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A Quiet Place (2018)
Illogical... Flawed and quite stupid.
7 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler alert...

Don't read before watching... Or read if not planning to watch... I'd recommend the second option...

The family knows that higher sound levels will hide the lower sounds... And the father actually showed the son how they can yell and shout beside a waterfall... Any sane group of people would immediately think... Hey... What a wonderful place to live at... We can talk and do normal things as long as the waterfall sound can mask it...

The father has a whole range of electronics and showed he knows how to make them work... Maybe it's just me... But I'd have my fun with the aliens by hooking up a hundred speakers all over the place on top of trees and under rocks etc... and then sit on the silo making each one make a sound alternately... By making some sound on one, then a minute later sound another a few miles away and on and on...the entertainment would be watching the aliens rush to one and then to the other until they run themselves dizzy... When the entertainment is over... They can all go back to their waterfall home and laugh themselves silly...

If the movie followed this plan... It'd be done in 20 minutes... Assuming the first 15 minutes are needed to set up the story... And even we can only handle watching aliens run around in circles for no more than 2-3 minutes... The last 2 minutes are the family back at their waterfall laughing and joshing about the day's entertainment and eating as loudly as they please...

So there... Was going to give this movie a zero... But I like Emily Blunt in Edge of it gets a 2...(in that one, she kicked arse... In this one... Not so much...)
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Hugely looking forward to, and extremely disappointed by...
25 May 2017
Have been waiting for this for ages...

But was so disappointed by it.

Really sad that movies these days will always choose to meet the lowest level possible...and Hollywood seem to have forgotten the difference between smart funny and mindlessly stupid... many of the scenes might be considered funny if this were a cartoon...and even then, it'd be a stretch for anyone older than 7...making the audience cringe uncomfortably is not humour...

CGI does not make a movie when the story is forced, the jokes are lame (in this case, very lame) and realism in the story setting doesn't even hold true...

Johnny Depp could be so much better but I guess he took this as the latest large paycheck with little or no interest. The two younger leads tried and fail to carry the film. Very little chemistry between the cast members...just badly done.

Disaster all around...wouldn't even watch it for free if I had known...I want my time and money back please... 2/10
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Life (I) (2017)
So much little logic...
24 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Great start and I was riveted for the first 20 or so minutes...then the plot fell over from a lack of logic and slid further and further away from reality.

If the whole story was crap from the start, just from the filming and acting, I might have given this a 3 or even 5...but for something so promising to turn bad from just before the half way mark was extremely disappointing and frustrating.

As said...the beginning was nice and though there were some misplaced work ethics and contradictions, it was acceptable and we can put them down to human character flaws...

Some examples of what killed it for me...spoiler ahead...

The commander decided to not come back in to the station and instead leave the creature outside...why didn't she just push herself away...she should know that in space...a light push will keep her going forever...instead, she allowed the creature a chance to cling back onto the space station...heroic maybe, but not smart (a non-scientific-minded commander of a space station?).

Miranda and David found out that they can track the creature's movement. At that same time, Sho is still hiding in the sleep pod and to them, he is still missing and without comms...wouldn't the immediate normal human (team)reaction is to find and bring back the third last surviving member of the group? They trapped the creature in one area. Shouldn't, wouldn't they try to 'kill' it when it is trapped? No...doing something would be more taxing than just chatting with each other.

The part where Sho opened the door to the 'rescue' shuttle and air started rushing out...all three of them looked like they were hanging on for dear life not to be 'sucked' away...yet once they decide that Sho is dead and lost, the two of them can scramble away like normal zero gravity...huh?? Were they just acting out the struggle with rushing air? In the same scene...many people have died and their anger and repulsion for the creature is well known...yet, when the creature crawled from Sho to Miranda, she kept on holding him to allow it to crawl onto her...try that with a rat or a spider and we all know that it is not normal for a person repulsed by something to keep holding on like that... Instead, Sho must act the hero to rip the creature back onto himself to save her...if he had wanted to save her, he should have let go when he realised he couldn't shake the creature...

