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Society drama on a personal level
28 December 2013
Taken out of context the movie might appeal to drama aficionados but the movie is in a context that is so true, so gripping it just not real without the truth. Romanians have been flocking abroad since the end of communist era and this has torn the families apart. Sure it has happened all over Eastern Europe, but Romanians have a Latin family oriented lifestyle and by losing the core of it's society (family) it is just losing the plot. Dig deeper into anyone's estranged family and you might find enough drama for a similar movie . A standing ovation for the way the story unfolded, slowly, with almost no dedicated soundtrack apart from the music that summaries right now Romania , back-water uncultured but with a resonance for the masses. Impressive !
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Not your average sports movie,but a best !
10 December 2009
Such a great true story was incredibly put onto the big screen with a warm & light look from a family's eye-view & a great adult to childhood's way of seeing things.Every viewer can take what's in front of him how he likes it.You can watch the movie from the perspective of a young restless colored boy,a happy family's payout or a nobody to stardom sports tale.I looked the entire movie with all 3 perspectives in mind and i definitely felt great on all of them.It made me laugh,sigh,cheer,and laugh again.On times like these we learn to appreciate more the comings and goings of true people and last but not least the education,what it means and what stands for.Great acting by all of them and great screening of a story. Enjoy it !
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To the edge ,but not exactly there
6 November 2009
The movie at hand is a first person view on a 3D world basis.You,as a viewer react more often than the actual "victims" themselves.Every breath you take in is deep,strong and articulated to the last inch of the pulmonary muscle.The director and scriptwriter ,Sam really made a work of art here,unfortunately the big picture didn't had the proper frame to it.There are too many discrepancies in the storyline and the actual life-happening things that cannot succumb to our consciousness properly.The end was so predictable but awaited for,that the spectator really enjoys every last bit of the movie.An outstanding soundtrack which made it one of my best horror movies alongside The Descent.Enjoy it as it is,no further recognition.
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Sphere (1998)
An absolute stunner
31 May 2009
This has got to be one of the best wonder-wall movies of the last decade.Since nothing is also a word..nothing can't really mean "nothing" .so what is nothing? The movie goes beyond the simple point and shoot type of blockbusters,it makes you believe and also keep aware that you are the only real bit of it all,you,the person who's watching..Like the Matrix Series ,only this one was never so popular,it is an ultimate guide to a real sci-fi.Are we ready yet? To become enlightened? Are we ready to make a different journey than the usual ones that we do every day? Are we ready to let go of our fears? So many questions,maybe not answered in the movie,but given meaning to them... Enjoy,as it is one of the best !
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The review
9 April 2009
Supravietuitorul is the kind of movie that shouldn't have been done but gets done after all simply because the main reason is "money",than the second reason :the fans.Some people would say ,we,the Romanians,make the most authentic movies around...bull...Authentic movies are done everywhere,it is the matter of the acting to make it so,and this one,was poorly acted.I am a huge fan of the bygone era of old fashion movies,but this one ,done in 2008 shouldn't have been out of sync with the voice never ever.I can't cope with that,it is simply annoying.There are actors that are good for Drama,and there are actors that are good for something else...the ones that are good for something else...again shouldn't have been in the movie.Unfortunately (for us) the cast was done not by the way people play...but by the way they used to...

Enjoy it as it is,don't expect to be more than a 5-6 ...
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Far Cry (2008)
The Better of Uwe
10 March 2009
Up until right now, i have rated Uwe Boll's movies no more than a 4, everything was so poorly written and directed that i couldn't give a better one.On this particular movie though..i had to give him a 5 for trying.He managed to get the best second hand actors around and put out a better display of the movie....for the first part that is.The beginning made me think the movie could be it...the first one to which i could have given an over 7 rating....but from the middle just kept lower and lower.The ending was too fun for the watcher..]Keep it up Uwe,you might get the chance of scoring a 7 with me for that matter ! Enjoyable B movie (bolded B)!
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The Wrestler (2008)
Great Acting
25 January 2009
A story that doesn't surprise by anything else but the raw true facts surrounding it.It is a story about life and the way it unravels before it's last breath moments.When you're down the only way is up ! and Mickey Rourke manages to express it so well in this depiction of a traditional 80's mega-star wrestler.In my opinion,stories about life should be done as much realistically as possible...and this is how they did it here.It almost feels like a documentary at some points and that's the key of making the audience feel great. A round of applause for both Mickey and the rest of the crew ! Great Acting,great cast,great way of putting it all together ! Watch it !
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No matter the costs:Ultimate love story
23 January 2009
Even though the movie itself isn't as serious as the final pieces of the puzzle,it is incontestably the best movie of the year,the best depicted story and the best acted movie in a decade.Slumdoge Millionaire hits every corner of a viewer's heart.It really makes you tick.It is the national anthem of all movies :Jai Ho ! Whether you are at home,at cinema,at a friend's DVD-home-cinema will enjoy this half-musical drama.The characters development into the story are so deep that you can't possibly mistake one with the other...the director made from the audience...a part of the story.Probably it is and will remain for a long time one of the greatest achievements in cinematography and directing. "What a night"
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The Holiday (2006)
What makes a movie great !?
8 August 2008
One might ask himself...what does make a movie great? Is it the story alone?Is it the actors?The Score?The Special Effects?What does? My guess is :all of the above,simply mixed in a way only great artists have done so with the most of their original and extraordinary work.A movie is art and making sure that all the little pieces fit together is what makes a movie great.The Holiday has (almost) all.It has a great (even though many times used) story,a phenomenal Score (Hans Zimmer outdone himself again),a great distribution and an amazing feeling added to it by the balance keeper "Arthur"...we all need wisdom sometimes and having the best of this feels like having it all. I beg you to go watch this movie if you haven't. It is absolutely great !
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Abominable (2006)
1 April 2008
I cannot believe something so bad like this was ever made ,i rarely give movies 1 but this one here just made me mad.How can they play so bad? were they undirected? how can the monster be so lame,like in the 50's movies with is awful,completely awful.In fact the beginning of the movie,first 10 mins is the best part..after that everything is just so..absolutely lame.Why did they even bother trashing off a story like this..i have always liked cryptozoology and always been fond of movies with Yeti,Chupacabra and Lake Monsters but this is incredibly horrible.I hope Hollywood community would soon stand up and make some decent monster movies,with good budget and some "better" actors..

