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A good shoujo anime.
8 August 2005
I have been watching anime and reading manga for almost 2 decades now. I saw Periinu Monogatari years ago when i was little, and I remember it as a good series.

It was more like a shoujo-type anime, in the same vein as Miyazaki Hayao's Alps no Shoujo Heidi or Igarashi Yumiko's Candy Candy. It had good stories and beautiful anime style art.

Maybe many people wont remember it, but it was aired repeated times. Once all episodes were aired, then it would be out of air for a while, then re-aired again and this happened several times.

It was very enjoyable.
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A truly awesome movie that doesn't get the praise it deserves. Indeed very worthy of being a Star Wars chapter.
29 May 2005
Often I wonder why people didn't like this movie. Even the fans seem to hate it. Well, not all do. I have actually meet lots of people that like it, and I think it is indeed a great movie.

All right, I admit that some things in it could have been omitted, but hey, it's nothing that hurts the movie. Jar Jar seems to be one of the main subjects of hate, but i think he's is a likable and nice character, maybe too clumsy, but its okay with me. Other of the complaints I often hear concerns Anakin. Whats the problem with the main character being a 10 year old boy? I don't see one, does he seem not credible? Not really, remember, he was no ordinary kid, the Force gave him those exceptional gifts, and consider how kids would be if we were in Star Wars time, they would be used to other things and environment, and would be smarter and more skilled in other stuff. There is some political babble in it, but its nothing overwhelming, and the movie never gets boring.

Everything in this movie is top notch. The characters are excellent, the music is awesome, the effects, the visuals, the locations, everything is incredible. The CG characters, vehicles and effects are just plain amazing. They're like they were real. There is nothing wasted in this film, and I think it is one of the best looking movies of all time. I really enjoy it and watch it every time it is on TV, just like i do with any Star Wars chapter. I really like all the characters, and specially Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi Wan, Darth Sidious, Darth Maul and the battle droids. This is an incredible chapter, and truly worthy of much praise, just like all Star Wars episodes, and i think Episode II should get the praise it deserves too, since it was very much badly criticized, just like Episode I, without a real reason to do it, people did it just for feeling pleasure by bashing something. Bash something they couldn't manage to make even in their wildest dreams. That's called jealousy and envy.

I think this is a fantastic movie, the excellent first episode of the legendary Star Wars saga. And like it or not, a superb work of art that will be admired forever, and nothing can change that. In short, a classic. 10 out of 10-
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Magnificent! The cream of the genre!
19 February 2005
I am a huge fan of anime and manga, and my second fav genre is Chinese martial arts films. Over the years, I have watched hundreds of Chinese martial arts movies, and I've seen many good ones, but Mafia vs Ninja comes out on top.

One of the things you gotta love in Chinese martial arts movies is their low budget, since it is the reason behind funny special effects. This is one of the funniest movies I have seen, I really enjoy it every time I see it.

The movie is about the lives of Jack Doe and Charlie Wu, two sewage workers who want a better future, and luck is on their side. They later become bodyguards to William Chung, the wise and fatherly leader of the "good" mafia of Shanghai, by a mere stroke of luck, as I said. This "good" mafia protects the people of Shanghai and does nothing wrong, and they're the only thing that stops the Japanese from taking over the city.

As always in Chinese film, the Japanese are the bad guys, and in this movie, they are a clan of drug-dealing Shinobi who also run whorehouses and gambling centers. Their goal is to kill Mr. Chung to be able to seize the city. They manage to kill him by hiring 4 deadly hit men, and Jack and Charlie vow to get their revenge.

Then the movie shows how Jack and Charlie kill the hit men one by one, to avenge their fallen master. There are so many fun scenes in this movie, the action and laughing is non-stop. The special effects are typical for a Kung-Fu movie, you can see lots of editing cuts, the strings that hold the actors, dummies getting punched, funny fake blood and bruises, and the punch and kick sound fx we all love.

The fights choreography is excellent and the action scenes are very good. The music is good and fits the scenes' mood accordingly. The characters are enjoyable, specially when you see their powers or their KungFu. KungFu is the center of the movie, and the Japanese have even their special version, the Ninja KungFu! The movie is dubbed in English, but it's Chinese voice actors speaking English! This results in an incredibly hilarious voice acting! You will never find better quotes or voices in another KungFu movie! "I'm gonna kill ya, bastard!!"

Nothing in this movie is wasted, and though it is low-budget, it is an awesome film, every Chinese film fan I know love it, and I am no exception. It's my fav KungFu movie, I first saw it back in 1993 and taped it when I got the chance...but I lost it. It is so good, that I spent years searching it on the web and I finally found the home video on Ebay and bought it!

