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Unsane (2018)
Enjoyable if you switch logic off
19 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
If you don't make logical questions such as how did he know she was going to go there before applying for the job or how did he know where to wait for her before taking her to the woods, you can Just enjoy the silly ride
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Disobedience (2017)
It makes you think of its potential
9 August 2019
I believe the reason this movie went under the radar is because the director did not clearly chose what character to focus on. It should be Weisz character, but we know more about McAddams and, at the same time, there is no real chemistry between the two of them. We don't really get into the father-daughter relationship nor the friendship between the 3 of them and how they drifted apart... In that sense, you think there were so many options to make this a richer story than the one we ended up with.
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The Graduate (1967)
Horrendous leading characters
16 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched this movie, fully aware of what a huge hit it was. What I did not know is how insufferable Benjamin would turn out to be. If the movie were out today, he would have a Tumblr account and would be sharing dramatic quotes in the darkness of his room. Thank God Anne Bancroft is around to hurt his fragile male ego into finally have sex with her.

After months of sleeping with her, he does not understand why she, HIS LOVER, would not want him dating HER DAUGHTER. Is this guy mentally challenged??? Then he finally goes on a date with said daughter, Elaine. He humilliates her but it's all good. They manage to fix everything with a kiss. Next day he confesses the affair. Obviously she tells him to f-ck off and die.

Days later he decides he is going to marry her. He decides. She does not know. Romance! He stalks her at the university. Romance! He crashes her date. Romance!

But overall all is good. She has feelings for him...AFTER ONE DATE...and she's willing to overlook that either he raped his mom (as mom said) or that he had an affair with her for months. It's LOVE!

He does not give her a break or space to breathe at the university and is constantly pushing her to get tested to get married. Romance!

Then papa Robinson of course is upset after figuring all out and wants him out of the picture... as any sane person would. Elaine, a university student with no agency, is willing to marry whoever her parents tell her too because reasons. But he comes and takes her every person knows by now. The end. Looking forward for the next christmas with the entire family.