The creature was floating around outside the space station for quite a long time...but they decide at the end that it needed oxygen to survive (like humans? can we float around outside a space station for more than 2 minutes- even assuming we can handle the decompression like the creature can???) and in fact would hug an oxygen producer is laughable...please...before filming start...decide if the creature needs oxygen!!! (or love oxygen in fact)

David put the escape pod into manual mode so that he can fly himself and the creature out to deep space...and while I understand the creature is very smart and learns quickly...but so quickly that it can fly the escape pod back for a re-entry? Wow...a half degree off would either skip the pod back out to space or dive too steeply and incinerate the pod...but it did the improbable...perfect re-entry control without lessons or prior practise....frigging brilliant...

There were many more like these but I lost interest not much later after the commander died and the rest preferred to cry instead of dealing a serious didn't register much of the less glaring...

A possible Alien level movie failed by poor scripting and story...could have been a real classic...but sadly no...Hollywood's thinking that we must like space movies because the CGI is impressive needs to change...they should have a re-look at Alien, Sunshine, Moon and The Martian and understand that space can be a great movies backdrop but logic MUST still be strictly earth-bound if it involves humans...

Not yet offensive to the intellect but just sad and unrealistic.
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Suicide Squad (2016)
4 August 2016
For the budget and start power... This was a total waste of time.

I so want to like and enjoy this movie... But I simply couldn't...

Over the top acting...

Unrealistic story line...

Lousy interactions...

Even the bad guys are terrible at being bad...

Batman... Hahaha... Utterly crap and needs a new bat-suit... This is an imitation Batman I need 10 lines but can't think of anything thing remotely decent to say about this movie...

Oh... Will Smith... Missed the disaster of independence day but crapped out here instead...

To anyone reading this...I implore you... don't waste your time and money... Don't even watch it on TV for free... I'm certain you'll find more joy watching grass grow...

1.5 out of 10... Some OK explosions...
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Alien tech means logic is no longer needed...
22 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
How stupid do the script writers think the viewing audience is?

If the movie were made for four year olds, it would be an insult to their intelligence....

Great first 10 minutes or so then we are expected to leave logic and believability behind...

Making no sense doesn't seem to bother the director and producers...

The sphere can set up a planet to teach all other civilizations how to defend against the bad aliens...and it's credentials for doing so? Their planet got wiped out by said aliens and even the lower intelligence earthlings, using replicated, imitated weapons ripped from the bad aliens can shoot it down over the moon...yeah...great teachers they'll be...

The Queen can survive a fusion bomb blast but her shield falls under minor weapon fires...

The Queen can control all the alien ships but yeah, let the two hero's craft shoot at her for fun before taking over control...

And having all her fighters surround her...I guess to offer her protection...but they just kept flying round and round like an amusement park ride when the two rogue fighters decide to attack her...

An ex president's daughter who no longer flies can just commandeer a fly alongside her father, who couldn't walk properly in the beginning of the film but can still fly a new age jet...all the air forces around the world obviously overdoing their pilot screening a tad...

The list goes on and on...I can't be bothered to write them all down or I might be writing an entire new script or story line...

I want my time and money well as compensation for ruining my fond memory of the first film...
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Solace (II) (2015)
Quite brilliant...
18 June 2016
Really liked this movie.

The feeling I got at the end of the film was similar to after watching The 6th sense...that I had to run the whole movie through in my mind to rethink what I missed or misinterpreted.

The story took me in from the start and never let go until the end. And while none of the usual categories will win any award, the whole had enough balance and grip to keep me on board for the ride...and what a ride.

As entertainment, it was excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys thinking the story through while it is being told...and long after...

