, "It's not stupid; it's surreal." The Grinder has a lot in common with that old show in the sense that it's sort of an insane world and one character is stuck inside it, Fred Savage in "The Grinder" and the husband in "Green Acres."

The show has these I Love Lucy gags that they just needed to let go of and make it more about the silly characters. I sort of get why people wouldn't be on board with it.
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Cyrano (2021)
Why Was this a Musical?
10 March 2022
Why was this made into a musical when there isn't a melody to be heard? Forget about the fact that Peter Dinklage can't carry a tune in a bucket, nor are any of the other singers worth their salt.

At first glance, I thought this was an intriguing idea that could have possibly worked, but then I heard the first absurd musical number that sounded like people were just singing--or trying to sing--their lines of dialogue, but musical lyrics need to be better crafted than normal conversation. For a tale of a witty but flawed hero, there was no wit in the lyrics and the singing was even less charming.
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Pieces of Her (2022– )
Remove Your Brain Before Viewing this Series
6 March 2022
Just as the novel this is based upon was way too long, with eight episodes this series goes on seemingly forever. The story was convoluted and mostly stupid, so to stretch it out is just adding to the pain and suffering of viewers.

The first scene of violence doesn't make much sense, especially if you watch it in slow motion. The book dealt with this in an even dumber manner.

Just as in the book, the young girl is just too much of a bird brain to evoke any feelings from the audience, except a desire to scream at her for being such a complete idiot; an eleven-year-old child would have handled this situation better. Even with a stupid story, this could have been salvaged had this character been more interesting.
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A Day to Die (2022)
Even the Title Stinks
5 March 2022
There is no amount of bad acting, washed-up has-beens, pointless car chases, and poorly-choreographed shoot-outs that can save this story.

I don't know what crimes Bruce Willis has committed that force him to make these awful films, but can't he just pick up trash along the highway in an orange jumpsuit like other deadbeats?

If I were a Hollywood producer looking to hire writers, my first question to them would be how many books they have read in the last year. If that number is less than twenty or fifty, I'd excuse them and go on to the next candidates. The knuckleheads who wrote this trash probably do nothing more than watch movies and crappy TV every day so that everything they write sounds like everything you've already heard before.

Leave out Bruce Willis and give the money you save to a decent writer.
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Not Worth Your Time
24 February 2022
This was slow, and horrible, and stupid, and I kept wondering when to just throw in the towel. Do yourself a favor and pass on this. It never gets off the ground, never makes sense, and it definitely never approached a "worth watching" status.

It's amazing to me that people will invest so much money in a film project that is backed by such poor quality writing.
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Country Music (2019)
Country Music Education
21 February 2022
As they say over and over in this series, country music is all about the stories, and there are a thousand stories in this, not including those words contained in the photographs.

While I thoroughly enjoyed this series, here's what I don't like about country music: I don't find the melodies memorable, hooks are few and far between, and you can write a hit country song about dropping a piece of pizza sauce-side-down on floor. The last episode almost ruined the whole series for me when they spent an inordinate amount of time talking about the maudlin song about the woman with Alzheimer's and Garth Brooks, the frat boy of country.

I never liked country music much as a kid, but my generation couldn't help but grow up with country music as it was all over the radio and the radio was everywhere back then. We had Hee Haw on the TV, a show I didn't like but there was almost literally nothing else on the airwaves. It was a variety show with godawful jokes and country music, along with pretty girls in short shorts which appealed to me as a hormonal adolescent volcano. Then add to all that the fact that I had nothing better to do.

There are many, many brilliant moments in the series. Hearing once again about the death of a very young Hank Williams was a real gut punch.

Marty Stuart is a prominent voice narrating much of the story. I have to admit that I'd never heard of him but found his comments insightful and warm, like this one:

"The industry was truly built one handshake at a time, one autograph at a time. Ernest Tubb was one of those legendary examples. He would sit on the edge of the stage in folding chair and sign popcorn boxes till the very last soul was gone. The word was, 'Those people put us up here.'"

Mel Tillis charmed the hell out of me with his humor and talking about his stuttering problem that didn't interfere with his singing.

Roseanne Cash played too much of a role in this and I thought that she was inarticulate and not really enough of a star to be so vocal.

I'd never seen a photo of a very young Willie Nelson. What a shock!

Loretta Lynn's wonderful accent. "If write the truth and you're writin' the song, and you're writing, setting here writin' bout your life, it's gonna be country. It'll be country, cause you're writin' what's happening, and that's all a good song is."

I never noticed that Merle Haggard was such a handsome man. Dwight Yoakam trying to get through the lyrics of "Holding Things Together" without choking up was priceless.

I am always blown away to hear about studio musicians. My own limits as a musician are an insult to every limitation ever invented. "You call that a limitation? My limitations can kick your limitations' collective butts."

Of course, I'm no stranger to Dolly Parton and her music. She was an unavoidable force of nature when I was growing up, but the first words out of her mouth we hear in EP05 just about knocked the wind out of me. Mama Mia, can that woman can sing!

She was on TV as a child of ten. "I was on television before we ever owned one." How's that for a great story?

"Although I look like a drag queen's Christmas tree on the outside, I am, at heart, a simple country girl."

