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My my, who directed this?
13 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Where to start? The technical aspect. The lighting in a dark theater, can't see a thing. Maybe it's realistic (or low budget), but I want to SEE what's going on. The sound, good, except for that funny Italian accent. Now the chewing. Anyone who reads the book of Acts, will notice Saul, who becomes Paul has scales fall off his eyes....not here! Then when the Lord talks to Saul, it's done in a horrible (to me) artsy way. It could have been dramatic, but I found almost no interest. I was bored.
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A yawner.
3 February 2018
First of all, Jack Lemmon's character is the most annoying passenger in an airliner. Asking stupid questions like..."" Is this flight going to be thirty minutes longer?"". And the stewardess (as they were called back then)" Says, "That's what the pilot just said, and he knows more than me". And what she really wanted to say was, ""No shit, you got ears?".

I'm surprised his wife didn't tell him to shut up, and stop asking questions.

Now, for all you history buffs, this was filmed in 1970. And we see an airliner being loaded at the rear exit. Now, the rear stairs are what DB Cooper used in his robbery. And they were built into the airliner. All gone now due to weight.

And, in the old days, you could film aboard a real airliner in flight. So, just for the 70s filming, 5 stars.

Not a favorite, again, because the talking would drive you nuts.
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Star Trek Continues: Lolani (2014)
Season 1, Episode 2
Unusually good!
5 January 2018
Well, I will say of all the fan based episodes, the STORY is right out of TOS. Very good, we have politics, slavery, morals. Just like a TOS episode. And it was nice to see Erin Gray on the view screen. And Lou Ferigno too.

For a fan based effort, this is EXCELLENT. Now I plan to watch more.

Again, the story alone really was good. The sets are good. If they had more budget, they could have had the Tellurite ship interior. And the acting is getting good, with hits from the TOS. for example, Spock, has a few clever and logical things to say.
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Blackbeard (2006– )
Good Overall
13 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As other reviews have said, the outfits are too bright, ships are too clean. But, surprisingly, I found it quite entertaining. Using real ships on the high seas is a plus. Richard Chamberlain does well as the governor on the island. And I thought the sets were pretty good.

Again, quite a nice few hours to spend. 7 stars.
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The technical aspect
3 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am watching this movie with a 96 year old Royal Navy veteran.

Now, when the sub clears the bridge, ready to dive, the officer puts his foot on a lever. The lever closed the voice tubes. Now, in every American movie, we never see this. I wonder if our subs USED voice tubes or microphones. Or we just never showed it.

The sub was a T type.

Also, the chlorine gas was from sea water getting into the batteries.

Now, the movie was quite realistic, with a few quirks. The sub is reported overdue..... and then we cut to the guys on the sub waking up. I don't think they were knocked out for two hours.

Acting is excellent, and the sets are good for the budget. A nice realistic touch is when the men got into the 'gun hatch'. Clearly showed how cramped it was, and opening the valves. Nicely done.

Nine stars!

PS, the RN man was on the Trenchant, a British sub in WWII. He had quite an adventure.
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I saw the restored 4.5 version........Slow as molasses.
10 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, this is a 45 minute short story, stretched way out to four and a half hours. First, the good. The atmosphere, although slow, is effective. We can see how people really lived. The money was well spent on buildings, costumes, trains. It rates highly, there.

Story, a simple story really. Which I won't give away, but the pace is many have said, slow. We really don't get to know the characters, but maybe that's the way the director wanted it. After a while, we do find out who wants the land, and why.

You could look at it like this, when you first meet someone, you really don't know them. Takes a while. That is how I would describe this movie. Takes a while to get to the bottom of it.

Maybe the director wanted it that way. To slow for my taste. Three stars for the sets and decoration.
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About as lame as it gets.
19 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Where to start? Gee, very slow too. Now let's see, we have a bunch of armed soldiers on a train (and no pistols), and the natives just over come them all. And the leader of the soldiers comes in. Does he draw his weapon? Nope, and Tarzan sends him packing.

And then we have 1000 more soldiers camped out. With a Maxim machine gun. And the animals and natives over run them in about.... oh... two- three minutes.

In the original Tarzan, both sides take losses.

Even the 'catch up to the train using a shortcut' had no excitement.

Redbox was only two bucks, and thankfully I could fast forward it.

And the CGI animals..... spare me. About as real as the latest Planet of the Apes movie.

