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Why Him? (2016)
29 April 2017
OK, my review is more about the acting and casting! Both of which I appreciate. Bryan Cranston IS who he is! Phenomenal! I never watched Braking Bad until now. His portrayal of LBJ was spectacular. And equally so as Ned Fleming. James Franco, as the outrageous boyfriend, is off-the-chart! And the son, Griffin Gluck, whom I really adored in his role on "About a Boy", is equally endearing. This kid has something really special!. I miss that show! Zoey Deutch, plays the daughter and love interest of James Franco. Spicy great! I only knew names of 3 of these actors, but that does not diminish how great I thought they each played their individual roles. The guy who plays Gustav, Keegan-Michael Key, adds another interesting layer to this comedy. The wife looks and acts so much like Tina Fey, I had to look it up! I don't get why so many people voted this down or anything below an 8 stars. I had to watch it twice, before I return! It's a comedy, with a story. I loved the tasteless profanity--bad balls and all! Ooops, almost forgot-Justine. "She" reminds me of the computer character in The Accountant. Maybe crude, at times, but it works! LOL for me!!! And that's LAUGH!
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Nashville Star (2003–2008)
LOVED this show!
24 March 2017
This was my favorite talent show. I loved the judges and their "chemistry". I only discovered it by accident. Seems like it did not did enough publicity. I especially liked when John Rich showed so much character, by standing up for Jewel, when someone made some rude reference. I've always been a fan of Jewel. Ever since first hearing her hit, "Hands". I think that was back around 1997? Became a fan of John Rich through this show. So sorry that it's no longer around, but even more bewildered by those low marks here on IMDb. Just do not get that AT ALL!!!Probably fanatic fans of another show. Just know, I really liked this shows and all of its judges!! The two guys and Jewel!!! She's a GEM!!
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The Founder (2016)
Persistence and Determination
26 January 2017
Pays to seize the upper-hand and have persistence, determination, and balls! The two McDonald brothers were hard working, honest, and ethical. Those three skills are not exactly a formula for financial success. "The Founder", a story about Americana. After seeing interviews, I was prepared to see a real hood-winking! What I saw was a man of the 50's, chasing the American Dream, the best way he knew how. During the 50' & 60's, people who set goals of being financially successful, were "students" of Dale Carnegie and/or Norman Vincent Peale's "Power of Positive Thinking, driven by persistence and determination. I have to say, MICHAEL KEATON has become my favorite actor of the 21st century! He's even endearing as the "bad guy". Exiting the theater, I over-heard some women commenting the despicable actions, by their standards, of Ray Kroc. The "handshake" that was never honored was unethical and I'm not sure why he wouldn't have been more reasonable or fair, but other than that, I could support his ideas and drive. Given how hard he had worked, for so long, I admired his brilliance!
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Bobby (I) (2006)
The UGLY America of the 60's
15 January 2017
I was NOT ever a Kennedy supporter. Not back then. Now, 50 years + later, how I wish these men had been given the opportunity to carry out their terms and change America to include all our people and begin to really build America. I would vote for them today! What their father did to build the family fortune was back in the 30's! Who cares! I think his sons wanted to give back to America. (not so abiding with Teddy. His lack of judgment at Chappaq was unforgivable)I just think it is UNthinkable that JFK MX MLK & RFK were ALL assassinated back in the 60's. That is about as ugly a chapter that America has ever shown to the world, outside of the Civil War! It is so perplexing to comprehend this happening in America.
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Goodfellas (1990)
3 October 2016
This movie/story is repulsive! Disgusting movie! When I first saw it, I was disgusted. Decades later, I'm disgusted again! I was curious why this movie still gets such high acclaim, so I watched it again. Now, I think I understand why so many claim it's the best movie of all time. Racists! Racists and gangster-minnow-minded would like this movie! They get to bust their chops over the dialogue of this crap movie! No wonder we still have so much hate and violence in our American society! We don't care about others. "We" like or tolerate the savage killing and mutilation of other human beings. Entertainment has to be shocking, brutal, with inconceivable dialogues. The laughter was equally repulsive. It was so many years/decades ago, when I first saw it. And I'm glad to know I still feel the same. For my character, it's a good thing. I still care about people in this world that has found ways to exist without actually communicating with people. We text! We "chat". We Facebook snoop! Are we immune or obsessed?
