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The Grey (2011)
Unrealistic on all accounts
16 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
As soon as they survived the crash I had problems. All that metal, tubing, wiring, and they did not use any of it to make weapons. Ottway had 12 Ga shotgun shells for a rifle. I kept shouting - find the rifle!! When he did - he threw it away even though he could have used it. Why go to the trees when they had the plane's wreckage for shelter? If they had a knife - make spears once in the trees. I would have had a bunch of them with me. - Maybe even a bow to extend my reach. When the storm started - make a shelter, with punji stakes all around. How did the wolves ( presumably the same ones that stalked them) get down the cliff, and if that was their den at the end - how did they climb up to begin with. AND why would the wolves go up to the tundra when they had a den next to the river in the forest?? AND of course - no guns or knives are allowed in carry on. I've traveled too much and spent too much time in wilderness environments to forget what I know and just enjoy the movie.
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Playhouse 90: Alas, Babylon (1960)
Season 4, Episode 14
I too remember this on TV
9 July 2011
I too was a student in N Florida - Pensacola - when this aired. In fact Pensacola was specifically mentioned as one of the targets - ".. there goes Pensacola". The hair on the back of my neck stood up. My dad was in the navy which is why we lived there and it was a target. Later in Jr.High school drama almost became reality during the 1962 Cuban Missle crisis - all our desks were turned away from the window - air raid drills, etc. I even had neighbors with fallout shelters in their back yards - we would use them during sleep overs!! Wow In later years while stationed in Germany and facing the East Block for real every time we had NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) training I remembered that episode of Playhouse 90 and the scary feeling because we lived at ground zero.
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Changeling (2008)
WOW - Oscar Material!
11 October 2009
What I thought would be just another mediocre Jolie flick quickly turned into a gripping, glued-to-the-seat drama. Angeline Jolie is superb in this true story about the 1920's LAPD, and the lengths they went to prove her wrong. Mr. Eastwood again rewards us with a film reminiscent of all his past works combined. Jolie and Eastwood need to expand on this new found relationship and give us more, more, more!!!! The cinematography alone is Oscar worthy, and I will be really disappointed if this film is not nominated for Oscars all around. I rarely buy DVDs anymore, but I will purchase this one as a keeper. As a history buff I am thankful that Eastwood and company have enlightened us and made us aware of this dark period in LA's past.
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