Imagine how an entire generation saw this movie so many times and thought this was romantic and representative. Really troubling.
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Chernobyl: Vichnaya Pamyat (2019)
Season 1, Episode 5
That cheap theatricality of the ending
8 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I think everything was very good up until that final moment on the stand. The interruption. The 'let him talk' outburst. It felt so very cheap. Shonda style. It ruined it for me. They had already fictionalized everything with Emily Watson's character and it went well... This was not the same success
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The Act (2019– )
It did not need more than 4 episodes
12 June 2019
The plot is pretty basic. The pace is sooooooooo slow. I get the entire mother-child dynamic in one episode. Many of the episodes add nothing. The entire show could have lasted 3...maybe even 4 episodes, and that is it. It's OK if you manage to endure Patricia's accent, which is only slightly more annoying than hearing Gypsy's childlike voice for the entire run. If I had been there I would have killed myself.
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Broad City: Lost and Found (2019)
Season 5, Episode 6
I finally laughed again
29 March 2019
I'm so glad that I can have fun just like I did during the first season before the show wraps up. Great to see them having fun while the plot is actually moving.
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Broad City: Make the Space (2019)
Season 5, Episode 4
A little like old times
24 February 2019
The show is no longer what it once was (even with Bebbers), but this episode felt a little bit like before. I realized that the special bits from Abbi were her in her different jobs and we don't see that anymore. I feel like they have tried to make her more "Ilana" and quirky... which does not work in my opinion. She was the "grounded" one with some twists along the way that made her endearing. Overall, the best of this episode is seeing Jaime again...and now blosomming in his relationship. That's the spin-off I want to watch after this season! I've always loved Jaime... he's the cutest... I need more of them.
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Creed II (2018)
Boring and pointless
27 January 2019
I watched creed out of curiosity and i ended UP loving the music and the nuances of the characters. Completely unexpected. Now this one. I guess since Drago's still a cliché, i could not be bothered with the fight. I wanted to know more about bianca leaving her Dreams behind because of the pregnancy. The music was as dull as the script. I still enjoy the small scenes of Rocky dealing with aging alone.
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Blindspotting (2018)
27 December 2018
I didn't even finish the movie. I know What they eanted to talk about but the acting is terrible. Everything is so on-the-nose. And the editing is like they Just graduated from film school and they Will try every cool editing, sound or lightning just to prove they can not because of an overall product. And the "funny" quirky bits come off as dad humor.
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Peppermint (2018)
Airplane or sunday fun
12 December 2018
This is pure and simple entertainment. It's a basic premise filled with cliches and the editing of a seventh-grade boy who wanted to show off the tough guy he is: the music, the pase, the cuts, it just tries too hard. They did it several years ago with the "Domino" movie and many years later it's still cringe-worthy. Jennifer Gardner's acting is good but the others' around her...not so much.
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First Man (2018)
3 December 2018
First of all, I feel like I have seen emotionally-dettached Gosling characters way too much now. Second of all, I assume it was Spielberg's involvement that gave this the "epic" treatment. Why would we invest in something like that? We already know the ending (and I guess I'm refering mostly to the final part of the movie). It seems like the movie takes too long to establish why Armstrong is the way he is and to try to make us understand him. I think it would have been far more interesting to see things from the wives points of view and all the things they had no control over or no saying at all. It's not terrible but I had to watch it in two sessions because it was putting me to sleep.
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Halloween (I) (2018)
Cardinal sin : it's boring
25 October 2018
You don't hate this one, even though they could have found better actors for the supporting roles. I don't really care if it pretends all the sequels never happened but if that were the real case, this would not suffice 40 years later. It's bland and forgettable no matter how many layers they Want to read into it.
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Black Tide (2018)
Too long and you could see it coming
13 October 2018
It didn't take much to know who was behind it all and the circumstances around are not the biggest part. The weird guy is too on the nose for the rest of the world to ignore it. And the family drama of cassel is simply ignored by the end. I assume this originally lasted 3 hour or I hope so
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The Outsiders (1983)
It hasn't aged well
30 September 2018
I think Maccio would have had made a better Ponyboy than Howell. It's not that he's terrible, it's just that I don't buy that he would be as endering for someone like Sherry. Maccio is. Dillon as the badass Dallas is almost as unbelievable. I think the best choices were both Swayze and Lowe. But even if all of this were different, we'd still be dealing with the horrible editing, the horrible transitions and worst of all, the sound design. I see tha Coppolla tends to go wrong whenever family is involved because the music makes us care less about the kids' trauma when leaving and that horrendous song at the beginning couldn't be cheesier even if Celine Dion were singing it.
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An OK movie
23 September 2018
It's not bad, it's just not memorable. By trying to insert many years of Tom's life, the writer lost the chance to insert some gravitas into it all. It seemed like the focus was going to be Tom's relationship with his sister but then it kinda fizzled out... was it going to be about his love life? Nop, a sudden off-screen ending to that, its publishing process... just a bit here and there, easily and fastly solved. Hence, the lack of memorability.
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Cut Snake (2014)
Stapleton is the true star
27 August 2018
The overall rating for this movie is quite bad, so I didn't have much expectations. I was pleasantly surprised because I think it's a movie that opens the door for many conversations like toxic masculinity and the way we think we "possess" those we love. I think that it's true what other user said that this movie's biggest flaw is relying on many cliches - the cops being the worst of them all, but I also think it's the acting on secundary characters, the editing and the music choices that make you roll your eyes the most. It's sad because I think it could really have gone places.
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Younger: Girls on the Side (2018)
Season 5, Episode 10
Josh and Kaitlin, as usual, the worst
21 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It seems like since the previous episode they received some kind of upgrade. The photography looks much nicer but the amount of time of each episode does not help to make the most out of all the great characters like Maggie. I'm glad there was so much of Diana though. However, I don't get the appeal of having Josh still around. Would a woman in her 40s still be attracted in a realistic way to a guy like this one? He goes for the first woman he finds, he makes big gestures and then he whines like a baby and in a tantrum removes his tattoo. And don't even get me started with Liza's daughter. She' has got to be the worst character of all the show, with the breadfacing, with her demeanor towards her mom, with the meddling giving hopes to foolish Josh. She always ruins every episode she is in. It all felt so least not as rushed as the previous episode ... but Liza suddenly wanting more from Charles. Come on! It's not like he has not had his share of patience with her. I just hope they don't expect me to keep rooting for a love triangle.
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Animal Kingdom: Homecoming (2018)
Season 3, Episode 12
Getting its groove back
21 August 2018
It definitely shows you how much we needed to have Smurf stirring things up. This has been such a long and boring season. It seems like they are finally putting things back on track...however it was not as seamless as it has been before. It was rather obvious that there were many things on the plate and not that much time to edit them down in a way that it didn't seem like a rush.
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Younger: No Weddings & a Funeral (2016)
Season 2, Episode 12
Good. But there's work to be done.
23 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I liked this second season overall but I do find some issues. First of all, it's Liza's annoying daughter. Why would Liza have to hide the situation to her? That spoiled brat "studying" on the other side of the world should be glad her mother is doing anything to keep her afloat. And it's not like she could not guess her father's issues. He was the one who did not send the check for tuition. She's in college now! On the other hand, I think one of the main issues is Josh. The actor is OK, the character is likable (despite the fact that he overuses "though") but there's not much you can do with him. He's young and he is a good laid. That's all. There are no complications. There is nothing at stake but keep breaking up (like they did since the season 1's finale). In my opinion, the final episodes of this second season felt reinvigorated because of his absence. Liza had other things to do besides kissing him or dealing with his roommates. On this episode, I just wish they had dealt better with the aftermath of her quitting. That was a whole episode or even half a season. It was heartbreaking to see her willing to give up on everything just to have a job for her daughter's education -as most mothers would. Do you want to bet Charles' wife is going to return a-la Joan Collins?
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Superstore: Labor (2016)
Season 1, Episode 11
Finally returning to its roots
5 April 2016
When I watched the pilot I was really interested. This show was dealing with a dark subject through humor: We had old people being exploited, customers being horrible knowing someone else would deal with their mess and it all gave Amy a reason to be the way she is. It made sense. The thing is that, as the show progressed, the two leads: her and Jonah became predictable. She was always mad and he would want to do something that would eventually annoy her even more. Even Garett lost his mojo.

