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Frostbitten (2006)
Much up and down, but most down
7 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I had some low expectations on this one, more praying than hoping it to be good. It wasn't. My ticket money is nevertheless well spent I think, in just telling the Swedish film society to not only give money to Hobert or Osten, casting only Persbrandt, Bonnevie, Endre and the other "standards".

This said, the movie sucks. There are some peaks and some bottomless holes, the peaks being unexpected (intended?) comedy. I actually liked the talking dogs, cause it came from nowhere. Much of the acting also seemed to come from nowhere, but in that case not being a positive thing. The tag line "one month to sunrise" is excellent, but nowhere in the film that issue is handled. Too bad. The effects and cg, in my regard, is flawless, so good I didn't even think of them at times. The plot on the other hand is so neglected even a bastard stepson in the early 1500's would have been loved more. What the hell were the writers thinking? The lines, my god, the lines! The motivation for the characters, hello?! And what stopped the super-vampire from just ending the poor vampire-in-the-making Nielsen in the end? Hopeless.

Upsides: 1 The beginning. Scary, until they show too much of the vampires. 2 Sebastian and his struggle at the parents' house. Excellent. 3 The bathroom scene where Saga peeks out into the mayhem.

Downsides: 1 The plot 2 The script 3 The so called "directing"
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Yesterday (2002)
Too fast and too slow
31 October 2005
It begins with a action-filled sequence that really wakes your interest and curiosity, but the questions that arise in the beginning doesn't get answered, only more and more questions and that is very annoying. The first hour is spent not knowing a lot at a very high speed, and the rest of the film has too many slow spots where the background and the plot is revealed only by dialog, breaking the tempo and flow down to a very low pace.

At several times I wondered whether I really began watching at the beginning, or if this was a sequel to a film where all the characters were introduced... Although, refreshing to see a Korean film, not a complete waste.
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Best Men (1997)
A bad, stupid movie
17 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Some films have it all. This doesn't. It opens quite ok, a bunch of friends gathered for a wedding. But very soon the movie hits the unthinkable level. I like strange movies, but they have to be somewhat logical, to the characters at least, but there are too many unthinkable, unbelievable actions taken in this movie:


1) The robber "Hamlet" has to rob the bank on his friends wedding day. Stupid, unnecessary, risky

2) When Buzz comes storming in, he removes his hood, and the two guys uses their real names. Stupid.

3) The other guys drop by, no other person attempts to enter the bank, only these guys, although the bank is full of people. Unlikely.

4) The helicopter pilot all of a sudden gets his hands on a Lynx? My god, he is a lunatic who got fired from the army, no chance in hell is he gonna get his hands on an army helicopter!

This movie sucks, and I regret staying up to see it.
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