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Wonderful Visuals, great story
5 January 2013
If you have any interest in the sacred geometry and/or closed and open eyed visuals seen during times of intense meditation you will be seriously impressed by the computer generated fractals and other displays in this film. You might even enjoy the film's message and the quietly authoritative sound of the narrator's voice. Be ready to have some of your viewpoints on what the meaning of Life is challenged. The viewpoint of the film is not hidden if you pay the slightest attention but since the perceived viewpoint may be different for many viewers I won't spoil the party by stating what I took away from it. Watch this several times with friends and see what they think about it. It was worth the 2 hrs plus, actually 4 hrs plus since I've seen it twice now. Will watch again.
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The Matrix (1999)
Agent Smith's peculiar diction
22 June 2008
I have watched The Matrix numerous times and always wondered about Agent Smith's peculiar way of speaking. Today while watching a portion of the old PBS series Cosmos by Carl Sagan, I thought they had used Hugo Weaving's voice to narrate but it was indeed Carl Sagan with his rounding of sounds, pausing and emphasizing, and pursed lips that was speaking. Does anyone know if this is where Hugo Weaving drew inspiration for his manner of speech in The Matrix series? As for the series itself, movie #1 is by far the most exciting, after which the Wachowski Bros writing devolves into a mismash of junk. The last two movies have their moments but some scenes are painful to watch, I.E. the rave and those awful loves scenes with Neo and Trinity.
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