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Spin Out (2016)
Spin Out - A Fun Ride From Start to Finish
14 September 2016
'Spin Out' offers the audience a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy a fun ride as they witness a feel-good coming-of-age story. The film is littered with Australian themes and discourses that are common among some of the nation's most successful films - mateship, larrikinism, the Aussie battler, small country towns and the outback.

Everything in the film is solid without being exceptional. There are some nice performances from the leads, Xavier Samuel and Morgan Griffin, but the film truly belongs to supporting actor Travis Jeffery. He brings to the screen an admirable blend of humour and pathos that really becomes the connection between the audience and the story.

The co-direction of the film by Marc Gracie and Tim Ferguson works well and is rather cinematic considering their backgrounds in television. Ferguson and co-writer Edwina Exton seem to genuinely love their characters and have worked to blend an array of small country town figures and issues in an effective way to give the majority of supporting players a chance to shine.

I think the film is best summed up by another reviewer that stated it is 'sweet but parochial'. It is a generally fun, if slightly flawed, film that I really enjoyed watching. Sometimes movies should be just about having a good time with good characters and this is one of them.
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Hustle in to see...
12 December 2013
'American Hustle'. A amazingly entertaining and engaging experience. A successful (in my opinion) juxtaposition of art and entertainment. A wonderfully acted and directed film.

Full disclosure: I loved both 'The Fighter' and 'Silver Linings Play', plus the cast are some of my favourite actors working in motion pictures today. So, I went in with a bias and a high level of anticipation for this film. This can sometimes work against you as a viewer as your expectations are too higher and you are disappointed with the results.

I can say that I was not disappointed and absolutely loved the film. People take different experiences and sensibilities with them when they see movies, and mine led me to be engaged and empathetic towards the characters. Their story interested me and I came out of the cinema thoroughly enjoying myself.

My only criticism is that it felt it lacked a little something with story. After seeing the film I did read that a lot of the film was improvised and Christian Bale commented to David O'Russell that this would change the story. His response was that he cared about the characters more than the story (paraphrasing). On reflection this is evident as the characters and acting are first class.

I by no means acclaim this to be a perfect movie or the best movie ever made, but it worked for me. I loved it!
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Star Trek - Into Awesomeness!
6 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I really enjoyed the 2009 reboot and you if liked that film in any way then chances are you will also like this film. If you weren't a fan of the 2009 film then chances are this one won't win you over.

I'm not going to go into plot as you can always check out the plot summary, but needless to say there are a couple of surprises and a few nods to the original series and movies. Plus, for anyone who complains that these films are too action heavy when the original series was more about exploration - there's a nice line just for you.

I do like J.J. Abrams and I think he has done a great job directing the film considering it is a summer blockbuster entertainment film. It does what it is meant to do - it entertains. The story and characters are engaging and the effects and set-pieces are visually exciting.

I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys action or sci-fi films. Personally I can't wait for the next installment.
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Better than I remembered!
27 April 2010
During the theatrical release I liked Two Towers but not as much as the other two. Only on watching all three again side-by-side did I truly appreciate what a great film Two Towers is - better late than never. It is tightly paced and probably has the best character development of all three. I did always think the changes that were made from the book were cinematically for the best as the book drags the most. While it is also the only extended edition I thought really added quite a lot to the story (although there are some great moments in the other extended editions), the theatrical version is still an exemplary piece of film-making. I urge all those who dismiss Two Towers as 'the black sheep' of 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy, to give it another go in context of the trilogy.
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