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The West Wing: Tomorrow (2006)
Season 7, Episode 22
Great Ending to The Greatest Show Ever
20 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
It's 4 years after the last episode and I still watch the shows on DVD and Bravo. It's the only show I have on DVD (2 sets in case something happens to the 1st) + VHS. I watched this last episode at my folks house (it was their anniversary). It was a wonderful goodbye to an old fiend. I tried to keep it all together and I think I did a good job. But then I tried to explain to my mom the framed "Bartlet for America" napkin that Mallory gave wrapped to CJ for the President. I felt like Jerry Lewis singing at the end of the Telethons - I couldn't get it out (heck, I am welling up now). I stopped and tried again a few minutes later. Couldn't get through. I finally explained it to her a couple of days later. For those who don't know or remember, "Bartlet for America" was the 3rd season Christmas episode where through flashbacks we see how Leo convinced Gov. Bartlet to run with a simple napkin and message, and then later fell off the wagon. It referred to the previous Christmas episode through a story Leo told Josh and then Josh repeated to Leo to demonstrate pure loyalty and friendship. At the end of the episode President Bartlet gives Leo back the napkin, wrapped and framed. It moved Leo and me to tears and still does today. Now, fast forward to "Tomorrow". When Mallory gave the wrapped package o CJ all I could say was "No, it can't be." But, based upon it's size, it had to be. Then, when The now former President opened it on his return trip to New Hampshire, all was confirmed and a beautiful but simple gift had went full circle. Yes, I had problems with that Jan 20 reference, but I will give them a pass. The moment where Donna looks at her new office after working so hard for so long was worth the wait. And watching Josh sit down with the newly inaugurated President Santos was satisfying too. I wish I would have had some time to see the Santos administration in action. The artistry that went into this and every other episode was so expensive it will never happen again on network TV. You have just seen the best there ever was and the best there ever will be. "Moving" and "touching" does not begin to describe that last scene. Since then I have watched America's worst president mangle the English language that President Bartlet brought to new heights. I have listened to then candidate Obama raise a nation in pain with a speech in Denver that sounded just like President Bartlet - and then find out that it very well may have received help from Weest Wing writers.
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