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Maze (2000)
Good movie with a great depiction of life with Tourette's Syndrome
15 August 2003
I watched this movie with a great deal of interest as I have TS, as do both my sons. Rob Morrow gives a chilling performance - I thought he actually had Tourette's Syndrome. The frustration at not being able to do things the way he wants to because of his tics, the cruel comments from "normal people", the social ramifications and lack of self-worth were all portrayed exceptionally. I highly recommend this movie to anyone, but especially to those who know someone with TS. It gives a great deal of insight into the reality of life with TS. If you liked this movie you might want to see "The Tic Code" with Gregory Hines and Polly Draper.
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Hey Arnold! (1994–2004)
A funny show about about kids in the big city!
1 August 2003
I watch this show every chance I get. It has a great cast of quirky characters and sends a positive message in each episode. Arnold almost always does the right thing even though it might not be the easiest of most popular thing to do. In a time when a lot of kids shows have the characters taking the easy way out, "Hey, Arnold" sends a positive message to viewers. It also sends the message that people will accept you even if you are a little on the quirky side.

The music is also wonderful. One of my favorite episode is the one when they take a class trip to the opera to see Carmen. The creativity shown in this episodes lyrics is outstanding! Another favorite is when the class puts on a production of "Romeo & Juliet". The Thanksgiving episode with dinner at Mr. Simmons house makes me thankful that my family is not like his! I highly recommend this show to kids and adults alike.
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The Tic Code (1998)
An informative, compassionate look at life with Tourettes' Syndrome!
21 September 2002
Polly Draper deserves accolades for this incredible movie! She manages to give viewers a look at what life is like for those of us with TS (Tourettes' Syndrome) without getting maudlin. I discovered as an adult that I had TS when I took my sons to the neurologist because of their tics. It was almost a relief to know that there was a medical reason for the odd movements and noises I made growing up. Watching what this family goes through because of TS brought me to tears many times during the movie. I saw Miles go through the same physical and emotional traumas that I've seen my own sons go through daily in public. Well meaning but uninformed people have made some very hurtful comments about my childrens' tics. Fortunately for my sons TS is better understood than when I was a child. This movie gives a true portrayel of the ramifications TS has on a family. The increased stress, the friction between the parents, parents and school personnel, not to mention the heartbreak of having a loved one picked on or made fun of because they are different. She touched on a lot of the problems TS can cause but managed to show that TS can also have good consequences. Increased creativity, more energy, compassion for others who are different - these are the highlights. I recommend this movie to anyone with a family member with TS. Not only does it shed some light on the Syndrome, but it is full of great jazz music. Last but not least, Gregory Hines and Christopher George Marquette gave stunning physical performances.
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