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i love the books and like the movie.
17 August 2012
I watched the movie first before I read the series. This film made me want to read the books as it turned out to be a really fascinating story. Now I would give the books a 10 for its humor, storyline, and more. The film on the other hand would receive a 7. This is because while I enjoy the movie, there are things that are missing and things that shouldn't have been added.

There are some things I think shouldn't have been there in the film; Hades' girlfriend. Grover didn't stay behind in the underworld, Percy's mom did. Grover dancing on the platform or flirting with a bunch of girls and proclaiming he's getting married to them. Seriously Grover's supposed to be a satyr. A satyr! I think I would like it better if they ease off the romance between Percy and Annabeth, it's not about their relationship.

There are things that should be there; Ares, Clarisse, The story of the pine tree, the oracle, kronos should be mentioned a few times, not just once, there should be Mr. D, and there should be the tunnel and the cupids.

But I still like the movie, I would recommend reading the series.
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Piranha 3D (2010)
just how old is the director?
15 August 2012
This film is without a doubt the most dumbest film ever made in the world. Just how old is the director? Is he 13 years old or something? That'll explain his weird, sick fascination with T&A with gory scenes. This film produces nothing but porno with gore. There is no storyline, no character development, and most certainly, no plot. All i can say to the people who made this film is this; you have the maturity of a teenage pervert with no sense of directing a film.

If your idea of a horror film is T&A, gratuitous sex, and lots of gore, then i'm sorry your mother never loved you. I can do a whole lot better job in making a horror film involving piranhas and it doesn't involve stupid stuff like those. Sure it may have a little gore, but my idea is for psychological scare, not porn with gore.
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Piranha 3DD (2012)
what is this?
15 August 2012
I really wish that people would realize that horror movies does not mean porno with gore. Is this what we reduced ourselves to? Did the director walk up and go, "Hyuk, hyuk, let's add in tits and gore babes. hyuk,hyuk?" A piranha in the woman? Seriously? It's not even possible for the piranha to just crawl up between her legs and she didn't notice. Also, the piranha would just eat her, not live in her genitalia. This is just some really stupid film. I lost all faith in humanity when people not only makes films like this, but actually like it.

All i can say is that i don't want to live on this planet anymore. I don't want to live with middle-aged men with the mentality of a 13 year old perverted kid who gets off peeping at women and drawing boobs. If i want to see gratuitous sex, i'll watch porn. What i want is a scary film, and this ain't it. This doesn't deserve a 1/10, it deserves -100/10.
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cringing and stereotypical.
7 August 2012
I decide to give it a two instead of a 1 for a reason; it does intend to say, "Hey, it's not nice to attack gay people, let them marry." But the reason it didn't get a higher score was due to stereotypical stuff about gay people.

I am pro-LGBT rights, i write blogs working on this subject and from what i know, this film makes gay people look too stereotypical. I am never a fan of Adam Sandler, but his character here is not helping this film. As for the "japanese chapel owner," all i can say is, "what is up with this?" They decided to instead of focusing on really showing Gay people as they are, they decided that we should make them look pitiful, unrealistic, and cringing.

I don't know the makers of this film's true intent or what they really thought of LGBT people and civil rights, but i can do a better job of this and make it very funny as well and never come off as stereotypical or bad.

