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The Insider (2004– )
Lara Spencer
28 August 2008
I think Lara Spencer does a spectacular job on the insider. I think the only thing that exceeds her job performance is her spectacularly great looks

and physique. I love her as anchor. I wish she would contact me as I am undoubtedly her no.1 fan. I think she is great at what she does.As well as the way she does it!Lara, you are great!Keep up the excellent work! You deserve every bit of success you have achieved as you have earned it. I am amazed at how you can take care of 2 kids along with pleasing your husband. Do you exercise 7x a week. Because you look very lean, svelte, and gorgeous all the time. Age has not affected you in the least bit. What is you secret to staying in such great shape?
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