Look forward to watching it again to check if I missed anything.
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Criminal (2016)
Enjoyable and worth watching...
9 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Really enjoyed the first part of the me on the edge of my seat for the first half hour...and from there, hooked me into the plot for the rest of the ride...

What kinda spoilt it for me was Gary Oldman's character...someone who is supposedly quite high up in the CIA, acting like a little child throwing tantrums in almost every scene he's in is frankly ridiculous and unrealistic. That he is always one step behind doesn't help too. Could someone so incompetent and with such poor human interaction skills rise up so high in any bureaucratic organisation? A tad over-acting on his part perhaps?

Other than that, the film was very good...until the end.

I wish they left Jericho the way he was...let the memory fade and everyone goes back to their lives as before...forcing a 'happy' ending is the weak link in the plot. What is she suppose to do with him now? Or him with his new identity, for that matter?

It is sci-fi...not a fairy tale...making one little girl happy took so much from the plot that it didn't make sense to me. Even showing that he didn't relate to the little girl at the end and the guy in the jeep had to put Jericho down would be a better (more realistic)ending...

Nevertheless...I enjoyed the movie and would recommend my friends to watch it. Good job Kevin...almost forgot that you're still around.

Easily 7 out of 10
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The Intern (I) (2015)
A feel good movie with a weak ending...
6 October 2015
The movie and story started well and in fact was enjoyable throughout.

One problem with so-called 'chick flicks' is they try too hard to end it like a fairy tale...which negates trying to build the characters at the beginning. No story in real life ends happily ever after in all ways...trying to close off all loops in the nicest possible way leaves a sour taste for me because I feel cheated that I bought into the story for so long...

I'd still recommend this movie though, as I found it enjoyable for the most part...just not the ending few minutes.

It's a shame really because the first hour was great and I started to care about the characters...but by the time I walked out of the cinema, there was a mild annoyance of even bothering to care...

Overall, this is a solid 6.5
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The Martian (2015)
Great experience...
4 October 2015

Interstellar and Gravity crew and attention and learn...This is how to tell a story...

Being science fiction, I'm sure there are plenty of plot holes...but...when the story telling is gripping and the characters are people the audience can root for, we usually won't care as much and more willing to be sucked into what's going on....

Didn't even feel the time pass...that's a true test of a good movie...

Entertaining and absorbing, I'd recommend any sci-fi fan out there...scratch that, any drama fan...scratch that, any movie fan to go watch's a gem...

Easily 8.5...
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Interstellar (2014)
Decent Visuals but very lazy story telling...
11 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly, I quite like the movie in terms of visuals and the sound track. About 10 minutes in though, I find myself wishing for sub-titles as the actors' voices are inaudible. (I like MM but where is Clooney when we need him?)

Now, the story idea is not half bad except Nolan misunderstood the meaning of Sci-Fi...the fiction part of 'Science Fiction' refers to the science portion of a narrative, not the human story. Leaps of faith can be justified with stretching science, especially in areas not fully understood/known by people. The human part of the story has to be true for the audience to relate to (unless there is a setting in the story for human evolution that makes them different to what we are now.)

Too many illogical human behaviours are just strung together to move this along and I believe Nolan hoped that the great visuals will distract us from thinking about what is going on. I will highlight a few that ruined the movie for me, even though plenty more were present. Watch out...spoilers below!

1)Murph had experienced the 'ghost' from a young age yet didn't know who it might be; yet, when we find out that the 'ghost' is Cooper, she suddenly comes to the same realisation?!? That is of course essential to the story or otherwise she will not take what he transmits seriously, yet there is no reason for her to link the 'ghost' to her father. He could have easily added a message of 'This is your dad' to her, but he never did; and even if he had, it wouldn't work with the younger Murph...if he had located the older Murph (when she was retrieving her stuff), then maybe it will make more sense...very lazy story telling here as it could have been easy to add (maybe 20 seconds of screen time?). This one thing is key to the later part of the movie and without it; the movie couldn't go along the lines it did.