I would suggest to anyone that want to see LGBT people are who they truly are, i suggest films like "Shelter" "Beautiful thing" and "Just a question of love" because they portray gay people in a realistic light. This film "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" pretty much just screams, "Hey, leave them gays alone, it's not their fault they're fruits!" I'm sorry but if you want to show support for civil rights, even in comedy taste, you're going to have to do better than this. Way better than this.
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This film is a must see documentary!
23 July 2012
It's a documentary film about Jay and Bryan leffew; two gay couple who live in California and had adopted two children; Daniel and Selena. They lived a private life until after Prop 8 has passed in California and they started making Youtube videos to show the world that they are just a family like everyone else and that prop 8 is a unconstitutional, bigoted, and harmful proposition. It shows them as a loving family that they really are, it also shows people who are homophobic who spread hateful and fearful lies, trying to make gay people out to be some evil, diabolical monsters or some claptrap. There are parts in the film that touched a topic about bullying, suicide, acceptance, understanding of LGBT community, and more. I've laughed, cried, and I felt anger towards the homophobic liars like Maggie Gallagher. This is a film that I not only strongly recommend, but I strongly want everyone to see and understand the facts and reality, not the bigoted lies like National Organization for Marriage and other homophobic groups wants us to believe. I even had a great pleasure of meeting the Leffew Family in person. They are wonderful people and they are truly a family.
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most awful film!
18 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I can honestly say that without a doubt that this film sucked so bad. I remember the first time seeing this film, i actually, literally want to throw up. I'm not just saying it, i do literally felt like throwing up for real. I was told that this is like Harry Potter because of magic. Seriously? This film is not only dark, but sickening. It's supposed to be a children's book right? But Alas, it did say in the beginning that you shouldn't watch this film. Heed to its warning, it's really is the stupidest, worst film ever made.

I never really liked Jim Carrey or his movies. The only film with him in that i may have liked and think is better was "liar, liar." After his role in this, i despise him and never again want to see any films he's in. He's not funny, he's not cool, and his role as a villain is just revolting! The children in this are unsympathetic. I can't sympathize them, i cannot connect with them.

Apparently the story has no plot, it has nothing to show. It just has some characters it introduces and kills them off and in the end tries to compensate by making Jim Carrey's character suffer the same way. Seriously? That is pathetic! This deserves beyond the (1 out of 10) and it should be -10 billion. I'm just so glad they're not going to make a sequel.

I would never recommend anyone this film, i would rather people just walk away from the film. Don't buy it, don't even rent it, it's really stupid and useless. The director and the creators of this film and the author needs to take a break and try something better than this crap. Talk about wasting money and time on something this horrendous!
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Just a Question of Love (2000 TV Movie)
this is one film everybody MUST see!!
18 October 2011
this French film is without a doubt, the most beautiful film made. I am glad to see that there are films of gay people in a realistic matter and not in a stereotypical way where they die of AIDS, be murdered, act all flamboyant and with a lisp, or anything negative like American media used to do and are still doing but less and less. We need more positive films like this where there's an issue of coming out to people, being in a relationship, living life with a job, place to live, and more. This is a must see. I love it so much, i doubt there is any reason to dislike this film. Definitely deserves a ten! or an Eleven! ah, maybe infinite out of ten! kudos to the people making this film. Laurent and Cedric are totally awesome characters and their scenes keeps me grinning.
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A fantastic foreign vampire film
7 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I have not seen this film first, but had read the book, and then I decided to see the film, re-read the book and watched it again. I must say that the film was not bad as I thought. On the contrary, I actually like the "let the right one in." It is a story about Oskar, bullied by peers at school, and an androgynous vampire named Eli. The story is, thankfully, not gory (Except for the ending) but quite bloody.

The book I read, "Let the right one in," is very dark and disturbing. I would advise anyone who choose to read it should be forewarned that it's not for the squeamish. It contains a graphic scene where Oskar sees what has happened to Eli when he got turned by a vampire who… Let's just say was repulsive at the most and was the reason Eli was genderless (I did say it's not for the squeamish). There's also a scene where Eli's Caretaker Hakan tries to violate Eli. Thankfully, it's not in the film.

I can sense that Eli is a vampire who didn't like being a vampire, is often times alone, and needs someone to help get him blood. Oskar is also alone, bullied quite badly by his tormentors, and his friendship with Eli is quite pure. This is a good film worth watching and I would recommend this film to anyone, including the book (Unless you're squeamish).
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This film is not interesting.
4 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This so called film is unbelievably horrendous! I thought it was supposed to be a fantasy story where two kids escape and cope with the troubles they're going through. But instead, they screw things over.