At least the sets, uniforms and such looked good, hence... two stars.
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Oliver Twist (2005)
Nobody will like this review...
11 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Now, I like Polanski's movies. But this movie saw SLOW as molasses. Now, the sets, costumes, all look great. The filming, the accents felt like England at that time. The feel of London, the ages where children roamed the streets and stole food, because they had nothing. But as we watched it, I just thought it was WAY to slow.

It showed a good look at the rich and the poor at the time. And justice, there was none for the children, really, and I'm sure that's the way it was.

People, the harlots, just trying to eek out a living.

Two stars for the sets and costumes. But slow.....
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Interstellar (2014)
Choppy, and way too long.
20 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I went into this movie with high hopes. Glad I had a DVD to fast forward.

Spoilers spoilers spoilers.... OK, the crops are dying and we have a new dust bowl, so far, so good. But it went on and on. (and on and on....and on and on) And as another reviewer pointed out, we have this secret underground NASA base just a stones throw from where his farm is. Uh Huh. OK, So, gee, he 'wanders in'..and will leave the next day on the hidden spaceship to save the world!

I buy that, don't you?

Now, it did have a GREAT idea, as we go through the wormhole, we 'could' pop out at a different time. Forward in time , and 'MAYBE' backward. OK, this could get interesting, could they pop out BEFORE the dust bowl and return to earth? (and save the world?)


But they do find the other astronauts who went out before them, but I won't give that part away. Land on a few planets.

And the robot, at first, I thought, what a CHEAP looking robot, but I took a liking to it. 'He' actually saves the day. His name is TARS. Kind of liked him.

I gave it one star to balance out those 9 stars.
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Bonanza: The Legacy (1963)
Season 5, Episode 11
The Cartwright boys are out for blood!
6 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Well, this was quite a "who done it". I was pleasantly surprised. Basically, a much more serious tone to this story.. The boys think their dad is killed by a poacher. And they go off a looking for them.

But along the way, three men released from prison get the blame.

But, is one of them the supposed killer? And a poacher? Watch and find out!

James Doohan and James Best in supporting roles.

I'm not a big Bonanza watcher, but this episode is very very good. If Bonanza ever gets redone, I hope the stories are this good.

Ten stars.
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Interesting, to a degree.
12 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Only three stars. First, a glaring mistake. When the map of April 1943 is shown to President Roosevelt, is clearly shows Vichy France. Which no longer existed after November 1942. A similar map is used in 1944. Doesn't anyone check a history book?

I will agree, this movie is interesting, but poorly structured. For example, we have no clue as to how the extra soldiers were ordered to help the 'Monuments Men'(MM). The MM find a mine loaded with art, then suddenly, 100s of men and trucks show up to retrieve it. And yet earlier, a MM, could not even get two extra soldier as guards to go with him.

As far as the sets and equipment, it gets a passing grade. The Kubelwagen was a nice touch.

Three stars, that's it.
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Terra Nova (2011)
Overall, very good Sci-Fi...spoilers!
26 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I saw this tonight for the first time. I'm not an avid TV watcher. The plot is simple, our earth is polluted. We have found a time warp/fracture and we can send folks way back into time to start over.

So the premise is good. I can see Irwin Allen liking this!

Now, they settle on a farm/settlement, it's fenced in, to protect from the dinosaurs. Some are friendly vegetarian dino's and some are meat eating, tail whipping, angry dino's.

Naturally, the kids don't obey the adults and sneak outside the can guess what happens....

We have a faction of folks who got there earlier, and have their own settlement, the Sixes (got there on the sixth transfer back in time). They are the baddies.

That's a short summary, now for my thoughts...the main actor, Jason O'Mara does fine acting, he's the main lead. Some of the style is like the recent Battlestar Galactica and the plot developed quickly. Good story build up, and we get to learn about the sub-plots, and the characters, their lives. Sometimes it's too short and to the point. Maybe that's a good thing.

The sets and graphics are nice, very nice for a TV production. The camera shakes a bit too much, with the action scenes. Quality writing and acting will make this a very good show, I hope they keep it up, Overall, a solid 8, even a 10, compared to most TV today.
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Excellent Sci-fi drama, with the right amount of action and build up.
18 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Were do I start? This is what Lost In Space could have been. I agree with other reviews, the background of the people and plot is well done. We get a feel of what is going on, but no predictability, like so many movies.

The only copy I know of, is the DVD one, that looks like a poor VHS tape. I sure would like to see the original.

Here is what makes this...GOOD. I sat down to watch this with some friends and kids, they thought it was really good. (They know I love the old show!)