2)Assuming we accept that Tor and Cooper did work out the mystery of the black hole that relates to their calculation and he transmitted all the data through her watch. Even if she did figure out that it's a message from her dad (or from someone important), she wasn't paying attention to the message. It is like tuning in to a radio talk show (on serious maths no less) mid-way through a program, there is no way for her to decipher the full message if she missed the first large chunk of what was sent.

3)He knew that the message 'Stay' wouldn't work to keep him on the ground. Shouldn't he try a different message? Of course, that would change history and likely Nolan didn't want to go near this paradox...but this is Sci-Fi and I'd welcome the debate that would bring...instead, he rehashes the same old, knowing it wouldn't work.

4)Young Murph was understandably upset with her dad when he left...but she becomes part of mission control? Hang on...she has firsthand knowledge of what her father is up to... she knows about plan A, Plan B and the importance of the mission...yet, she wouldn't send him a message? If she became someone outside the scientific field, I can at least accept her continued anger, but putting her in mission control makes it unacceptable. (She should at least be so upset that she wants no part of a mission control which sent her dad away. Otherwise, she should understand why he had to go. )

5) Murph has a space station named after her so she has some cloud on 'her' space station. When she suggested that Coop goes to Brand, she could help with getting him a spacecraft. Instead, he had to steal one...really? Security is not a concern in the future? A guy who has been out of the loop for almost a century just walks into and starts up a craft, knows all the correct codes to open air locks and even the way out?? (Maybe unlike now, aerospace technology does not improve in a century?)

The above really killed the movie for me.


A) If according to their plan, skimming just outside the gravity field to go into the water planet quickly, they surely didn't spend 3+ hours there. How did it translate to 23 years? (Well, I spent almost 3 hours watching this nonsense, so maybe it is possible. Not in the way it was shown though.)

B) If all of Cooper's electronics failed on entering the black hole, how did TOR survive? TOR is fully electronics! Poor story telling as this could be explained under sci-fi rules yet wasn't done.

C) Why would Murph travel 2 years to the space station, with all her family in tow, to visit her father...yet on seeing him, sends him away?

D) Dr Mann and Cooper walked to the edge of the cliff...yet Brand takes a few minutes on a spacecraft to reach there? She took so long that Dr Mann had the time to WALK back to the station to board the other spacecraft, before they FLY back. Ridiculous! (Nolan, this is not a commercial flight... flying cannot be so much slower than walking by any stretch of the imagination.)

Overall, without a logical human story, Interstellar is just a decent visual and sound show...its almost 3 hours play time is too long when audience is not absorbed into the tale.

I gave it a 5 because I did enjoy some part of the movie (the effects and sound), otherwise, it would get a 3.5 out of 10. Almost 3 hours in a cinema is way too much for this lazily told story. (Plus, there's a chance you'll age 23 years.) I sure wouldn't watch it again.
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Prisoners (2013)
Great promise but lazy execution
3 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The first 20 or so minutes was promising and I was gripped by what might unfold...then it fell apart with too many illogical and unrealistic actions by (supposedly normal) people to 'force' the plot, which doesn't make for good story telling.

Too many times, the question of 'why is he/she doing that?' pulls me out of the movie sequence and after an hour, I was forced to be a critic instead of being absorbed by the story. To the movie's credit, it kept giving me hope that things will be explained later, but sadly, more illogical actions by the main characters dashed my hopes, and by the mid-point, my mind went to 'whatever' mode and stopped caring about the story.

