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A lost opportunity
28 November 2008
I expected a lot from this film, being one of the most ambitious Swedish films ever with tons of local media coverage and a genre I enjoy, but I was disappointed. It looks great and big (at least parts of it), but something is wrong with the acting or the direction (or maybe the script) because you never really get drawn into the story and you don't really care about the characters.

Stellan Skarsgård is great (as usual) but it is a very small part, Vincent Perez is OK, I liked Morgan Alling in his role, but both Joakim Nätterqvist and Sofia Helin are really weak.

I looked so much forward to this film when it came out (had read the books), but was very disappointed. Did not expect much for the sequel, and it really was not worth much either.
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Good entertainment, makes some clever points
28 November 2008
This film is good entertainment and it is quite funny and clever. Billy Boyd is great (haven't seen much of him since LOTR, which is a shame as he is a real good actor), and Bernard Hill and Tim McInnerny are both very funny. I knew Tim McInnerny could be hilarious (from the Blackadder TV series), but I never knew Bernard Hill was such a comedian.

But don't expect slapstick humor, because except for some parts it is quite subtle. The story is good (a bit tricky to follow at certain points) and it makes some excellent points about how charity works (again quite subtle) and how you can get it your way by playing selfish egos against each other. It was fun to watch.
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