So, a 'might have been' sitting in a WB vault somewhere. Production value is good, overall. I didn't car for the new robot, but everything else, including the new Jupiter II, looks great.
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Planet of the Apes (2001 Video Game)
A very good game with a GREAT story
4 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I can't believe the low rating for this game. It was one of the last games fully developed for PS1. Over 1000 lines of dialog.

Graphics are good for a PS1 game. Not up to todays standards, but very good for a PS1.

I have played it several times, and my daughter too.

The storyline is different from the movies but a mix of the original book, and the 1968 movie.

Lot's of exploring to do.

I HIGHLY recommend this game. You can get it for $5 -$10 on eBay. John the Sci-Fi fan.
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Star Trek: Voyager: Future's End (1996)
Season 3, Episode 8
One of the best 'Time Travel' episodes
10 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I won't give much away, but this is one of my favorite episodes.

Voyager, due to a Temporal space anomaly, that is man made, flies WAY back to 1996 L.A. Great street scenes. Tuvok says "I don't think they would have noticed if we were in our uniforms". Something to that effect.

This is where the Dr. gets his portable "Holomitter". From the past? watch and find out!

Great performance by Sarah Silverman, Ed Begley, and the regular cast of Voyager.

Considering the TV budget, it's EXCELLENT quality, including early CGI.

I gave it 9 stars, great Science fiction!
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Star Trek: Voyager: The Cloud (1995)
Season 1, Episode 5
Overall, not what a captain would do.
19 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a big fan of Voyager. I just signed up for NETFLIX, and I will watch the whole series, star to finish.


Voyager see a cloud, and goes to investigate. I understand that, to EXPLORE. It's human nature. But at some point, military training MUST take over. After all, it'a captains' DUTY to protect his or her ship. Voyager enters the 'cloud' and gets trapped, and blasts it's way out. 14 crewmen hurt. The 'cloud' is a living thing, and hurt by the Voyager entering it.

So what's JANEWAY going to do? Goes back in to HEAL the 'cloud'.

First of all, I don't think any captain would risk casualties, or the whole ship, to heal the 'cloud'.

Second, in TOS, there was always another opinion (Balance of Terror, for example), where Capt'n Kirk would ask for other view, like any good commander.

I'm sure if Capt'n Janeway asked for thoughts about going back into the 'cloud' someone would have said "You nuts for risking the ship".

Like the Dodo bird, Janeway should have sailed off, and not worried about the 'cloud'.
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Combat!: The Walking Wounded (1963)
Season 1, Episode 30
Excellent Battle Scenes
6 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The summary is: Army doctor and driver abandon ambulance during battle. Naturally, Sgt. Saunders (Vic Morrow) riding in the ambulance gets them all back. As the driver makes excuses, he calls him an outright liar.

Very strong words for a TV show, in this setting.

As they rest in a village, the bombing starts, and the battle scenes are as good as 'Saving Private Ryan' only much shorter. Very realistic setting.

Some Germans come along, and Saunders waits and shoots kills four. So now the doctor is wondering how can a man kill so easily, while doing all he can to rescue one man in an ambulance.

The doctor and driver both redeem themselves, but I won't give that away.
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Land of the Giants: Nightmare (1970)
Season 2, Episode 16
Twilight Zone
19 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I was surprised. The 'little people' with help from a giant, make a 'device'. So naturally the device overloads.... And people vanish.

Now, what make is interesting is.....they vanish into a Twilight Zone. Steve the pilot is faced with his dreams? or nightmares.

I would consider this episode very good, a real Rod Serling feel to it. I'll ad the sets had a Salvador Dali look to it. I saw it the first time, (right here at IMDb) and unlike some Irwin Allen stories, I had to watch this one to the end. Very good, 9 stars.

Now with people large and small disappearing, randomly, how do the hero's get back? Valerie is kidnapped, and some giants see her, and others can't. I WOULD like to know how she climbed down that desk!

Speaking of the props, before all the 'computer graphics' we have today, they really had to make a 12 inch ruler 15 feet long. So the giant could take a swat at the little people! Cool!

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Combat!: Gadjo (1967)
Season 5, Episode 17
Excellent Episode with Partisan Fighters
21 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Sgt. Saunders and company teams up with French Partisans to fight the Germans. First of all, the battle scenes were very realistic. One of the men kicks the dead soldiers to make sure they are dead. And they really did that in WWII.

Ricardo Montalban is a Partisan,(named Barbu) and in the battle, loses his son (also a Partisan). He gives the most moving speech. His acting is incredible, you could feel his pain, it was that good.

