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Back Soon (2007)
I'm completely biased!
16 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I couldn't even finish this film. Once they got into the fact why they were drawn to each, it became unbelievable. The main character's dead wife died the same day his lover did. It's one thing if a "straight" man fools around just for the sex, but it's really a stretch if you try to bring the supernatural into the picture to explain why he switched to guys practically over night! Give me a break who wrote this crap! I've been out of the closet for nineteen years and I've lived in San Francisco for fifteen. I've never met a guy that suddenly has an "awakening" and he just starts sleeping with guys. This is some writers fantasy of finding the perfect guy that doesn't have a history and is pure as the driven snow. I find this film to be a bit homophobic, showing the other homosexuals as one dimensional and the new ones as caring and deep. The writer clearly has issues about his own sexuality and can't even accept his own kind. Let's face it, if you're a gay man and you get married to a straight woman in the beginning of your life, sex with another man is always in the back of your mind! Written from someone with lots of experience!!!!!
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Trainwreck actress
24 September 2008
First off I love independent film and stories about struggling in Hollywood. So when I saw the DVD cover and read the back of it I thought "Great, this is right up my alley!" When it started off I took into consideration that it was not of the highest caliber, then as I got more into the film I realized that the lead actress wasn't that good and kept over acting. I know that she was playing a desperate actress trying to make it, but it just didn't translate for me. I really liked the other people in it so I continued to watch. By the end of the film I was exhausted! Tanna Frederick clearly was not made for this part! Too much emotion, too intense, too eager even for this character, it was painful. I could tell that she was acting! NOT A GOOD SIGN! Besides the delightful part of Karen Black and a job well done by the other cast members. I would never recommend this movie to anyone!
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