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Cube (1997)
Doesn't stand out
16 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Just letting everybody know its my personal opinion, but I just can't believe that this movie stands at 7.5, at the time of writing my review.

The only 4 points I am giving this movie are for a great idea for a thriller (3 points) and for the sets and special effects (1 point). Apart from that none of the points in the movie or even the casts stand out. Most of the times it seems they are pushing it too hard which leads to awkward expressions and, sorry to say this but 'over acting'.

Direction is good, apart from the occasional close up shots which because of the my previous point 'over ....' doesn't help.

The only two casts who were convincing I will say was David Hewlett (as Worth) and Nicole de Boer (as Leaven). Quentin and Holloway fail to impress, and I am sorry to say that Maurice Dean Wint i.e Quentin is one of the reasons I thought this movie was a waste of my time. Either he had been pushed too hard to look scary or for some reason he did it himself.

Bottom line, great idea for a thriller there are a few loopholes but those are acceptable. But the movie didn't stand out at all.

*Though a lot of people don't think so. For heavens sake Back to the future II sits at 7.5 in IMDb, Cloverfield sits at 7.4. I would have liked the movie at 5-6, but 7.5 definitely no. 7.5 means you don't mind watching the movie again, but I I don't think I am gonna watch Cube the second time.
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Just enjoy it!
4 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Simple, Sweet and comforting.

Don't keep any expectations from the movie before you start watching it, then I promise you will actually enjoy it. The movie moves at its own pace, you don't have to remember what happened in the last scene but still you won't fall asleep waiting for something to happen in the next scene.

The movie revolves around its main character 'Ben Singer' played by Matthew Broderick, and tries to portray the importance of our 'own thinking' towards life.

The cast has done a beautiful job, especially Matthew. But the thing I liked most about the movie was its simple approach, which perfectly fits in with the story and the pace of the movie. All credit to the movie crew on that, if I was rating only that then it would have been a perfect 10. Still 'Wonderful world' successfully puts forward the idea that it is really a wonderful world out there, if we try to see it that way.

I won't say that you should definitely watch this movie, but if you do watch it then believe me you won't regret it. And for this beautiful effort I rate the movie a modest 8/10 (above average).
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You cannot get it any better than this
5 February 2010
Its really hard to articulate when you have so much to write and so little words to express. And even lesser words which could actually help you convey what you want to say. The closest word which comes to my mind in this case is 'stupendous'.

Hachiko is a true story about a dog in Japan and the special bond he shared with a professor whom he met when it was a little puppy. The story has been put forward exceptionally well by the cast and the director.

The movie has been kept extremely simple with minimum effort on the scenes, yet remarkably you are kept spellbound after a couple of minutes into the movie. And as the other reviews suggest, making the whole theater grab onto their tissues explains how good it really is.

Lastly, coming for someone who also rates 'Eight below' as one of his favorite's, a high rating of Hachiko would seem a little biased to many. But in my honest opinion I don't think that anybody who has watched this movie can rate it below 10.
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The Hangover (2009)
You won't realise when the movie gets over
8 October 2009
Usually we expect a lot less in the movies than what we see in the trailers, as they are supposed to be good to attract people to the movie. But occasionally you get some of the movies which outperforms not only the trailers but also your expectations from a movie. And Hangover is definitely is one of these occasional movies.

You will never regret even a single second of the movie. After the initial plot and the introduction of the characters, the ride begins and never slows down till the end of the movie. Every character in the movie, the timing of the events and the flow of the story is excellent.

The best part is, nobody in the movie is trying to be funny but still you will have a smile on your face throughout the movie.
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