Here we have a boy who gets bullied, then meets a girl who has an imagination and takes him with her. So the story seems to be OK, until they threw in a religious content. All I can say is what were these people thinking?! Why did they throw in a religious content in a fantasy story? That's like watching Harry Potter and then someone records passion of Christ in the middle of it! Seriously, I'm appalled at this. When the little girl asked if they believed in the Bible, the heroine says no. There was never a point in bringing that in! Then shortly, they killed her off. I was shocked, angry and feeling like screaming bloody murder. Even though I cried, I wasn't crying because it was a sad story, I cried because they killed off a girl for no good reason. Not only did they kill her off for no good reason, it happened after she said she didn't believe in the Bible. I don't know if the writers and the author were Christians or not, but it is never a good idea to put in religious beliefs. Keep your religious dogma to yourself! To the author, if you're going to preach your religion, preach it elsewhere and not in your book! We're trying to enjoy a story, not to be threatened with, "Believe in God or you're gonna burn!" Then what happens? They get the boy to escape into la-la land with her little sister, which I may add that I suspect her responsible for the death of the heroine, and never deal with the reality. This is not a good film and it should have been thrown in the trash.

I strongly recommend people to never watch this. Do not rent it or buy it. It's a piece of junk and it lacks a storyline, it lacks a plot, it inserted a religious threat in the middle, it ended with a bad ending. This story is not interesting, it is horrible.
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So very well done
8 May 2006
When i watch this, i just seem to taken in a lot of emotions from scenes that has effected me. So much sadness, cheerfulness, calm and so forth.

i must say this movie surpasses what everything says about homosexuality. This movie shows not just some gay guys. It shows two characters, showing us true meaning of love. Through such hardship, passions, challenging their love for each other.

The actors have brought their characters through the screen with very realistic actions. It feels as if, they're not acting, they are "being" the characters they portray.

Definitely worth seeing. I would recommend this to anyone.
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Kingdom Hearts II (2005 Video Game)
very well improved!
6 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
As for the first KH, i loved it. It was very good and the story was focused. The dialogue was OK, i just wish we had a Japanese option instead. Same with the KH2.

In KH2, we follow up after one year, we play Roxas and then played Sora after that. We get to have more fascinating things in the game. I will say that this game deserves to be seen, not as a childish game, but as a very good game for all ages.

I pity those that sees Kingdom hearts as a kiddy game, for it obtained violence and some other things. I never feel embarrassed having to play it.

The voice actors did great except for the VA for Arieth, whom sounded like a zombie.

This game made me smile and laughed.
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splendid, just splendid!
6 May 2006
In this story it was very well done. the characters were very lively as if almost real. It story takes place two years after the play station game final fantasy 7.

I am surprised some people didn't like the film, but i love it. Especially the character Reno. The music is definitely good especially Sephiroth's one winged angel song.

I would highly recommend this to anyone. Only i wouldn't have too much expectation from it, just enjoy it.

The Japanese Dialogue is pretty well done, the English i have to say isn't, as usual, good enough.
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Hard Candy (2005)
the education has failed them all.
28 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
people may graduated high school people may graduated college people may graduated universities

But the people still has an intelligence the size of a pin.

This movie is without a doubt the most sickest and evil film in history. This film is about a girl who is underage and tortures a pedophile.

Not that i care for pedophiles, in fact i detest them with utmost loathing. This film should have never been created at all.

The thing i am shocked is that critics allowed this film to be in theaters! I am shocked that producers would help them film this! I'm shocked that people would actually like this! I am shocked that the cast didn't turn down the script as i would have.

I hope that the future film makers do not steer into this film maker's path for nothing is even close to intelligence of a frog spawn.

I would advice to save your money, don't watch this film, write angry letters to the film maker, and boycott the film!
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One movie i'll never forget.
22 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I first saw this poster and thought, "Wow, this seems interesting." so i hoped to find it and found it at best buy. I have the special edition one.

This film is about Yuki, born and bred assassin in Japan. She learns the truth about her mother's death and seeks revenge also meets a guy who was in the group of terrorists. The two have slowly became to be friendly and learn from each other. Yuki has learned to understand human emotions and of reason for killing as Takashi quits the terrorist group.

The ending was actually a sad ending, and i feel that it was bit brutal of the director. I really like this film, it is worth my money to see this. Anyone who thinks this film sucks must be something wrong with them.