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Ray Donovan (2013– )
Jon Voight is the Man!
28 August 2016
This show is so different! Well written, character-driven, not for the light of heart. But man, oh man! I could never imagine, after all these years that Jon Voight would impress me so much, week after week, and in such a grungy role. For the most part, he plays a scummy,seedy, perverted individual but then he'll do something that shows some humanity. His son, Ray Donavan, can barely breathe his same air. So many family conflicts and lower, than low, life styles. But Voight pulls these off with such integrity. Smooth as silk! And he definitely loves him some woman! Maybe "trashy" women by some standards. But I keep pulling for him. And how in the bageeza can he still look so good. He has reached a point where he has not aged in the last uuh, 20 or 30 years. I really enjoy "Ray Donovan" but the show doesn't go without Pops!
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Kobe Bryant's Muse (2015 TV Special)
THANK You, Kobe!
25 May 2016
Just seeing this for the first time. I've been a Kobe fan since 1996! The only basketball player I can honestly say, of whom, I am truly a fan! The ONE and ONLY! Thank you, Kobe, for doing "Muse", for the 20 years, for you! I have been a fan of SO many sports players in MLB and NFL, going back to Mickey Mantle, my first! Through Walter Payton, Tug McGraw, Tom Seaver, Tim Lincecum, Hunter Pence, Madison Bumgarner, Peyton Manning, Cam Newton!! That special, trademark smug look Kobe would project just demonstrated, year after year, how dedicated and impassioned he was about his game. How could anyone not admire that kind of surreal dedication! Also, makes me wonder what kind of person could give this film anything less than a 7! In my opinion, only a hater or idiot could do so. And definitely not a sports fan or any kind. If you really love sports, then you can also admire adversaries and opponent greats, like Tom Brady for instance. I just wish I could thank Kobe for doing this feature. Guess I could on Twitter. Oh yes! And thank you Kobe for that last game! Just watched the whole think a 2nd time, this week. And loved the farewell, "Mamba Out", and 'dropped' the mic!!

LOVE IT!! Only wish it were two hours! ONLY one Kobe! Will miss your presence on the court in that Lakers uniform--forever.
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One Christmas Wish (2015 TV Movie)
Two Wishes
6 March 2016
I only found this by doing a cable search for Christmas movies and the title came up. I watch every single Christmas movie that start showing on Hallmark or Lifetime every year. This was one of the last ones that I viewed, (March 2016) as I was in Rio from Christmas through beginning of February. For the first 15 minutes I was not getting into the story at all. It wasn't touching me. Not sure when it finally starting registering my interest, but it was some time coming. I also noticed it was on UP channel which I was not familiar with, nor had any previous viewing. Then I started attaching to and enjoying the main two characters. The lead girl, Miss Riley, I found so unique and engaging. Such a delight and joy about her. Of course, she was playing a real life person, who had actually lived this life. But I really enjoyed this girl a lot. Then I went to IMDb today to put my vote on the movie and I see that Amber Riley was on the cast of Glee. So she should continue to get better roles. She is a very credible and engaging young lady. Enjoyed this very much!! But unfortunately, this movie did not get too many viewers, as evidenced by the minor number of voters. (87 at the time of this writing). And that is because it was not on Hallmark. I watch a lot of TV, but I'd never heard of UP. I see that it is a channel that blacks should know more about it and hopefully view. There is another family series, "Lincoln Heights",that I have watched a few episodes since the "My One Christmas Wish". UP just doesn't have a large enough audience. Hopefully, that will change. I have recorded, from the first episode, "Black-ish" and continue to do so. It is my favorite family sit-com. Anthony Anderson is genius and lovable!! So is Amber Riley!! Everyone, black or white, should watch "Blackish", at least 5 episodes. I fear that too many whites avoid it; glad I didn't. I also wish, everyone who enjoys the Halmark Christmas movies would have also seen this one!!
