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The worst movie I ever seen
8 August 2008
I do not know the director before, but if he follows this kind of movie he is going to fight head to head with Ed Wood as the worst film-maker in history.

I am really interested in Mexican cinema and they have very good directors, but in this one the direction, the acting, the plot, the camera and the cinematography looks like an amateur film.

There is no logic in the film. If he intends to show a double morality in Mexican society the story is just awful and does not reaches the minimum level of quality that a movie deserves in our times.

It deserves to being watched just as we see Ed Wood's films: Just to think; can anybody do worst than this?
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Pudor (2007)
Good directed, bad movie
8 August 2008
This is the first movie that I see from Tristan Ulloa, whom I respect very much as an actor. I have not read Rocagliolo's book, which the film is adapted from. The movie is well directed and actors perform OK -this is Ulloa's core -but the plot is too tragic. Opens many stories at the same time, in the same family -and that could happen-, but trying to tell many topics the movie ends not telling a SINGLE one that is . Fidelity, sex, puberty, child molesting, cancer, are all topics intended to be told, but no one is finally developed.

I was very disappointed with the plot, but Ullos showed that he learned a lot of visual language from acting, so I hope next time he gets the right story to tell.
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Superb Direction
5 August 2008
Even the film is based on a TV series; Carmona's film is superb in terms of narration and visual language. For a Peruvian film this is one of the most sophisticated production ever made. The plot is simple and does not helps and it also falls on the stereotypes of the action movies, but the direction really deserves to be watched carefully.The film never stops and the script -from one of the actors_ is funny. I think with a better story Carmona could exploit his abilities as a story teller. This - as directed - is one of the best films ever made in Peru and deserves to be watched and if you like explosions, bullets and fights, this is the right movie for you.
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