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27 April 2013
All I gotta say is that The Spectre animated short was amazing. If only they would do a full movie of The Spectre in that animated grind-house style. I was totally blown away, obviously the other reviewer doesn't know what he's talking about, asking why it was done in that style. Anyways the other DC shorts were done very well too, please make more DC animated shorts (lots more). Also please give us that full feature of The Spectre, and full features or TV series of DC's: The Flash & Plastic Man. Marvel please adapt Dr. Strange. Thank you! P.S. I just wanted to put my own quick review up here because there was only the one written, and most people disagreed with it.
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Catwoman (2011 Video)
Don't Listen to the Other Reviewer
3 December 2011
This DC showcase Catwoman short is dark, gritty and absolutely fantastic. Thank you Paul Dini once again, you are a master at your craft. I personally love this short and was totally impressed, I think I like it even more than the feature. I read a comment that this should be made into a Catwoman animated series and I for one would definitely watch that. I don't no how this is rated in the 6's on IMDb unless people are rating it a 1 because they expected something for little kids like Batman: Brave and the Bold. I actually think this is the best animated DC product since Batman: Under the Red Hood, and really hope they continue to make more in this style. Adult, Dark & Gritty, with some sweet action throughout (something Year One could've used a little bit more of in my opinion along with a new voice actor for Batman (sorry but Ben Mackensie from Dawson's Creek just doesn't cut it for me, personally if I couldn't get Kevin Conroy, I would look into getting someone like Crispin Freeman to voice Batman). OK back on topic, I'm going to comment on what the previous reviewer said about DC comics and the Catwoman short being sexist (LOL), OH No they showed Catwoman stripping partly (no nudity) in a strip club. It's rated PG-13, GET A LIFE. I swear you see a lot more degrading things watching Miley Cyrus or Lindsey Lohan.
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