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Eve of Destruction (2013– )
Too little physics
28 September 2014
Particle accelerator, opposing beams of protons, power, vacuum, magnets, cooling... that's all the details about the experiment. Not even a black hole is mentioned in the movie. I'm not an expert of physics, but even for me there was way too little explanation what is going on. Aura? The only explanation of the glow above the facility is "aura" and lightning? Come on... Why electric sockets are set on fire? What happens to Denver whose high-rise buildings looks to be sucked in by a force field? Why that happens on the other side of the globe at Paris and London? We don't even see any destruction done except one district set on fire. I expected the movie to be more scientific than this. Instead, it focused on the main scientist's daughter and electrician's wife. There is not even a dedicated power plant for the accelerator, only a transformer station. All in all, the message of the movie seems to be that there are obsessed scientists paid buy evil corporations, and an opposing environmentalist group that is trying to stop the evil experiment. The bad, bad corporation also is growing gmo crops made from cancer metastasis cells just to make the company even more evil, even though the gmo thing does not influence the scenario in any way. So instead of science fiction we get a caricature of careless scientists on a leash controlled by evil corporation who together are ready to destroy a city for profit. And an Occupy movement that are "fighting" to save "our universe". This certainly prefers fear over science, and there is enough of this madness already. A cheap way to fuel the amateur anti-whatever opposition.
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Gang of Roses (2003)
beautiful and fun, but quite weak
22 March 2004
Enjoyable to watch, the scenes and girls are really beautiful. From the start it struck me how different each girl in a gang was -- their character, temperament, fads, goals, colors of clothes, colors of skin, even horses are distinct -- you will never confuse any two girls. It's fun to see "she did that again", be it Ming Li spotting another criminal with bounty on his head, Chastity seducing some handsome man, Maria's passion for money, Kim's eagerness for immediate action or reasonable calmness of Rachel. Sometimes it's strange how they cope with being together and reach compromise. But there are quite a few scenes where they argue, even threaten each other with guns, for others to step in and calm down the conflict to act together; so we see how they manage to be a tight gang.

On the other hand, while the girls are nice, they do not act very well. Often their mimics seem unnatural, stressed, too serious or with silent grin laughing of the scene they do. It's better to over-act that to stand like a stone with zero emotions, though, and they do that, so it's a plus. The script is quite plain, I still don't get why they did some things they did. Why they turned aggressive and went to shoot everyone in town? Who shot Kim and how the revenge for her is related to whom they killed? Why they conflicted with the other gang of robbers, if they only wanted to pay back for the murder of Rachel's sister? The actions sometimes lack reason, so you just watch what happens.

The ending was cut too short and unclear. Did they find the gold? What they will be doing now? Who was the woman with black hair looking for them? What I liked about the end is that it was not happy ending. They reached some of their goals, but not without casualties. In the scenes where they bury friends, although they are poorly acted, we see that those girls are not only calm robbers, but sensitive beings, and are vulnerable. I hate movies where all the heroes seem immortal no matter what threatens them. This is not the case. Here you get to see their weaknesses and obsessions, as well as their strength, bravery and thought.

See it if you happen to get it, it might be the only western with so much beautiful girls :) But don't expect too much. 6/10.
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