"I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes, because I'm not dumb, and I'm not blonde either."

Although I grew up with it and listened to countless hours of country on the radio and on the TV of my youth, I never embraced the style or the culture. I grew up lower-middle class, but there were no "ain'ts" or poor verb conjugations in my family's speech. That was the dividing line, at least for me as a kid. I was no fan of Elvis, either. What I take away from this series more than anything was just how much fun country music is to listen to, sing, and play. As I try to forge myself into some sort of musician late in life, I hope I can work some of this into my limited repertoire.
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Oscar Peterson: Simply the Best
19 February 2022
I'm neither young nor a jazz pianist, but this morning I made my way through a few of Oscar Peterson's songs he wrote for students called Exercises for the Young Jazz Pianist. Now that I think about it, I'm almost embarrassed to say I'm a pianist, but I love to play and his exercises have shaped not only what and how I play, but how I think about music and its infinite possibilities.

I dream that they'll invent a machine that would allow me to play piano like Oscar played it, even for just a few minutes. What must that be like? I'm not even talented enough to imagine that. Oscar says in this that when his dad had him listen to Art Tatum for the first time he asked, "Who are those two guys playing piano?" When his pop told him it was only one guy...and that he was blind, the distraught young Oscar stopped playing for two months. I know the felling, like every time I watch Oscar play it maked me want to throw my piano out my fourth floor window.
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Pursuit (2022)
Is John Cusack the New Nick Cage of Awful Movies?
19 February 2022
Warning: Spoilers
The first shootout in the hotel room is just bad, like really bad. Not just the filming, but the way it's choreographed is completely stupid. One guy has an AK47 shooting through the window while the guy inside hides under the bed. Huh? The rounds from that would penetrate the brick walls of the place, there is no hiding behind something. For added senseless mayhem, an innocent woman is shot in the back outside the room.

Then tattoo-boy who is too cool to be afraid yells out, "We're clear." No, you aren't clear. Money is flying up off of the bed in an attempt to stylize this intelligence-insulting scene. How does it rain up? Then tattoo-boy fired about ten rounds at the guy from pointblank and misses? That is some truly terrible shooting.

A ridiculous foot pursuit follows this with both men at a pace like they may or may not want to catch the bus that is passing by, but if they miss it, no biggie. The tattoo-boy takes a swan dive off of a stair balcony for no real reason, something that probably would have put him in a wheelchair for life which would have sped him up as he can't run. Another innocent citizen is shot in a shopping mall. In the aftermath, the cop who was shot literally just needs a band-aid. I don't think gunshots work like that. The round hit him square enough to knock him to the floor.

They have four writers on this thing and none of them can see that there is a typo in a headline of a news article shown onscreen: "Drug Lord Sentanced to Life in Prison." Now that is some quality film making.

The kid's like eight but only three candles on his birthday cake? So, the writers can't spell or count.

Ridiculously choreographed and pointless bar fight right out of The Dukes of Hazzard.

The funny thing, or perhaps the pathetic thing about this mess is that even worse than everything I've already written, the casting makes all that seem like Citizen Kane by comparison. It's like they didn't even do any casting and just had a raffle for the parts.
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Marry Me (2022)
I Think I Just Saw The Entire Movie in the Trailer
11 February 2022
Seriously, talk abut not leaving anything to your imagination. IMDb policy always asks if your review has spoilers. What is there left to spoil? Let me guess. They live happily ever after?

The premise is completely ridiculous, but the dumber the better, right? They say this was adapted from a graphic novel, but it seems more like it came from a bar napkin while Hollywood writers were "brainstorming" at happy hour.
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Reacher (2022– )
Cool Character Brought Down by Terrible Script
7 February 2022
It started off strong but and then devolved very quickly into not making much sense and loaded with incredible coincidences. I like the actors, but the story was just too farfetched for me. This whole idea of fictionalizing America as more violent and dangerous than any war zone is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It's like the writers were too bad or stupid to care about making any sense at all, or they don't care because viewers are too stupid to care. Whichever scenario this is, Reacher is as unbelievable and childish as any comic book adaptation, and I don't do comic book adaptations-I'm a grown man.

It's like the writers think that if they just throw in enough fights and shootouts that makes it good. It's like the guy can't walk by a group of three or more other dudes without beating them up. "He started it" is not a defense for manslaughter. Reacher would have about two dozen assault charges and four or five murder investigations pending against him. Reacher was a military cop for 20 years and he takes the law into his own hands every chance he gets? He must have been a lousy cop, like all of the yahoos shooting people for no good reason.

This wasn't good and seemed to be digging itself deeper into a pit of stupidity with every episode. Whenever they showed Reacher's prowess for deductive reasoning, it was just too much. "The moon was at first quarter that night and would have cast a shadow..." Too much.

I really wanted to like this series; I swear. I couldn't make it through even one of the books, although I started a few of them. Just sort of too preposterous for me, but I really liked the Reacher character, or at least aspects of him. I actually like the Tom Cruise version, but once again, the story was too much, too conspiratorial, too complicated, too stupid.

In this series, I thought all the actors were great. Reacher was good and size-appropriate for the book character. Roscoe was convincing. I really liked the chubby kid at the morgue. He was funny and his small role brought a lot to the show.
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