Nothing to see here..maybe just for laugh of them..
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wonderful told story
30 March 2008
Sometimes it needs unknown people to produce such great teen movies.No more comedy like,no more fizz and fuzz and buzz it's a real deal .Normal Adolescent Behavior tells the story of 6 friends ,sharing everything together since childhood,now turned teens,a big happy family with twisted ideas about future,the truth be told many of us could find ourselves between those lines when we were young and heartbroken but nonetheless,love is to hurt and one should not hide himself behind friendship just for not feeling hurt.It's such a great modern story acted pretty good i might say and done by the book.My teen years were not like that even though i had close friends we didn't hang out in the same way..but i could understand the story so far and i rate it 9/10. Enjoyable for any age to watch ! Teens to learn,parent-like to understand and aging to remember !!
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Redline (2007)
Comedy like is great
28 March 2008
I mean, what is more important in a movie comedy-intended than to i laughed . I think the movie did it's purpose..entertaining,it's just bad that some of the actors didn't want to get past they unknown status and so just Griffin was acting in his grip-laugh character like way.I gave this movie a better mark than it deserved simply because this is not by far a 1 movie,you should check out "lake placid 2" for that ! I was pleased to see so many nice cars in one place and a nice soundtrack ! No other racing ,cars-like movie got too much better so i think it's just a genre that doesn't excel on acting but gives good (nice) FX and a bit of good looking girls and cars of USA .

Rent or buy the DVD !
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True story that happens nowadays
5 March 2008
This epic story put onto the big screen was absolutely fantastic,moving,entertaining and none the last a superb acted movie.It has been long since i watched a movie like this, so moving and so near truth..besides the actors the scenes that were used were so perfect too..exactly like i have imagined while reading the book..Javier Bardem was once again the Oscar worthy actor and we got a glimpse of anyone's bit of life throughout the entire movie. It is my recommendation for everyone who has ever loved. Or if u ever read the it is the time to be filled with joy and a world so familiar in your imagination. 9/10 from me !
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A Good Year (2006)
14 January 2008
One of the best movies in a while.It is a capture of perfect life versus story versus cinema.A story so good and so well crafted and unfolded through the eyes of Russel Crowe that made me re-watch the movie just hours after i've seen it first time.The movie itself is not only just entertainment it is a lesson about life ,about what we become when we stray ourselves from childhood,from peaceful and meaningful life,from real love ,from family and great aspects of living healthy.I had to give this movie a 10.I think it is well underrated and i would definitely recommend this one to all genders all is absoluteness !
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The Kingdom (2007)
Truth that hurts
4 January 2008
This is one of the best middle east meets west movies of all time.The way the actors blended together was so great that in the end you don'y know who to miss more.The action scenes are perfectly well crafted,the movie must have had a good military adviser since the actions seem so real.Jamie Foxx and Cooper played their usual good performances,Garner was a little better than her normal heroine parts and of course there's the Colonel and the Seargeant..they played with full heart and it is imperative that we see that without their role the movie would have been dull.True story that may hurt all those of you out there who have lost a dear one in a war of terror.

But this is not the end !
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A new vampire way is born
8 December 2007
This has to be a spin-off for the vampire cult movies,better than anytime gore and vampire mimic..great story that evolves little by little to a horror and terrifying action movie.I honestly hadn't had so much suspense since Jeepers Creepers.Josh accepted this role and i'm glad that he did..he was great even though it's not his kind of movie genre..but that makes it even more interesting.Also it was a different and interesting scenery in the Alaska for a vampire movie .Loved it..gave it a 9 just for some script flaws but in general it's a great spin-off . Go out and watch it ! It's worth every penny for entertaining purposes.

