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Civil Brand (2002)
Civil Brand is a story about young Black women who come together and fight against a corrupt prison system that forces them to work in sweat shop conditions so that the prison can make a profit.
10 August 2002
I saw the movie on Friday August 9th on 34th street.

It is a incredible movie that explores the new trend prison for profit.

It truly is an incredible movie. It took me to a place that I have ignored-The plight of women in prison. So many times, I have said "Prison is just a country club". But I realized today that it is not a country club and that many innocent women or people are behind bars. Women just like the character LiL Moma, for example, who may have killed in self defense.

I must say that as a result of the director taking the time to develop a story line for each character in the prison, the audience comes to terms with the fact that these women were survivors and not animals.

Last but not least, the film is very much like a roller coaster-just when you feel very sad, you begin to laugh hysterically-just when you are laughing hysterically, you begin to clap.

I tried my best not to tell the story.
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