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The Spirit of Christmas (2015 TV Movie)
HollyGrove or Spirit of Christmas
20 December 2015
My recording of this movie shows "Spirit of Christmas" as the title. I looked and looked but could find no 2015 movie entitled Spirit of Christmas. Finally, I just looked up the lead character and thus came to unravel this little mystery. So, we have an aka, but I'm surprised that is not mentioned here. I have only just begun to watch this, but this gal is the broker sent to check out the property. The original owner has been missing and presumed deceased. Her first night in the inn,just after midnight, she hears some noised in the place.....falls on stairs, and awakens to find the "spirit" of the owner still living in the house and literally tosses her out... Here the story begins. I'm not much for super-natural, but it looks to be slightly entertaining and the actors are credible. Maybe an administrator can add an aka to the title for others benefit. My rating is to not disturb the existing one for those who have seen its entirety.
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Cedar Cove (2013–2015)
Where is Season 4!
18 December 2015
Don't tell me!! Dropped?! Probably. I know the plots are weak. And the characters are often half-witted. But a lot like everyday life. I usually really like anything Andie McDowell does, but I'm not real "hip" on her portrayal of this character. And her relationship with--whatever his name--the 2nd guy, lawyer, is just a bit stupid. The writers did not do themselves any favors by writing such flimsy dialog between the main characters. And the daughter, OK, I can see where this just really falls apart and fans who watched this at first have run for the exits! It is irritating that they mucked this up! The original premise got lost and buried in mucky muck. And the main character, Judge, has really gone off the rails. But with so much other garbage on TV I would still be up for Season 4!!
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Brain Food
24 January 2015
I can't believe I'm just discovering this show! What a shame shows like this don't get some notice. I heard Mo's voice (Mo Rocca, is the host) this morning when I turned on the TV, and that got my attention. I was lucky to have a DVR, so I could go back and see the whole show. This one included the salmon run, Whoossh fish cannon. And a piece on Webster's Dictionary. Fabulous! I've been a faithful fan of CBS's Sunday Morning since 1988, and in recent years, Mo Rocca joined the show. That's another show that I wish everyone watched. Anyway, looking forward to watching this next Saturday! Good for CBS! Sure beats so much of the other "no brain" nonsense put before us daily and nightly. Mo is the perfect host! Go Mo! Take us on another brain exhilarating ride!
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Parenthood (2010–2015)
SO GLAD this is over!
23 January 2015
All the screaming and yelling! Continually talking over one another! So exasperating! The only reason I would occasionally watch is to see Craig nelson and the wife. The rest is a mess!! Each family either whining or screaming and yelling or all three! Just TOO MUCH craziness! It's not even drama. And then that annoying theme song! Oh dear Lord! Thank goodness I finally have a DVR and can roll right through it. It had nothing to do with the "storyline" or was there even a storyline. The overdramatizing of Max character---you just want to reach in and ring his neck. And Ray Romano comes on the show and that's when I quit watching after a couple shows. His character is always the SAME. Only now, more annoying. And the dumb sister that he started the relationship with--they actually might match up well, as they are both equally annoying! All I can say is AMEN!!!
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Angels Sing (2013)
Thank you to HCJr, Willie, Kris and cast!
8 November 2014
How did I miss this in 2013! Starring Harry Connick Jr., whom I adore! I loved it. Though painful at times, it was true to the vein. Packed with stars! WOW! I've always liked Kris K and Willie. And HCJr. since the first time I saw him on Sunday Morning back in 91. He is so awesome in person. Personable with his audience. The little boy in this was an incredible actor. Adorable! And what a treat to see all of these actors in one production. A treasure! Hoping I can find this on Amazon or in Walmart. I wish more Xmas movies were like this. Reminds me of the Peter Faulk Christmas movies. Good job! And THANK YOU to all the actors in this!! How anyone could give it below a 7 is beyond me. Something very wrong there.
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Happy Holidays
20 December 2008
THIS is what a heart-warming Christmas movie is all about. The feeling that represents why many of us look forward, every year, to watching the Christmas season movies. A feel-good feeling that you can let spill over into your hustle-bustle season's rituals and calm your frenetic pace. I only wish I could give this a 12 rating! Joining "A Grandpa for Christmas" and "The Christmas Card", this movie enters into my top 5 picks for the seasonal specials. And what a pleasant surprise is Henry Winkler! He was wonderful and so believable. I never imagined this level of performance from "the Fonz". There are those who may think it too predictable, but that's what kept me attached, awaiting the ultimate prize ending. I only wish that the endings would not end so quickly. It could spill over for a longer effect if we could just put the best part on a lingering pause. And really give it more time to settle into our hearts. Hope you enjoy too!
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