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Mamma Mia! (2008)
Painful to the mind
3 January 2009
I like Abba but couldn't stand the singing,

Why the hell didn't they voice over the original version ?

This must be a rhetorical question : "Just to prevent Agnetha and Anni-Frid from getting any cent."

How generous !

Next the plot : It is about a bunch of silly British people that colonize (is there any other word for people that invade other countries to bring their despicable habits and ignore the locals) a beautiful Greek island Without even trying to speak a word of Greek, they manage an hotel for British tourists. (hope the credit crunch ruined them).

Go to Benidorm (Spain) and meet those morons and see how they behave there.

For me it was simply painful, I had to leave the theater, my wife stayed and told me that the audience was clapping during the credits. (Expectations are quite low these times.)

I think the only thing that made the success of this movie is Abba music. A computer generated musical with chimpanzees singing Abba would have succeeded as well.

If you like Abba, watch Priscilla... the movie is much better.
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Poor adaptation.
17 January 2005
This movie is based on the book "Bikini Diamond" by Charles Williams that has been adapted obviously for french audience with a bunch of very famous french actors of the time and some extras obviously not speaking french and awfully voiced-over giving a strange mix. I doubt the movie was entirely shot in the USA, maybe not at all.

The book is one of the funniest I've ever read, which could have made a great movie. Alas the director wasn't satisfied with this and wanted to make it his own way so he added car stunts and sexy scenes. (things he has put in "taxi", 30 years later with bigger success)

The result is quite strange, Lino Ventura and Jean Yanne are not rough enough for the characters they play. Dufilho as a Noah-like prophet is OK (despite the weird accent he puts on). The kid is awful, Mireille Darc shines and is as sexy as hell. This movie didn't age very well, the colors have faded (on my copy at least). Another weird thing : modernized Beethoven's 5th for soundtrack.

For fans of Mireille Darc or Lino Ventura 4/10
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