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Hey Arnold! (1994–2004)
Best show ever made! I knew it then, and I know it now...
12 April 2011
I am a lover of TV. I know my shows- especially my cartoons- for adults and kids. And I'm only seventeen. Pretty impressive, huh? :) This show is so high quality, funny, and unique. It's so realistic, which is something you hardly ever see in today's cartoons for kids. (I mean, now we have commando penguins and talking shirt-wearing dogs? Have we forgotten that real humans are funny too?) Hey Arnold, which I've been watching since I was three years old, has a kind of gritty but dramatic sense to it. It makes you laugh, cry, feel, learn, love, and think. But mostly laugh, which has to be the one thing that saved me from completely going nuts and ending up in Juvy when I was a kid (besides this one annoying, amazing ANONYMOUS boy I knew). Thank Goodness for Hey Arnold, that's all I can say...and I swear this cartoon started a revolution in cartoons, humor-wise. Each and every story is written well, and the animation makes me feel like I'm on the streets of a vintage Seattle or something. And I know what I'm talking about, because I live in the area. Also, a lot of intelligence went into making this show, I believe. Craig Bartlett (the creator) seems like he'd be an interesting person to talk to. The characters are so well-developed that it feels like you know them so much better after each and every episode. I'm so HAPPY to have gotten the chance to have seen it so much as a kid, because it is my all-time favorite show, EVER. It's such a classic American TV show, right up there with The Simpsons, of course. Because of it, I want to work in the television industry. Hey Arnold is EPIC. What more can I say?
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Regular Show (2009–2017)
The Best Show on Air Right Now!
12 April 2011
This is a really hilarious show...duh. I feel like I shouldn't even have to point that out. When I watch the show, I feel like "it's funny...because it's true", you know what I mean? I just hope it doesn't go downhill the way some animated shows do. For instance, Spongebob Squarepants is a (children's) show that has a lot of crazy stuff happening in it, and then the makers of the show began to take the craziness too far (they pretty much milked it to death), and suddenly it just seemed not funny anymore. Everything moved too fast, and for little reason. The humor changed. I worry that a similar fate awaits Regular Show, because it happens to so many others. But if they keep making the show the way they do now, then they'll be fine. And maybe I'll even have my family play Regular Show in the mourning room at my funeral. Anyway, they're aren't a lot of shows reasonably directed at teenagers- you know, teenagers? The people between the stages of childhood and adulthood?- so this show is epic in that sense. It's also epic in all it's other senses.
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