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Superheroes (2007)
A moving and thoughtful film
23 April 2008
I saw this movie when it was screened as part of the Avignon film festival and it certainly deserves to find a wide audience. As a previous reviewer noted the film was greeted with deep emotion by the entire audience. It is a very moving and thoughtful film about the psychological cost of the war in Iraq and the toll it takes on those who return. While they may be physically (relatively) uninjured there are many deep wounds that need to heal. It has been far too easy for many of us to remain shielded from the impact or the cost of this war that is supposedly being fought on our behalf. While some of the stories of those dealing with physical injury have been told we are only beginning to grasp the psychological toll this war will leave as it's legacy for many years to come. The cinematography is stunning (it reminds me of the best Malick) and the two lead performances are memorable.
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