PS: Fierce creatures ahead !
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Blood Diamond (2006)
TIA: This is Africa
16 November 2007
What could be better than a movie with American actors playing such good and well crafted roles ! Leonardo it's just amazing, same is Jen and Djimon, even The Mummy's Imhotep,Arnold Vosloo is playing great, and the story...ah the story...what more could you want than just to be right in the middle of a Hot Zone,to finally get a chance to understand why Diamonds cost so much,why Africa still has slaves and why Rich Europeans have always hands dirty ! TIA, a very nice expression which represents all ,the sum of events in this movie.One can only watch this movie and judge by his standards..what is right and what is wrong !

A must see movie !
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Amazing story but what an amazing man !
28 September 2007
I totally agree with one of the earlier comments is Vin's best as an actor..not as a character in a story tough..'cause there we still have Richard B Riddick..and i don't think it's easy to let that aside.Anyways..this is a very ..if not..ultimately moving film about the insight of a man's life..a convict's man's life..the real deal. and added plus..the story is like a copy after the longest mafia trial in history.but there's an undergoing too here..the movie makers maybe didn't thought about it is possible that nowadays jury's who have seen this movie to be i getting denorcioed in here or what? so ultimately there will never be another one like Jakie. Best regards to Vin of the best...keep filling those theaters Vin !
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Western vs Vampires...bad choice
19 September 2007
Always tried b movies simply because sometimes they really tend to have good stories or sometimes nice actors but this time not the actors disappointed me..the story itself..with vampires and western and so many ways of getting the script awfully'm no script writer or anything but...there are so many plot many unnecessary lines and such bad camera that makes u wonder if this is not a b TV series :) i wouldn't buy this film not even rent it..simply find a friend who has it ...and see it if u are a western fan..a vampire fan would get disappointed. Also the director should get changed trashes the movies by not keeping nothing cursive !
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Mr. Brooks (2007)
Man of the year
15 September 2007
Kevin Costner is back this year with some nice movies..this one especially caught the eye and no wonder it did.the movie is very well crafted..something like the TV shows where every small detail is at it's place in the movie.I was glad to see Demi Moore again and she acted pretty good too.It definitely worthed to see this see the true-man of the year..i guess some people do have two faces ..and the scary thing is that you never know which.I gave it 8 out of 10 just because there were some small plot holes (u'll figure that out) and for some bad-lighted scenes..but really the movie is just great ! Go Out and see it !
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Deja Vu (2006)
Timeline changes
17 August 2007
This is one of the good movies about time-line involves many controversial subjects but also keeps u separate from all and because Jim plays the terrorist's role u even tend to like him a bit.There are many movies out there about time traveling but none who could explain so much as this one the possibilities.I enjoys it first of all for the subject and second for Denzel which i consider to be a great actor..for any type of movies..even though he plays so many cop roles and so accurate (i would let him join the force if i were an American ).

I don't want to spoil anything for the ones who haven't seen it yet so i'll just say the same thing : Go save her Danzie !
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Littleman (2006)
Is it so hard to laugh?
8 August 2007
Nowadays people just find it hard to get the entertainment as it is.I look at this movie for has such a low rating just because some acting is not so perfect (there are no acclaimed actors in it after all ....) and the script is low...but i watched it and i laughed almost continuously..i just couldn't stop..was hilarious and funny and had enough fun. I know some of the "hood talk" was unnecessary sometimes but when was it necessary? so give it a slack and just see reviews and don't watch it if u think it's not for you.

It is a good movie (not a 10 but i just gave it one since so many people gave it a 1) and i recommend this comedy to all who want to laugh !
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HAck it in !
6 August 2007
For the computer lovers it is a bit irrational..specially those cute executing boxes shutting down with a menu :) is a fantastic film..i loved it..i generally enjoy watching movies without questioning the background..after all it is a movie not real life right? John McLane--an outstanding figure fighting is one of my heroes.All the other actors are good too..keeping the spectator entertained and it makes the movie a lot better when u see new (old) faces as well.Some action scenes might prove too strong and impossible but it is just a part of the entertaining ... I would watch it again just for the fun of seeing Gabriel's face when he finds out his girl is....well...that's a spoiler. Go watch it if u haven't ..just great action entertainment !
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The Prestige (2006)
Simply Amazing
3 August 2007
This has got to be one of the most amazing films i have ever place to be ever.It was recommended to me by friends but i never listened until one lonely night in which i said to myself..i have to go see it..and i did: the result is i was dazed..and still am..a great story acted almost without flaws..accents and lust.Kane was just outstanding...his way of narrating the story kept me so close to it that i was living it by the end.I am the spectator that wants to see behind the stage..that will search for answers...

Go see it if u haven't so far ! Fantastic !
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Pathfinder (2007)
Path to Find a warrior
14 July 2007
It is a spectacle of light and shade this movie.The story even tough not so convincing and with a Hollywood end is nice and plain and gets you out of your seat in some scenes but the cinematography of the movie makes it a lot more special than the rest..and the thundering roaring sounds completes the scenes.Pretty good acting also..from Karl and the rest of the crew..specially the Pathfinder.I was also let down by some unsuccessful scenes but all in all it is a movie worth watching by my opinion.Not the best of it's genre but pretty original.Go watch it and enjoy it as it is. PS : Just for the fans of the genre..and don't expect too much skin :) !
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