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Bus Stop (1956)
A horrible movie that doesn't hold up in 2014
12 April 2014
I had heard such great things about this movie so I was excited to watch tonight on TCM.

To my surprise it's one of the most dreadful movies I have ever sat through. Maybe this was a good movie in 1956 but today it's just laughable. Monroe was embarrassingly bad and Murray's character would be punched or shot if he acted that way in public (whether in 1956 or 2014) so it was totally unbelievable.

"Over-acting" would be a nice comment on this cast. Just horrible.

I really felt that I wasted two hours of my life watching this. I think people may be "reviewing" this movie from memory and not re-watching it to see how bad it actually is.
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Magic Mike (2012)
Really disappointing
13 July 2012
After reading several good reviews for this movie (on Rotten Tomatoes) I decided to see it with a couple of friends for a fun night out. We were really disappointed.

I can remember when "A Night in Heaven" came out in 1983 to awful reviews - however, this is pretty much the same movie without the frontal that many people in the theatre were hoping for.

Channing Tatum did what he does naturally - dance and strip. But this guy is a horrible actor.

P.S. Matthew McConaughey probably should have padded his g-string - there just wasn't like anything there.
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The Child (1977)
The worst acting in history
16 September 2011
I haven't seen a movie where the acting is bad as the job done in "The Child." This is truly an amateur production.

Overpoweringly bad music, scratchy sound, and horrible lighting. This feels like a college production movie. Any horror fan could guess what's about to happen and even what the characters are about to say.

It's unfortunate that the movie is really that bad - I was hoping it would at least be cheesy in a good way but with the script and these actors there's just no way for this one to be enjoyable.

Here's hoping people don't waste their time on this one. It's available for free on youtube - thankfully, I didn't have to even waste a netflix choice on it.
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Leave It to Beaver (1957–1963)
Thank you!
23 March 2011
A big thank you to everyone that worked on this show. I have very fond memories "Leave it to Beaver." Growing up in the early 1970's I watched reruns of this show on a local TV channel every afternoon. Beaver and Wally feel like best friends when you're a kid.

Even though I was growing up in the 70's the small neighborhood where I grew up felt as though it was still the 1950's and shows like this just added to a great childhood.

Great lessons for kids and families alike. I wish there were still shows like this today. Most would probably call shows like this "cheesy" but shows like this are what kids remember fondly into adulthood and emmulate actions of a show's characters. Beaver found himself in trouble but always found out truth is best.
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Sharon's Baby (1975)
The Devil Within Her
29 September 2010
Just saw this movie running on Fox Movie Classics and it was entitled "The Devil Within Her" Total campy fun.

Very 70's look and feel. Acting was passable by most of the group. It was a nice surprise to see Donald Pleasance as the Doctor.

This could actually be re-done and made quiet scary given a good director and better actors.

It's definitely worth a late night watch on cable.

There was a lot of nudity (including Joan Collins) and bad wigs throughout. The opening scene of the baby's birth was really upsetting and violent (similar to the opening in It's Alive - another great horror flick from the 70's).
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Worst movie of 2009
10 August 2009
This has got to be the worst movie of 2009. It's a very unfunny movie with a script that's all over the place.

We watched this thinking it was a raunchy comedy that would be some fun entertainment - we were wrong completely. Bad acting, bad script, even and worse directing. I guess the scriptwriter(s) thought that by throwing in more "F" bombs that would make it funny - guess what Hollywood... the "F" word is over-used and is no longer funny or shocking. And, what was with the violent/bloody shooting at the end of the movie?

The characters are totally unlikeable.
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Fun and watchable...
30 July 2009
I watched "The Echelon Conspiracy" last night and found it to be a fun escapism movie. Much better than "Eagle Eye" however...

The casting was horrible. Lead actor, Shane West was just dreadful - and I have enjoyed his work in other roles. And, Edward Burns as a casino boss that's an ex-FBI agent - totally unbelievable. His wimpy little voice commands no authority in this role.

All in all, the movie was fun but I can definitely see why it did not get a big U.S. release since "Eagle Eye" is probably still in everyone's mind and the miscasting of actors for the most important roles didn't help either.
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Twilight (I) (2008)
26 May 2009
Boring! It took me three separate nights to watch the DVD of this stinker. I have not read the book - so, yes, I am missing that part of history before watching the movie.

Robert Pattinson has no camera appeal as an actor whatsoever. It was really hard to believe that the character of "Bella" would swoon over Edward so quickly. Did the movie leave out a lot from the book? I guess teenagers do fall in and out of love quickly. I felt nothing for the characters and the director did not "pull me" into the story. I watched it from a real distance on a personal level.

