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Without (I) (2011)
single woman centered
11 July 2011
I was fortunate to view this movie at Outfest L.A. just this past Sunday. After the showing, the director (Mark Jackson) and actor (Joslyn Jensen) did a Q & A. That helped a lot in understanding what he was trying to do with this plot. I liked this film, and must say that Joslyn is great in this role. The plot is centered entirely around her character, and she provides your whole view of this story; which is a good thing, because you can concentrate on the clues and red herrings thrown at you in that hour and a half of viewing. The setting is very good, and the opening brings you to her work at this cottage on an island (in Puget Sound, if I'm correct), to care for this elderly man while the family is gone for some reason or other. I didn't get a chance to confirm if it was all filmed in the house or if they did some of it on sets for the rooms (equipment sometimes needs space, you know). So, this is the kind of film that shows whether an actor can convince you that they are the character the director wants you to see; and Joslyn accomplished that task very well. I'm sure you'll like this film. I plan on seeing it again.
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Twelve Thirty (2010)
family drama
11 February 2011
I loved the way the director presented these three female characters (mother and 2 daughters) to us. The first scene gives you a hint of this method, and the actors' lines are keenly spoken to carry you through to the next scene. For those who haven't seen this, I recommend paying attention; the simplest line reveals a lot. All the actors did very well, but the cinematography was (in my view) somewhat lacking in places. Even at its longer than average run time, I believe it could have had another 15 minutes or so just to fill in some of the minor plot holes. Though not necessary, I believe the father and boyfriend needed more definition to their characters. I liked this movie for its unconventional approach, tasteful (no pun) nudity, and good humor. Portia Reiners did an exceptional job. I recommend that you find this movie wherever it's playing near you and go.
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