The biggest thing i love about this film is the fighting styles Yuki does and that it wasn't really gory, unless you wanna count Yuki cutting the blade through her enemy's shoulder diagonally. Although you only see the blood, no guts. This film seems to have a gallon of fake blood in this film, in my opinion. but i have to say, this film is easy on the eyes, and the ending requires lots of tissues.
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Dark Water (2002)
one of the most terrific movie
12 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know where to start. after watching Ju On and Ringu, this one had me thinking, "I maybe give this a try." When i watch this, it didn't disappoint me at all. Through the whole film, its creepiness crept through my skin until the end which nearly got me flying through the ceiling. I was so amazed with it, but i was also sad for the kids, izuko and little miss Kawai.

This movie is a definite must see for open minded people.

This one unlike Ju On or ringu, no one really dies, except the ghost girl herself. It wasn't really a horror film, much likely a drama due to the mother's divorce case and haunting ghost who wants a mother.

The music in the end was very good, but didn't well match to the film itself, i think.

I really love it when a movie shows no blood or little blood, and absolutely no gore. This film doesn't have any blood or gore. Just lots and lots of water, yet nothing good to drink.

I have to say, Director Shimizu-san from "Ju On" and Director Nataka-san from "Ringu" and "Dark water" both are very respectful directors and i wish i could participate in their film.

I'm gonna say this, The Goreless ghost horror films are the only horror films i will ever watch, i wish i can tell the two directors this, "They have my deepest respect and i am thankful for their films"
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Ringu (1998)
it's fairly good
24 June 2005
When i first watch this, it was very good film, even though only two things scared me there. but that doesn't mean it didn't interest me, i liked how it went through the whole film and i understood it's story like i understood Ju On, very good.

It was really surprising,this film doesn't rely on gore either and isn't straying from it's plot. This film should be viewed with an open mind and with positive thoughts.

I was pretty amazed how it went through and it seems to be unavoidable, when you hear about this tape, you know humans have the curiosity to learn. When they do, they're it. Same thing when walking into the house when haunted, you can't escape from your fate. If you have to watch this haunted video well, there is no stopping you.
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The Grudge (2004)
this is indeed a great flick
18 April 2005
I can't tel how much this Ju on and the remake Grudge has taught me. I believe that many people who saw this hated it because it's nothing like the old American horror flicks where there's tank size gore and some sick minded scenes involved. But then again, i don't see what many people see in American horrors.

I vote for Japanese horrors because they are much scarier. It's not just about Japanese women hiding their faces or some scary music, i think it was really more to how you view it and how realistic it is.

1) You don't ever need gore to make good horror flicks, no matter how badly people loves that. 2) Little or no CGI is very good to make horror flicks. It fleshes out realistic images. Too much CGI is very noticeable and hardly scary. 3) You don't need to explain much in the horror film because if you did, it would remove the scare factor. nothing has to be spelled out for you, unless you're a kind of person who has to be explained millions of time. 4) Short episode sequence like in Ju On is very effective and the grudge is bit like that but more blended. I must say for each character to go through such thing we feel their feelings and we see what they see. 5) I believe that it's the viewers you wanted to scare, not the characters. However scaring the characters is good, but better if the viewers feels it. I also think that if we viewers sees something that no character has spotted or could see is very effective. Plus gives more mystery to why this is. 6) For Asian ghost horrors, there is no victory, there is no defeating these ghosts. The point was to scare the viewers, much less just to find a haunted place and solve it, which was done in American horror films or ghostly films that ain't horrors like Ghost or "Haunted mansion". 7) Less is more. Less blood is good. You can put it on someone's corner of the eye, give bloodshot eyes, or make it a bloody face. But if it's like raining blood, that's not good. If you want to put gore, make it less gory for it to be effective. otherwise, you're just pleasing the hard core gore fans and grossing the anti gore fans like me.