I thought the acting was horrible. It was worse than "The Haunting of Molly Hartley" and I thought that was one of the worst movies of the year until seeing the mess that Twilight is.
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A real yawner with no scares...
26 May 2009
This movie was a real yawner with no scares. The script and plot are actually OK - parents give their daughter's soul up at 18 to have her live at birth. Nothing too new there but still could be a decent horror movie but...

The direction was just awful. The casting just as bad. The director didn't create any suspense, scares, or tense moments. Other than the first sequence ending in the truck crash there was reason to sit through this one.

The lead actress, Haley Bennett, sleep-walked through her role. Shanna Collins, as Alexis, did a decent job of being the religious-obsessed girl who tries to save Molly from her destiny. I certainly do not see a bright future for Haley Bennett as an actress or Mickey Liddell as a director.

The movie could be an atmospheric thriller given the right actors and directors - this current version is just a mess.
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It's a movie about stalking!
26 May 2009
This is a movie about stalking - this is coming from a guy's perspective. The Gigi character played by Ginnifer Goodwin would get any man to run in the opposite direction.

This movie seems to focus on the female character's need to either be married or pregnant and facing the tick-tock clock of life. I thought the characters in the movie were just sad. The cheating husband, the slutty girl that tempts him to cheat even though she knows he's married, the wife who's wanting to get pregnant before her bio-clock ticks zero, the stalker who no one wants a second date with, etc - geez!

It's no wonder why men bounce around from one girl to the next - watch this movie and find out the answers. It's a hard look at why men lose interest - I think this is one of the two reasons to endure this flick. The other, Drew Barrymore's character seems to be the only one with a positive outlook on things - she knows who she is and moves on with a smile when someone doesn't find her to be the one they need.
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Duplicity (2009)
17 March 2009
We won free tickets from a local radio station here in San Francisco to see the "Duplicity" sneak preview last night.

I can save you a lot of time by just saying the movie was just terrible. I thought it would be at least entertaining but the convoluted script made it unwatchable. Jumping forward in time, then jumping backward in time, then forward again did not help to tell the story at all. And, when you find out what the big "secret" product is you'll be totally disappointed with the entire mess.

There didn't seem to be a lot of chemistry between Roberts and Owen either.
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A good hard look at the MPAA
30 May 2008
I think the film takes a good hard look at the MPAA and its conflicts of interest, view of self-importance, and the effect that they have on U.S. culture.

When a film receives an NC-17 from the MPAA several of the largest movie chains will not run the film - plain and simple. This rating also keeps the film from being advertised on the major networks. So an NC-17 is a box office curse. The MPAA "is in bed with" several of the major studios which is actually a conflict of interest and the Federal Government should take a close look at this.

Filmmakers can put most anything into an NC-17 film but when simulated sex is seen as worse then shooting, burning and torturing people (see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull) is rated PG-13. Also, check out Pirates of the Caribbean at World's End, also rated PG-13, when 24 people are hanged in the first three minutes of the film including a boy that looks to be about 9 years old - and this one is a Disney Film.

Something is very wrong with a society that glorifies and approves violence for kids but hides sex (something natural for humans) and this film takes an honest look at this issue. I highly recommend this film.
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West 32nd (2007)
Great character study...
17 March 2008
I was lucky enough to see this movie last night at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. Several cast members including John Cho and Director, Michael Kang were in attendance for the screening.

The film was sold out and there was a line around the block to see this one. It was well worth the wait of standing in line for.

Without giving too much away it was an excellent character study of Korean-Americans (both American-born and foreign-born). Culture clashes, deceit, protecting loved ones, and "owing" your own culture are portrayed here in fine detail. Great action sequences too.
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Fool's Gold (I) (2008)
One of the worst...
7 February 2008
We got to see this one at a "sneak" in LA the other night.... This has got to be one of the worst movies I've ever sat through. Kate Hudson certainly is a cute girl but not a good actress by any stretch of the imagination.

Continuous unfunny, clichéd movie lines and situations made this one unbearable. Everything from the cinematography to the direction was just bad. It's one thing to do a mediocre romantic comedy but this one "bit the big one". I don't think the "simplest minds" would enjoy this one. The writers should know by now that we've seen all these situations before in every soap opera and TV sitcom. Having cute actors star in it doesn't make it a good movie.

