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Double Dagger (2008)
22 August 2008
possibly the worst plot/ acting i have ever seen in a movie. the budget must have been very low on this film because everything from the lousy wrestler masks to the outdated plot reeks of a third world country. The acting is what annoyed me the most because they act like they are acting, and they are not believable for the single second. for those of you who have enough self-control to sit through until the end, you will be disappointed because the last scene is possibly one of the worst.I was disappointed too with the different characters that showed up throughout the movie, such as the "Don" who appears to be a Mexican attempting to impersonate what is supposed to be a mafia godfather, but he looks more like a failed fashion designer. My last comment has to be about the dialogue. This has to be the worst dialogue i have ever seen. i won't give any examples here but it is ridiculous. Last but not least, there is a crystal meth dealer that appears in the film. His performance is so bad i started laughing when i saw it his southern accent in the middle of L.A. is simply so bad. All in all this is a great movie if you have never seen a movie before. otherwise this movie is so bad you could turn it into a comedy.
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