I didn't give up because there were funny bits here and there especially through the supporting cast: mainly Dina, the pharmacist being obnoxious, Cheyene's boyfriend, Mateo (except in "Demotion" where he falls for Garett's antics which made no sense) and of course Sandra, who always makes me laugh with her delivery of her small bits. And yes, Glenn's voice can be irritating, but he has a heart and he cares about what he's doing. That's why this episode had an impact. When he goes against the big corporation trying to do the right thing for Cheyenne, he's not sour about the outcome and that makes it even sadder. The unhappy resolution makes a statement about big corporations and that's bold, but I don't know if it all comes too late or if the writers would dare to steer the wheel and give more screen time to the supporting cast than to the leads in a second season.
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Bates Motel: Goodnight, Mother (2016)
Season 4, Episode 2
I didn't know they could go there
21 March 2016
I have seen every episode and I have enjoyed most of them and managed to ignore the drug related stuff that was never engaging or Bradley's bad acting. The most important factor has always been Vera Farmiga. However the soapy, teen aspects of the show had kept me from fully embracing it as a "good" show, but man! this episode has been one of the greatest episodes I have watched in a while. The camera work was flawless and sophisticated. I hate to sound a little snobbish and pretentious but it is undeniable that it has finally found its legs and it has matured into something that can fully embrace its Hitchockness. Its tension and the use of shadows, frames and the way that Freddie Highmore has developed and grown... it is something that gave me real goosebumps. I just didn't know this A&E Show had it. I'm so glad I stuck around to witness this.
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Once and Again: The Gay-Straight Alliance (2002)
Season 3, Episode 14
Such a great episode
8 November 2015
Whenever I re-watch an episode of this show it breaks my heart that not so many people got to see it. I hope Netflix streams it soon.