There is so much fun in this movie, lots of great action scenes, great characters, incredibly funny voice acting, and a great storyline...Obviously, this is not Citizen Kane, but it is the best KungFu movie ever, and I really doubt there will ever be a better martial arts movie than Mafia vs Ninja. Fantastic and endlessly enjoyable.

The best of the genre, unsurpassably good, 1000 out of 1000!
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Van Helsing (2004)
One of my fav movies! Awesome! Its just like Castlevania!
6 February 2005
I have always been a big fan of the Akumajou Dracula (Castlevania) series, and since i saw the trailer of this movie I noticed there was something similar to it in Van Helsing. So I was looking forward to see it. And I did and it surpassed my expectations by far.

That was one year ago, I saw it today on DVD and I enjoyed it as much as the first time. Van Helsing is an awesome movie, it has a great cast, excellent characters, locations and a wonderful storyline.

Hugh Jackman was a great choice to play the main character Gabriel Van Helsing, and Kate Beckinsale did a good job as Anna Valerious. The character design of the monsters is incredible, very well done and their CG rendering is convincing and stunning. Also, the non-CG characters, such as Frankenstein's monster, look stunning too. The Werewolf, is awesome, it's just as I imagine them, incredibly real-life looking and incredibly savage.

The locations are very pleasant to see, and they add a very nice touch of eeriness to the movie. Everything in it, from the start is top notch and though the movie is set in the 19th century, it has an excellent middle ages atmosphere, with strange frightened people everywhere, many religious references,prayers in Latin, catholic paraphernalia and themes, the oppressive clergymen from the Vatican and dark Gothic art. In two words, simply wonderful.

I have noticed some people says they didn't enjoy the movie and didn't like it. Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and mine is that this movie couldn't be better. A truly masterpiece, and I am not a guy that is into horror, gore, vampire, or Goth movies. I liked it very much because it is a great movie in all senses, and it did a wonderful job with each of the classic monsters we know and love: Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Werewolf, etc.

This is just a short review I will make for now, I will soon add more of my thoughts about this incredible motion picture. Flawless, awesome, and fantastic. My favorite movie. This is the closest you can get to see the manga/anime world of Castlevania brought to life.

Simply perfect. 100 out of 100.
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This movie is like it was made by God Himself!
29 December 2004
Yes, maybe my summary sounds exaggerated, but there's no other way to describe this movie. It should get a 10 in the movie score here at IMDb.

Once in a while a truly perfect movie is produced, and in 2004 it was The Incredibles. Everything, from the characters to the smallest details is mind-blowing. Everything in the movie looks awesome, and the character designs are excellent. The level of CG used in the movie is one of the highest i have seen, everything looks realistic, with a little addition of cartoonish look which enhances the overall appearance of characters and environments. The clothes of the characters look so real, its amazing. Their hair, it really looks like if it was completely real.

The characters' design are perfect, and they are so likable, no one of them is a waste. All of them have their very own personality traits and it adds to the storyline. And speaking of the storyline, it is very good, it's not some goofy kind of story for kids, it's well written, fast paced and just plain amazing. Also, it's great that it's not really a movie just for kids, it treats its audience as intelligent people and the action scenes are very realistic, it's more like a very violent action movie. There's no restrictions in what's depicted, there's bombs, explosions, bullets (not beams or lasers) and even killed people. The animation and facial expressions are incredibly life-like.

The issues in the lives of the characters are also dealt with not in the traditional way, not hiding the more serious or "adult" themes from the kids, but depicting them life-like and in a nice non-vulgar or obscene way. The humor is also great, there's no absolutely forced or dumb jokes in the movie and the ones in it are very funny and creative.

The sounds are fantastic and it adds a lot to the overall experience. The music is more like jazz, and fits the situations accordingly. I saw it dubbed so I am not sure how was the voice acting in English, though, I am sure it must have been pretty good for the first time, since American actors and actresses have never really been good at voice acting.

This movie is a true example of how movies should be made. An excellent option, and i hope I can get the DVD when it comes out. The Incredibles is the closest that American movies can get to Anime and Manga, and it will always remain in my list of favorites.

This movie gets a 10 out of 10. No, 100 out of 100! One of the best movies ever!
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Teen Titans (2003–2006)
A pathetic imitation of anime. Call it pure trash is a compliment.
22 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this series to see if it was good. Being made by WB and the same people that made the awesome Batman Animated Series, Batman & Robin and Justice League, I thought it would be another good series. After all, WB cartoons were some of the best American cartoons in a time when most were really bad.