Very sloppy police work - 10 hours of interrogation of a mentally-challenged suspect, without once bringing in an expert to try to coax some truth out; In fact, all interrogations are a waste of time (All three suspects) and the police seem to be okay with learning nothing; a detective who is a loner and 'rambo' all crime scenes by himself, and never once discusses the case with anyone else; When following a suspect, he allows a truck to keep honking him instead of moving out of the way to stay undiscovered? Must be a new surveillance method; a captain who acts like a security guard on a fairly high-profile case, never once directing his people on the investigation nor ever seemed to be interested in the case; Cuff a suspect but leaves him right beside the main door while going deeper into the house searching various rooms? In real life, the suspect would try to make a break for it, surely!; Shoot a suspect, and being shot in the process, but wait, a child is hurt, so let's not even check if the suspect is dead or call it in, just drive to a hospital with blood obscuring his view. Great, a car chase wouldn't make sense for the plot, so let's add this to pump up the adrenaline. Stupid!; stop digging because the ground is frozen, really? Urgency is not valued in police work. Anyone who has seen even one episode of CSI will shake head at how poor the investigators are at treating the case and evidence. The search scene shows a rather large police force, yet on a case with multiple suspects and leads, 'lone ranger' goes it alone. Conveniently, all the clues are on the internet because the police couldn't link various cases of missing children to find some common treads in a (supposedly - due to the 'redneck' style police work) small community; DNA tracing and finger printing must be too new to this police department so that the plot can keep going without the disruption from truth or logic. The main suspect's parents 'died in a car accident'? Let's not check his background and his parents' names.

Very strange crisis-management/grieving process - one mother resigns to sadness and spends her time in bed medicated; another mother sits at home staring at old photos. Hang on, the children are not known to be dead yet, shouldn't they try to do something? No, it's easier to grief instead of looking. Why is Dover doing all the running around? And, four parents, each seem to do their own thing, unknown to their respective partners, are allowed to carry on. No one wants to 'band' together to discuss how to find their missing children, they just want to rage in their own way. A new family structure? Terrible villains - The priest who knows a dead man is in his basement, but keeps it to himself. Maybe he didn't kill the guy, but a priest is not bound by silence when known crimes are committed (kidnapping and killing children cannot be said to require the vow of silence, surely)...perhaps, he wanted in on the action? But then why let the guy die and then keep the body?; Dover becomes a kidnapper and torturer, in the hope of learning the truth, but he never gives his captive a chance to speak...every time the captive says something, instead of coaxing more out of him, he goes on a yelling rage of 'tell me'...mate, shut the f**K up and listen, maybe he is trying to tell you something. Then he cleverly constructs a box so that he cannot hear what his captive says...this means he only wants to torture the guy and not extract information as the main objective of the exercise; The old auntie seem to be an experienced abductor and child killer, yet wouldn't shoot a man threatening to reveal her true identity...why toy with him when children are her real targets? He is just an obstacle to her pursuits, so shoot him in the head already and throw him into the hole and be done with it...but noooo, we need the last whistle scene to close out the story. She can bound and gag the children when Dover comes to visit, but would lead the detective to the child (With open door no less) instead of getting rid of him before killing the child; and if her real objective is to rage against god by killing children, why keep the children alive for 6 days? Are there 'auspicious' days to kill children that we weren't told in the story? All in all, the movie has enough to keep audiences watching, but their minds must be switched off to accept the story development. Based on the plot alone, there is no reason to watch after the first half an hour. Acting is brilliant when compared to the script and maybe that is the ticket; have a terrible script so that the actors can make use of their talents to keep the audience watching. When I say brilliant, I do not mean good, I just mean it is much better than the script. What a waste of talent on this 'didn't-think-it-through' crime caper.
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Absolute crap...minor spoiler alert
9 April 2014
A zombie movie trying to go sci-fi...lame, predictable and nonsensical. Even my 7 years old nephew laughed at these supposed-astronauts acting all school-child-like and making idiotic decisions...might have been better if they moved the setting to an old mining town, then again, maybe not that much better with the script they have...

Together with Gravity; seems they send just anyone out to space these days.

Don't waste your time on this load of rubbish.

My 2 is given for some effort in costume and the movie set...otherwise, it's a negative 1.
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Snowpiercer (2013)
What a gem of a movie...
1 January 2014
Love the movie.