I watched this episode when it first aired and I still remember how I felt hearing Grace telling Jessie that she should go for it, that she should be with the person she loved because at least she had one. It's powerful because Grace (who was never among my favorite characters) is talking about herself, about her pain, but she's still trying to comfort her stepsister and of course they manage to engage in rivalry, exposing each others' weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Sela Ward is outstanding (as usual). Even though she has not a lot of screen time she manages to make the most of it as a mother who advises others to accept their children for who they are but is still struggling with the possibility of having a lesbian daughter and struggling with finding out that she's not 100% OK with it, as she thought she would be.

I will always admire this show for being on ABC and still providing quality and well-rounded characters with flaws who were still figuring it all out. They even manage to mention Spencer and not just put him on a bus.
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In Bloom (2013)
It feels like it will never end
2 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It was hard for me to find this movie and now I understand why.

First of all, the two protagonists are not good actors...well, "Paul" is not good and "Kurt" is terrible and the worst part is that I guess he's the one we should care about the most since he has more screen time (throwing glasses with a cliché closeup to the broken vase and shaking his shoulders while pretending to be crying).

At the beginning it is stated that some months have past, however if you had not read that, you could never tell because there is no sense of urgency or a better editing (or characterization) to show it instead of saying it. (Even in the flashback to when they had their first kiss they look the same).

I don't get what Kurt is supposed to be afraid of. Paul suggested going to Paris...OK? With what money? It didn't sound like a realistic proposal. Was it the "we do the same thing all the time"? Because Paul said he wanted more than drinking and smoking but they kept bumping into each at every party, so I guess he didn't mean that either. Was it "Kevin"? No, Kurt describes him as a not serious thing. So, why the hell did he want to break up so much to then go back to Paul even though nothing had changed and just a few days later (again, this could have happened many months later but how can I tell?). Another thing is the killer subplot. What a waste of time.

The only redeemable thing was Eddie. That's a far more likable and interesting character in all his creepiness. The character is just weird and the actor playing it does a good job and it's engaging, unlike the leading players. You can feel how the rhythm changes because of him (in a similar way like Penelope Cruz lifting the whole Vicky Cristina Barcelona).

It is not that long, but it feels like it will never end.
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23 June 2015
I didn't know it was based on an autobiography. If so, I really hope that they chose the most boring and lamest parts of the book to adapt to the screen.If not, my sympathies to the readers as well. I am no Michael Bay fan, so I wasn't expecting explosions and I really liked movies like "a separation" or "about Elly" but this is just an experimental thing. Let's roll and see what happens. I don't know if I should care about the leading character that it's replaced after a very long hour when time has passed. Should it matter to me his childhood? Did I need such a long character exposition? What for? What is it about his adult life that needs to be explained? I could easily have imagined his background if they had only decided to show his grown-up years. This should have been compressed into a short movie. And like Robert McKee said: "Why the f- are you wasting my two precious hour with your movie?"
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Cucumber: Episode #1.4 (2015)
Season 1, Episode 4
A vast improvement
7 June 2015
By this episode I already know the show is shallow and that Henry is a very unlikeable and selfish man. That's why it pleasantly surprised to get to this point of the show where we finally see where he's standing and we actually get to see his fragility, not only his, but also other important characters'. It's a nice surprise to actually see them exposing a different kind of reality and something that adds some depth to these people we're expected to care about. Since the previous episode they actually manage to make Freddie more likable. What they presented at first was a one dimensional cold and unattainable hot guy. Dean however remains as a funny resource and nothing more. I don't know if they should focus so much screen time on him. We'll see how the other half of the show turns out.
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