So that is what i've learned from the grudge and it's original film. Shimizu-san is a brilliant man, regardless of the grudge haters.
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how i came to like this film
7 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
at first, I saw the title "The grudge" American kind, but never saw that yet. So then i went home investigating on that film, seeing if it's worth the watch. I also learned it was originally Japanese horror films. I looked into "Ju On: the grudge" and i was curious. I looked at some pictures to see how they were like. It was just so brilliantly scary.

So then, I decided to rent it. Then i went to Blockbuster and saw the "Ju On:The Grudge". It was hard to find such thing here in Arizona. So, i rented it.

I chose to watch it in the light so that i could not scary myself to death literally.

As i watch this, it started scaring me from seeing the Grudge appearing from the bathroom stall, distorted face to zombie like friends of Izumi's to Kayako's bloodied body crawling down the stairs.

Toshio is brilliantly scary kid. And Rika was a great actress for this. I say this film has the pure horror that does show what horror is really all about. Not some slasher films with half naked girls, that just ain't slightly scary. This film got me frightened pretty good. This film is the only kind that actually frightened me good. All horror films in America is either too crappy and lame or nauseating and sick.

This movie deserves the compliments. And i compliment all Japanese folks for making this great film.
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what a great movie this was.
6 January 2005
Ah, watching this was very much like the book's lines were mended into pictures. Well... almost most, they are indeed a great film.

Shortly before this film was made, i was worried that the new director will kill off Harry Potter and turn this into some "Dangerous mind on magical school of death." but i was wrong. The director was good. Not brilliant, good. but that's still good.

The personality of the cast was magnificent. And the Hippogriff, oh my god, he looked so real. I mean really, real. As if he existed. Not some phony graphics you see on computers that looked clunky and cheesy with no personality. This bests the graphics along with Gollum and Dobby the house elf.

I never expect Gary Old man or the other guy who plays Remus, sorry Remus, but these two are my most favorite characters in the existence. i always picture Remus as a great father figure. I always wished he were my dad. but that ain't happening folks. Not that i don't like my dad.

Sirius Black, i pictured him more handsome but frightening looking because be has been sent to azkaban for twelve years.

Remus Lupin, i was thinking of young Obi Wan Kenobi. But hey, it wasn't that bad. Sure i mean, the mustache thing? Bad. get rid of it next time. But they were great. Their acting was great. I was afraid that this actor who portrays Remus would act like Lockhart or Quirrell. But he was close to what i pictured him.

now, the thing i love the director about, he got rid of some scenes that seems too repulsive in the book. Sorry JK Rowling, but your story had bits of nauseating moments. But love them all to death still.

Well... i hope the next sequel will be the biggest hit than this. Let's hope. but not too high. Don't wanna jinx our wish eh?
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Scary Movie 3 (2003)
Worst movies of the entire lifetime.
25 October 2003
If i have to say one one to describe this film, it would be this: HORRENDOUS! This film is without a doubt the most worst film ever to appear on DVD or anywhere. If i had my way, the creators of this crap would never have a job ever again and they would never be allow to go anywhere near a camera ever again. They shouldn't even be near a television or a computer. They're that messed up in the head.

I know comedy pretty well. I know that jokes must have some inappropriate things or tasteless jokes a times, but i know the limit. If comedy was a dinner plate, the creators have poured every contents of salt and spices on the plate. In other words, they put too much that it's no longer good. If these creators have any decency, they would go back to school and get an education. I'll bet they never passed junior high school and their parents bribed their teachers to let them pass.

This film has no comical effort, it just has old jokes that were so tedious and so tasteless that even tasteless humor looks clean. There's nothing in the film that indicated that the directors knew what they were doing, that includes the wayans brothers. The wayans brothers are like stupid little kids with no education. If they have any intellect, they would see that their films are stupid and hardly funny.

The first film was OK, it made me laugh, but it was not recommended. The second one was really, really bad. I was sorely disappointed that anyone lets it come on to the screen and onto the DVD. Now this one proves that there is no limit to just how bad a film can be. They even decide to make films like this like "Epic movie" and such. Have humanity retreated back to the bronze age where they have no intellect? Have we just gone stupid and crazy? I feel that this is what's happening. Humanity is most certainly doomed to die by its own stupidity.
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