Hugely thought provoking and entertaining at the same time.

There are some minor plot holes here and there but none were enough to detract from enjoying the movie. A 2 hour movie cannot be expected to develop all the characters like in a book, but enough information is given for the viewers to work out most of the 'unsaid'.

Simply brilliant! One of few movies that makes me want to re-watch over again to confirm things I might have missed.

The morale to me is simple: don't mess with things in ways we do not know how to recover from. We all have ideas on how life can be improved, but the knock-on effect might end up killing life as we know it. From the beginning, where an experiment gone wrong triggered the chain of events in the movie, right up to the end where most of the characters kept plugging away on 'missions' they believe is just and right, yet end up spoiling things on the bigger stage.

Makes one wonder, is a shitty life better than no life? Do the privileged really have life so good? (And from who's perspective?) Lovely movie that asks many questions and provokes us to ponder them.

Highly recommended for anyone who likes movies that make them think. (Surprisingly though, I think even those who only want action, bloodbaths and no thinking types of movies will also find this movie enjoyable.)

I'd go as far as giving it 9.5 but the minor plot-holes gets 1 point deducted from an overall great movie...8.5 for's quite an experience...
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Action without thought to plot
10 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Not a bad film in terms of action but with plot holes from beginning to end, one just couldn't feel connected to the characters. Seem all the director was interested in was throwing more action in, in lieu of a story. So much so that the McClanes are depicted as super soldiers who cannot be stopped. This is not Die Hard, it is Universal Soldiers. This movie has more plot-holes than Swiss cheese.

  • That the minister would reveal his plan of blackmailing Komarov, right in front of all the prison guards, showed him to be such a poor politician/tactician that he should not have made it so high up in any hierarchy.

  • An American shoots a Russian 'kingpin' (no real mention of who the guy in the club is) and didn't get 'special' treatment in a Russian jail is far-fetched; surely someone would rough him up some just for fun?

  • The court house gets bombed and everybody dies or evacuates, yet the two main characters (prisoners, no less) suffer not a scratch, and walk out without any policemen looking for them.

  • To have an SUV/MPV beat an armoured vehicle on the streets on brute strength and built quality is totally ludicrous, even if the SUV is made by Mercedes Benz.

  • As dumb as a newly-arrived American in Russia, even John McClane should know better to hide from people who will open fire at policemen. Yet there he was, having just escaped alive from a car crash, without any weapons, decides to call out to the automatic-weapon wielding, freely-firing mobsters, along the lines of: hey, here I am, shoot me if you dare! Are Americans bullet-proof when overseas, like Superman when on earth?

  • Snipers (understandably, with them wanting him alive) shoots Komarov in the arm, but got a perfect head shot on the CIA operative. Now, when Jack and Komarov being the people they are after, Jack not getting shot at seemed illogical.

  • Being a CIA safe house and not an army amoury, having a Rambo-styled machine gun just sitting on a table top at John's convenience is laughable. Makes 007 look silly to have to use cool gadgets and wit instead of simply reaching for more fire power. Alas, that's for MI6's to improve upon, perhaps.

  • With an army of 'special forces' like personnel storming a CIA safe house, the planner did not even consider putting a few men on the ground is unforgivable. Yet there they were, our heroes jogged to safety on the streets, and even able to take a break to take care of the wound. I thought they were going to get coffee and cake, well, I was hankering for some at that point.

  • Yes, forget for a second how John got his hands free from being bound, two men muscling out a team of men with automatic weapons makes entertaining watching. The director, sadly, decided to put in a bullet proof bar counter for our heroes to hide behind. Does the movie production team understand the awful power these weapons actually have? Obviously not since they decided to add enough time for father and son to have some family bonding time as the bad guys are shooting at them.