Be sure to look for the boom mic shadows, the choppy editing, the weird off camera sounds and Matthew's accent turning on and off.
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One of my favorites....
30 March 2007
We got to see "A Dirty Carnival" at the Asian-American Film Festival here in San Francisco last week. The movie is truly amazing. The action sequences, the music, and the acting were all fantastic.

I think In-Seong Jo (lead actor) will have a very long career in movies. He'd be perfect for Hollywood movies too. His performance in this role lead me to do some research on his other movies - I'll be renting/buying them soon.

Hopefully, Hollywood will not try to re-make this film. It's perfect as is. American audiences are just going to have to get used to reading subtitles to see great movies.
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Dirty Love (2005)
A very funny "guy movie"
18 July 2006
I watched "Dirty Love" on cable last night and was really surprised at how funny it was. Sure, it's no Academy Award type movie, but it does succeed in making you laugh with lots of slapstick scenes and funny jokes.

Even Carmen Electra is funny as the ghetto talking cosmetologist. Some surprise cameos from b-list stars adds to the mix.

I would definitely recommend this movie to guys only (the parodied scene of Tara Reid exposing her breast in front of the paparazzi will make you laugh so hard you'll cry). Girls with any class will probably not find this one too entertaining.
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Masters of Horror (2005–2007)
"Cigarette Burns" - amazing!
18 January 2006
When I saw "Cigarette Burns" it felt as though I was watching a great horror feature film.

This was definitely the best "Masters of Horror" episode. Just when I thought John Carpenter had "lost his eye" for the genre. This one is a classic.

I was totally creep-ed out by this one. The story was very involving and Udo Kier was fantastic as usual.

Thanks to Showtime for keeping this series going. I hope that it continues on with new episodes later this year. They've done a great job in getting the best horror directors and writers for the series.
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Derailed (I) (2005)
Average at best...
16 November 2005
We saw "Derailed" last night and it was just a mediocre movie. What ruined it for me is that Jennifer Aniston was totally miscast. She's supposed to be some kind of irresistible Femme Fatale that Clive's character falls for. It's just not believable when she looks like the average girl next door.

Another fault for me was the constant rap music which seemed forced into the movie (possible product placement) and was just simply out of place - it actually destroyed the anxious moods in several of the scenes.

The script was actually pretty good and Clive Owen was very believable in his role. The direction and editing could have been a bit tighter to further enhance the plot with quicker edits.

I'd give it a C+
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Audition (1999)
Gruesome with a sense of dread...
25 May 2005
Wow! Watch this one in the dark to enhance it's atmosphere even more. Be ready for some major "jumps" in this one. Not too many gory scenes but when they are on the screen they are nauseating.

The director captures a sense of dread throughout and slowly reveals the mystery in the second half of the film. However, the viewer is left with several decisions to make on their own on what is actually going on. There are several possibilities - each viewer will actually be seeing a different movie with different opinions on what just took place in the movie.

I recommend this one to horror fans everywhere.
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Good script, but read the book instead.
3 December 2004
This movie is made from a wonderful script (and book) but

falls flat with Diane Lane's boring portrayal. Direction is

slow and clunky, moments that are supposed to be funny just

seem silly and out of place.

The main character never really evolves. When she chases down her dream man only to find

him with another woman she's not devastated as her character

would lead you to believe throughout the movie.

Read the book instead.
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In the Cut (2003)
Just awful!
12 April 2004
Wow! I couldn't believe how bad this movie actually was. It's no wonder why the studio delayed releasing this one. I usually enjoy Meg Ryan but she was terrible as the lead. Bad cinematography, bad direction, bad acting, and bad sound didn't help this one either.

We rented this one last night hoping to see a good thriller instead we wasted two hours of our lives (this movie is way too long). The director created no excite, suspense or thrills in a movie that has the formula for all three. Boring sex scenes and characters no one could identify with.
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Dopamine (2003)
Mediocre chick flick...
6 October 2003
I got to see this film at a special "Sundance" presentation in San Francisco last week. I would rate it a "6 out of 10."

John Livingston, a poor-man's Ben Affleck, does a good job in the lead role of a San Francisco-based computer animator looking for Ms. Right. The screenplay was pretty good for a typical "guy searching for perfect mate" type of film.

However, what ruined the film for me was lead actress, Sabrina Lloyd. She is one of the worst, and most annoying, actresses to be working anywhere. She has an irritating look and presentation.

The movie would have been much better with any other lead actress. I do think both men and women would agree on this film since both lead characters are examined for both their flaws and good attributes.
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