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OMG! A must see...
29 August 2005
and beyond!...i thought at first it was some cheesy B movie about a gay actor-like Rock Hudson...but the filming and the storyline just thru me into a movie watching frenzy!!! I couldn't stop!!! It was remarkable that a film of so little recognition has remained with SO LITTLE RECOGNITION!!! It is a gay must see for the true gay cult seekers...Watch it and see! All the cast was fabulous and they portrayed their characters very well. I can only hope that this writer continues with this quality writing and cast selections.The music score was fabulous, the CGI[?] scenes were a wonderful addition to the movie... Keep up the good work. A true 10 in my book.
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Almost Normal (2005)
Just saw this...
29 August 2005
As an avid viewer to any and all gay themed movies...this one made me think the most. don't get me wrong it was entertaining, however, I almost wonder if this is some how trying to make society think that being gay IS a choice. On that I don't agree. On the other hand, when you take the dominant sexual preference of society and turn the tables on them and let them see what the outcome is, I wonder if the message will get across. You will have to form your own opinion. I truly enjoyed the casting, and the lead actor is quite versatile in his ability to portray then and now. 8 out of 10 in my book. Definitely worth seeing.
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Very Under-rated Fabulous Movie
29 September 2002
There is not enough words to say how well this movie was put together. Being from a small town, the entire movie does reflect life more so than most people want to admit to. But getting thru all the wife beating, dumb country people pilferage, the movie reveals life as a drag queen to a "T". (not that I am one) But I have several friends that are.

If you are homophobic and closed minded like some who like to review gay themed movies don't watch it. If you want a fun filled never ending energized comedy, then watch it! You won't be disappointed!
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