  • If machine guns are not powerful enough to hurt our heroes, maybe a helicopter gun ship might? Nope, clearly not. These guns that can penetrate tanks merely tickled our heroes as they run through the flying bullets and shrapnel, jump through the window, and as luck will have it, lands on a platform merely feet below...they still had to scramble many floors to ground. Meanwhile, more gun fired at them, yet our heroes land with minor scratches only; Hey, I had more cuts, bruises and blood flowing, from a rock climbing incident, and that was just me against the rocks, from less than 15 feet high and with me using all safety equipment available.

  • Jack had a piece of metal stuck in his belly, a wound that would kill or at least render most people incapacitated in real life, simply gets daddy to pull it out and after that was as good as new. We really should send father and son teams into battle, always.

By this point, I kinda lost interest with the plot and contemplated the whole American mission to the middle east...why send an army when two guys will do?

  • Two people taking out an army of armed thugs is not impossible with a well planned manouevre but to find enough weapons for a mini war (hand grenades even? What are these Russians on?) in the back of a stolen car, disregarding radioactivity and going with their gut seem to their best play here. Really? I suddenly found my movie snack more absorbing. The rest of the unlikely plot lost my attention, though to be fair, the plot lost me a while back. I was watching to see what other crap they wanted me to swallow, and by this point, I didn't even care about that any more.

Shallow plot, characters that we don't really care about and mindless action for the sake of action make this movie not worth watching. If you have a couple of hours to kill and want to watch a Bruce Willis action movie...pop in a Die Hard 1 (the original) DVD instead. Even if you have watched that many times over, it will still be more entertaining than this one. You have been warned...lose almost 2 hours of your life at your own risk. (Thank goodness it is the shortest Die Hard ever)

Because I like quite a few of the movies in this franchise, I'll be generous and give it 2.5...
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What a disappointment
1 September 2012
I want my 2 hours back!!! The movie started promisingly, with plenty of scope and possible directions to make the story interesting. However, the plot never really takes off and the is hardly any logic in what happens.

It went from bad to worse when unnecessary chase scenes were crammed into the story and seem the production team ran out of ideas by the time the movie ran for 20 minutes. Plenty of location shots but very little thought to the plot.

The trouble is that the movie never drew me in and after a while, I was left with a 'who cares' and 'whatever' mentality.

Not worth the money to pay to watch at cinemas, and I wouldn't even watch it at home on DVD.

A sad sad excuse for a movie.

2 is as high as I can go on's really a 1 to 1.5 out of 10 level movie...
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The Happening (2008)
Contender for the worst of the year...maybe ever??
6 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
What a waste of time!! The only thing I got out of this movie was when my mate asked me if I knew why the people were leaping off the roof at the start of the movie...I shook my head...and he said...they must have been forced to watch "the Happening'...burst of laughter all round...

The first few minutes were not bad...drew me in with a huge WTF...

But then the poor acting by the whole cast made it cringe-worthy after that...and within 10 minutes, I was dumbfounded...thinking this really can't get any worse....surely, it has to get never did.

By the mid-way point, I was actually rooting for the plants (if that is indeed correct...) to kill off the entire cast so we can leave...

I would have walked out had I not been with a group of friends and for not wishing to ruin their experience...sadly...on exiting the cinema, everyone of them said exactly the same thing...meaning all of us would have walked out...

Don't get me wrong, the movie was well-shot...some scenes were breathtakingly beautiful...but the trouble started when they tried to put in what they dared call a script/plot and of course adding actors with lousy acting didn't help...none of the actors were believable...I mean, yeah...everyone is killing themselves around this couple with an escape car just had to go home to pack hot dogs...yeah, why not?!?!?! On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best movie ever....this movie is at best a -5 (that's negative 5)...

Keep your money and save yourself some time...watching grass grow would be less irritating...and make far more sense...

Giving it a zero would be harsh since it does have actors in it... so it gets a 0.5 out of 10...make that a 0.5 FFS...
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