So then Barbu has to decide to kill the German officer they captured, when he escapes. I won't give the ending away.

For your information: Partisans are civilians who fought for freedom, when their country was occupied. Also called 'Guerrillas', or 'Resistance Fighters'.
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One of the better episodes
10 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
We have an American space ship in 1976 (nice looking ship, almost looks like a early NASA design) re-entering the atmosphere.

It runs into a Force Field (Aliens? we will find out!) and the Seaview investigates. The flying sub takes the crew to further look for the force field. Very Unlike the more child-like episodes, this one has real serious action, and a great storyline.

Captain Crain, Kowalski,and Chief Sharkey, get into a shoot-em up, as they explore the underwater headquarters. I won't give anymore away,but well filmed, and well directed. George Takei(Sulu in Star Trek)guest stars.

In conclusion, and must for any Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea fan!
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Good after all these years!
12 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this as a kid of 10, and was bored. I saw it just yesterday, (40 years later!) and WHAT a GREAT movie. Great suspense, and semi historical. The REAL story of Operation Crossbow, the bombing of Germany's rocket plants during WWII.

Production values of the underground factory are first rate. The special effects of V-2 rockets and V-1 buzz bombs are top notch too.

I must agree with another comment from 'thomas j-2' . This movie doesn't follow the clichés. It will keep your interest. I was really surprised at some the plot twists. For example, will the British spy talk to save his neck, or not? You can't predict what he will do (like so many movies today.)

I gave this movie an 8.
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VERY well made.
6 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
NORMALLY, most Christian films are duds. Poor acting, poor budget, holes in the plot and so on.

So imagine my surprise (rather than the usual embarrassment) at this 'Christian' movie. Recommended by a friend. I really expected to be disappointed.

This movie caught me, and I watched the whole thing. FAST moving. BEAUTIFULLY filmed. I'll start with the filming. The color is vibrant, and clear. No grainy images. Proper lighting (when needed). Time was taken to use rails for the camera, (instead of the shaky hand held filming that is popular today).

Acting was top notch, everyone from the missionaries to the natives were accurately portrayed, in proper costume.

The strongest scene is the killing of the missionaries. Younger children need caution.

Excellent movie for all.
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Trader Horn (1931)
Excellent Location and Story
24 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
TRADER HORN, 1931 is quite an adventure story. I just watched it on TMC, and it sure deserves a digital clean up. The quality of the print had faded over the years, but the excitement has not.

Being a 'pre-code' movie, we have some strong scenes. For example, the two whites and one native are about to be crucified, upside down, till the White Goddess steps in to save them. That would get an 'R' rating today! Vintage footage of Natives and wildlife in Africa, is very real, because it was filmed there. And the 'National Geographic' style topless natives are there too.

Toward the end, the white adventurer, saves his wounded native helper, and carries him away from danger. I mention this because I don't think we would see this in an American film in the 1930s. Also we see the native looking back, like a spirit, up in the clouds, near the end. Interesting movie.

I would like to see this film restored.
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On the Beach (1959)
Dull, lifeless and boring, VERY boring.
21 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Again, the 'End of the World ' as we know it, has arrived. Where to start? Where to start? Nowhere, because that's where this movie is going.

So one man in a protective suit goes ashore. Now I can understand, due to a radiation cloud, everybody is dead. But NO bodies? Not even from pets?It would stink to high heaven. And then the machinery (from a power-plant?) is running at full blast. SOMETHING would overload by then, and fires would break out. So the man throws 2, and only 2 switches and turns off the power to the whole city.

This is a S L O W soap opera.

Want to see a better movie? 'Panic in Year Zero!' was a much better picture.

And I have to mention, at that time, 1959, there WOULD be bomb shelters, and some survivors.

I'll give it 2 stars for Fred Astaire's fine acting. (And the vintage race car event. As a matter of fact, that was the best part!)
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Flightplan (2005)
To give this two stars, would be to much
16 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Where to start? Hmmmmmmmmm

Nobody has seen the child??? Nobody?

Hmmm did the radio the airport where they took off? Noooooooo.

I could go on, but I will quote from another comment. "Never before have I wasted two hours of my life on quite such egregious nonsense."

With the exception of Battlefield Earth, this is the worst movie I have seen this year.

And the kid, sure doesn't obey mommy, as in running off at a big airport. A spanking would cure that.(whoops, not politically correct). The mommy, (Jodie Foster) should pay attention to her kid more. What a nail biting? waste of time.

The interior shot of the airplane were well done. One star for set design.
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