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1 is a definitely unique one at least to Tollywood!!!!
13 January 2014
I should say first things first I've seen this movie two times before writing this review and it definitely got better the next time. Maybe first time expectations preceded the movie and couldn't see the view of the director but after watching for the second time its all clear although just few more minor glitches but who cares especially in telugu movies. Everyone started praising mahesh babu from the first day even though they reacted negatively about the movie. mahesh is really good in his role and his performance is almost 100% compared to previous ones but all of them started abusing mr.sukumar. But he is the one who inspired us to see this movie and molded mahesh in such a way so the moments whatever we enjoy are his creativity analyzing and making remarks on him is wrong.

Other than Hero and director,DOP is next person to be applauded that is mr.Ratnavelu and he made a fabulous work and devisri prasad is no exception who is music director gave a good BGM. Heroine Kriti Sanon is no less for a heroine who made a debut hope to see her more on screen in near future. Goutham(mahesh babu's own son), definitely surprised to see him act with such an ease. Last but not the least the producers are to be applauded for making such a great job of producing,as generally they wont agree to make a movie without any commercial elements.

Overall the movie definitely a unique one compared to movies we've seen in the recent years and hope to see more. Sincerely hope it may not have pleased so and so called reviewers or certain section of audience but sincerely hope that the movie is appreciated by the viewers in the future.
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Dexter: Remember the Monsters? (2013)
Season 8, Episode 12
Cant decide whether its Dexter or writers are actual psychopaths???
24 September 2013
Dexter turned out to be my favorite series and from the start onwards looking forward for a final to see how it pan out and i'd say this is the most lamest one the writers actually thought of.

First of all Dexter is an unique person and the character itself reveals how he enjoys every killing and the person who killed his sister should be more wild and furious and the antagonist in this season is actually turned out to be amazing. The person one of the best psychopaths as he kills his own mother and brother and thought the season to be interesting as 1 and 4, But turned out to be worse than 6 & 7.

Its good to see that dexter started to turn out to have a family and started to control his urges but is it necessary to kill Debra character and go to some lumber yard for some sore job. First of all when he has no family at all what is there to control them and to fear about.

Literally i think writers completely chopped away all the characters by not linking any trace.. Perfect murder of a greater series..If there is a chance please try to do an alternate ending..
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Khaleja (2010)
must see!!!!
22 October 2010
I don't know why many people disliked this movie. Mahesh is at his best in this movie and he showed a great variation from his previous films.Can enjoy comedy at a good rate too.Even Anushka also posed as perfect for the role.Coming to the cinematography and choreography they are at their best. The main credit is to director.He proves his excellence but turning every scene into a comedy which keeps us interesting till the end without any bore. Movie will gain its pace definitely in some more days. I think this is also a treat to Tollywood which takes us somewhat different from routine movies

Definitely guys you would like it a lot if u go without any expectations at all.You will see Mahesh in a different angle than before
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Not much fast but its entertaining
10 April 2009
First of all to start with this movie its nice to have a sequel like this actually before going to movie i thought that movie will go of the roofs as many sequels gone but its a far better sequel then other and to come into the movie its once again the movie has some fine cars and babes as well and it has some fine rides too but movie should have more fast suiting to the title and it even lacks in the middle of the movie and on the way coming to the story of the movie it should have been a new one but anyway the visuals are entertaining from first to last and the soundtracks are also fine

SO finally every one can have nice moment to watch this movie and enjoy the movie today itself
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