But surprise. This series is horrible, it's pathetic. They tried to draw Japanese anime-style characters with horrid results. The artists haven't got down the style, and the art looks purely, and identical, to fan art submitted by kids to manga magazines, such as Shounen Jump. It makes me mad,it's horrible! Which is sad, since the WB animated style is excellent, with awesome designs and very beautiful art, as can be seen in the series i mentioned before.

Granted, the character designs of the Titans are very good, they capture the feel of the comic design. But they don't look like anime.

Anime is a very beautiful art style, and not only its art, but its stories and trademark gags, etc. Any anime fan would recognize they are trying to imitate anime gags, without success. The jokes in Teen Titans are lame, not funny, they try to imitate anime's chibi style, faces, expressions, to no avail. No success.

I wonder, why try to use a style they don't know nothing, absolutely about? Why try to use a style their artists haven't mastered at all? Why try to use a style they don't understand when the trademark WB style is excellent and could have been the key to another winner series?

This series is a titanic insult to us anime lovers, and to comic lovers too, since the characters they like in their comics are being made a laughing stock.

Why insult a beautiful and superior style of art as manga/anime? This series has no redeeming qualities, zero, not even one. Maybe only the designs.

I better stop here or I'm gonna be sick...
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Cyborg 009 (2001–2002)
Incredible anime. One of the best ever!
27 February 2004
Cyborg 009 is a classic anime from 1966, the translation to TV of Ishinomori Shoutarou's manga. I remember the original episodes were reaired where I live some years ago, so I could watch some of them. Awesome. Now, enter Cyborg 009, the new 2001 anime. It's the same characters from the original, in a new anime. The story of the manga is retold in awesome color, fantastic art and animation, and superb music and storylines. All the 00 cyborgs from the manga return and the action is non-stop, superbly written stories and wonderful anime art. The anime art is exactly identical to the one seen back in the 60's. Hardcore Anime fans like me will recognize the cute anime used in the dawn of the style, which was the same used in Tetsuwan Atom, (known as Astroboy in the U.S) Tetsujin 28, and others back in the time. That is great, since the show brings back to life the original style. True, today´s anime style has evolved, but it still looks very very similar to the one used in its first days. And that is perfect.

I always loved Ishinomori-sama's manga, and seeing his classic Cyborg 009 back to life in these days is incredible. This is, without exaggeration, one of the best anime of all time. The stories and the characters are touching, you will be moved to tears in every episode. It's so deep, so real, so cute, I can't explain it with words. The visuals are incredible, beautiful colors, fantastic trademark anime animation, and perfect illustrations. There is nothing that is not good in it, well, you can expect that from anime. The stories are so well written. you can't help wondering how they do it.

There's no way I could really describe how great this anime is. But one thing is sure, Ishinomori-sama has once again lived up to his reputation as one of the greatest masters of anime and manga. And Cyborg 009 will always be on top of anime and manga history. Awesome
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Challenge of the GoBots (1984–1985)
Big piece of trash as Hanna Barbera's usual.
31 October 2003
This gotta be one of the saddest cartoons of all time. Even promotional animated characters are better than this. This was just a blatant attempt to cash in the popularity of Transformers, back at the time. Horrid animation, voices, character designs and plots, all obviously a poor attempt at re-create the Transformers' coolness. I would never recommend this,that just like 95% of Hanna Barbera's shows, is a total waste of time. Horrible.
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Best movie i've seen this year.
25 October 2003
I don't know why some people says this movie was not too good. I think just the contrary. For me, it's the best movie i have seen this year, a tie with X-Men 2. Yeah, Matrix Reloaded rocks, but I liked The League better. I know that The Lord of the Rings: The Return of The King and Matrix Revolutions are just ahead, and I know they will rock, but The League will remain forever in my list of favorites. Solid non-stop action, no boring scenes. In one word, perfect. I am a H-U-G-E- anime, manga and comics fan, and I didn't feel disappointed by this movie. The comic book idea is the same, and it's just great, as the graphic novel was. Nothing can change my mind, i give this one a solid 10 out of 10. Awesome.
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Ulysses 31 (1981–1982)
10 August 2002
A fantastic series. A japanese-french production, one of the best anime I have seen. I have been an anime fan since i was 3, and this is one of the best. Yeah, the art style is not anime,but everything in it and the fact that it was produced mostly by japanese people, (even the character designer is japanese), it can count as an anime. One of the best series you will ever see.
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